Claudette Bard and Michael Lewis

Recorded March 15, 2022 Archived March 15, 2022 40:39 minutes
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Siblings Claudette Bard (68) and Michael Lewis (63) remember their father, Robert J. Lewis Sr., and the times they saw how Parkinson's Disease had impacted him.

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(Track 1) Claudette (C) shares how she became aware that her father had Parkinson’s Disease, and some of the first experiences she had with him firsthand.
C shares the last conversation she had with her father, and describes an upsetting delusion he had about her mother being in a car accident.
(Track 2) C says that their father was the first Black volunteer at the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department. She says he joined during the Civil Rights Era in the 1960s, and that he faced pushback from both white and Black communities. She also describes his military service, saying he witnessed the integration of the military in the 1940s.
C and Michael (M) discuss their father’s baseball days in the 1950s, saying he tried out for the New York Giants.
M shares how he noticed Parkinson’s impact on his father when he would go help out with the house. M recalls how his father’s voice changed and how his body was changed by the disease.
M describes a difficult night where he witnessed his father’s delusions and hallucinations. M says his father believed his wife was cheating on him and threatened her with a gun, and says he had to go help diffuse the situation. M says that during that night, his father asked M if he could also see the snakes he was seeing, which were a hallucination. M says that his father’s wife said the threats and accusations had been happening for months.
M considers how debilitating Parkinson’s Disease is, but M and C say that he passed away due to heart issues.
M and C remember how tough their father was before his diagnosis, calling him “old school tough.”
M shares the time he saw his father knock someone out with one punch after being called a slur by a white volunteer firefighter.
C and M share the message of gratitude they have for their father, who they describe as “the last of the tough guys.”


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