Christopher Panarites and Nicole von Tempske-Clemins

Recorded December 7, 2022 Archived December 7, 2022 49:59 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Christopher Panarites (57) and Nicole von Tempske-Clemins (51) connect on being devoted equestrians, supporting young people in figuring out their sexuality, and a shared discomfort with Christian fundamentalism in politics.

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Nicole (N) shares about how and why she got into rescuing horses.
Chris (C) shares about his worries about political divisiveness and his highest priorities of equity and fairness on political issues.
C and N discuss their troubles with Christian fundamentalism and respecting people's beliefs while also being careful about Christianity's place in politics.
N speaks about navigating topics like sexuality with her son. C shares about feeling supported by his family as he grew up gay.
C speaks to the complexities in calling his father the most influential person in his life.
N shares about a horse being the influential "person" in her life.


  • Christopher Panarites
  • Nicole von Tempske-Clemins

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