Cindy Treme, Robert Treme, and Megan Cross

Recorded April 15, 2023 Archived April 15, 2023 40:29 minutes
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Cindy Treme (69) and Robert Treme (70) talk with their daughter Megan Cross (37) about how they met and their fifty years of marriage.

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CT and RT remember their childhoods in Louisiana.
CT and RT talk about how they met while studying at McNeese State University.
CT and RT remember their wedding day.
CT talks about their first child and her decision to go back to school to become a teacher.
RT talks about his job teaching and coaching high school sports.
CT and RT talk about moving to DeRidder, Louisiana, in 1982 and building a house.
CT and RT remember selling their house in DeRidder and moving to New Mexico when they retired.
RT talks about the relationship between food and family.
CT reflects on fifty years of marriage.


  • Cindy Treme
  • Robert Treme
  • Megan Cross

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Atlanta History Center

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