Colin Waters and Seph Itz

Recorded February 16, 2023 Archived February 16, 2023 38:44 minutes
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Friends Colin Waters (55) and Seph Itz [no age given] share a conversation about community and the arts in Marfa, Texas, and elsewhere in the world. They also reflect on the affordability of the area and how to create a community that "works better for everybody."

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Colin Waters (CW) introduces himself and talks about the arts community in Marfa, Texas.
Seph Itz (SI) talks about his name.
SI reflects on how Marfa has changed.
SI talks about the spaces where he finds himself fitting in.
CW and SI discuss the changing community of Marfa, particularly shifts in home ownership.
CW reflects on how you can't "hide from yourself" in Marfa.
CW talks about wanting to create a local community that "works better for everybody."


  • Colin Waters
  • Seph Itz

Recording Location

Marfa Public Library