Constance Poten and Ila Hensler

Recorded May 29, 2022 Archived May 29, 2022 44:25 minutes
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Ila Hensler (91) talks to her friend Constance "Connie" Poten (72) about her family, memories from her childhood, and the advice she would like to leave her grandchildren.

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CP asks IH when and where she was born. IH shares she was born on Christmas Day in 1929 and was the oldest of ten.
IH remembers her father went with her for her first job interview when she was 18 years old.
IH shares that she did not play sports in school because they were not offered to the girls.
IH shares the story of how she met her husband.
CP asks IH about her husband's childhood. IH talks about her children. She shares her son passed away in a car accident when he was 21 years old.
IH shares her husband sold Wagner Tractors and one day he and his mechanic took the Wagner tractor apart to make improvements. She talks about the Big Bud Tractor.
IH talks about working for the Brownie Girls Scouts. She describes the activities she did with the Brownies.
CP asks IH what she wants her grandchildren to know so they can get through their life happily. IH: "Just being an honest person and doing what they like to do."
IH and CP talk about IH's relatives and the large family they have. IH shares she was 25 when she got married. IH: "Don't rush into marriage. Do a little living first."


  • Constance Poten
  • Ila Hensler