Community-based Science and Capacity Building with NASA and the Navajo Nation

Recorded July 8, 2020 Archived July 8, 2020 28:08 minutes
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Dr. Amber McCullum is an Applied Research Scientist for the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAERI) at NASA Ames who is currently co-developing a drought tool with the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources that includes remote sensing and ground-based data. She is also a coordinator for NASA’s Indigenous People’s Capacity Building Initiative (IP), which is led by Dr. Cindy Schmidt. The goals of the IP centers around community, listening, and relationship building. One of the primary objectives is to provide remote sensing trainings to the indigenous community through a focus on place-based approaches. The IP also seeks to increase indigenous representation and knowledge systems at NASA. In this interview with Amber, we discuss her experiences associated with this work, including project outcomes and further connections with the Navajo Nation.


  • Amber McCullum
  • Luke Gezovich

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