Common Ground Tacony: Janice Monzo-Perry

Recorded August 16, 2018 Archived August 16, 2018 56:34 minutes
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This week I interview my cousin Janice Monzo who is originally from South Philadelphia 5th & Dudley Sts, but worked all over the city with the Salvation Army for 34 years. While working for the Salvation Army Janice's job was to monitor the well being of 12-18 people per month to make sure that they were living in good health in their group home. She says she loved her job so much she woke up every day ready and happy to go to her job.

Janice and I talk a little bit about growing up in Philadelphia with my Mom (her first cousin) a few walkable blocks away. She talks about my uncle, her father (also my uncle), and my grandmom (whom I called MomMom Theresa) when everyone lived with her grandmother (my great grandmother called Nonna). We talk about our Italian heritage and what it is to have family close/close family. I grew up with her father, my Uncle Ralph, being a surrogate grandfather to me, because my grandfather was lost in the WWII.

We talked about what her house looked like in South Philly and what summers were like without air conditioning in the city. Janice shares vivid memories of playing my Uncle Mike's trumpet (his father's from WWII) that he hid behind the couch.
Janice shares what was like to grow up with your family, all of them, close and the feeling of love and comfort never being too far away; something that is lost when families relocate all over the country.


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