Connie Long, Tim Long, and Claire Coté

Recorded March 25, 2023 Archived March 25, 2023 40:46 minutes
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Claire Coté (41) interviews her parents Connie Long (72) and Tim Long (71) about the life they have built together in Northern New Mexico.

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TL and CL describe CC and reflect on parenthood. They describe themselves and their careers.
CL talks about their library. CC expresses her admiration for CL.
CL and TL describe Northern New Mexico and compare it to where they grew up. They share how they met and remember their early days in New Mexico.
CL and TL remember building their home and reflect on the people who supported them.
CL and TL discuss their toy-making business and the role meditation plays in their lives.
CL and TL reflect on life lessons, advice for their younger selves, and the ways New Mexico has shaped them.


  • Connie Long
  • Tim Long
  • Claire Coté

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Taos Public Library

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