Clint McGuire and Christopher Jewels-Booth

Recorded September 10, 2022 Archived September 10, 2022 44:33 minutes
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Clint McGuire (58) speaks with his friend and colleague Christopher Jewels-Booth (46) about their experience at USC-Aiken in the theatre department.

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Chris says this will be like "This is Your Life" only sadder
Chris was born in Aiken but grew up in Charleston
Chris says his mother had a great interest in the arts.
Chris spent his summers in art camp and Vacation Bible School
Chris speaks about USC-Beaufort and seeing The Three Penny Opera
Chris explains that at USC-Aiken he majored in English and Fine Arts he ended up getting his degree in Theatre
Chris made the most of his career as a comic
Chris speaks about performing Aladdin as Aladdin
Chris speaks about coming to love musical theatre
Chris garnered a nomination for a Barbizon Award while at USC-Aiken
Chris graduated in 2001 and went to work for Theatre 4 in Richmond, VA
Chris shares his experience with 9/11
Chris speaks about successfully working in the arts in New York
Chris speaks about his accomplishments during COVID-19


  • Clint McGuire
  • Christopher Jewels-Booth

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