Christopher Gulick and Elissa Fuchs

Recorded October 30, 2021 Archived October 30, 2021 40:28 minutes
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One Small Step partners Christopher Gulick (62) and Elissa Fuchs (67) talk about Elissa's new method of asking questions, Christopher's upbringing in a family of artists, and their beliefs about public art.

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EF and CG talk about their intentions behind One Small Step and read their bios.
EF talks about upstate New York, where she’s from.
EF talks about her expansion of the question, “Why?” to “How so exactly?”
EF talks about the COVID-19 vaccine.
CG talks about his career and being born from an artist and in a family of artists.
CG responds to EF’s question about seeing statues of certain historical figures torn down. He talks about working to understand peoples’ anger.
EF talks about the promises and plans of politicians that might sound good but don’t happen the way they say.
CG talks about his past with drugs and his work now sponsoring people who struggle with addiction.


  • Christopher Gulick
  • Elissa Fuchs

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