Courtney Gilbert and Mia Raquel

Recorded December 17, 2020 Archived December 17, 2020 53:51 minutes
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StoryCorps Facilitators and "beans" Courtney Gilbert (29) and Mia Raquel (25) share their first memories of one another, remember the Listening Event they held in Santa Monica, reflect on the beautiful connections they developed with participants, and talk about different foods that hold a special place in their hearts.

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MR asks CG what was going through their head when they arrived to Brooklyn and were standing in front of Ms. Paula's.
CG talks about meeting MR for the first time.
MR remembers CG having orange hair the first time they met and shares that their favorite color is orange.
CG and MR draw parallels between their StoryCorps facilitator experience and life at Hogwarts.
MR talks about the different characters they played during facilitator training.
MR talks about their 4th housemate, the cockroach.
CG remembers the first night everyone left and they were alone in the house.
CG and MR talk about being at Phoenix Airport at the same time but missing each other.
CG talks about their first memorable recording. MR shares the biggest fear they had on their first recording day. MR talks about the last recording they had on their first recording day.
MR and CG talk about the day Kobe Bryant passed away and all the different things that were happening in California at the same time. MR remembers nobody was thinking about COVID and shares that looking back they should not have held the Listening Event at Santa Monica.
MR remembers when somebody asked a question in Spanish during the Listening Event and shares that it was a powerful experience.
MR talks about Opening Day in Fresno.
MR talks about Sidecar Donuts and their love for sweets.
CG talks about the bagels they would get next to the StoryCorps office during their office stint.
CG talks about relinquishing control and feeling ready for more.
CG talks about Sidecar Donuts reminding them of Mia. MR shares a memory they have of CG. MR: "I like that we can be silly together in that way."
MR and CG talk about the Harry Potter characters they resonate with.
MR talks about what life would have been like in Vegas. MR remembers the text message they received from CG when they dressed up as a Devil-ed Dolly and Elvira for Halloween: "They knew who they hired! They knew who they hired!"
CG: "I can't speak any more highly of Mia Raquel. It's been a really fun time."


  • Courtney Gilbert (b. 1991)
  • Mia Raquel (b. 1995)

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00:03 My name is Courtney Gilbert. I am 29 years old today pay this Thursday December 17th in the year 2020. I am currently in Charlotte. I am with Nia last year and Mia is Medina.

00:25 Hi, my name is Mia Raquel. I am 25 years old. Today is Thursday December 17th. 2020. I am in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. I am here with Courtney and Courtney is my fellow being okay. I want to ask you like what was going through your head when you got to Brooklyn and we're outside of Miss Paula's.

00:56 I thought it was such a lovely day.

00:59 Very excited by how large the sidewalks were.

01:08 And I was just hoping that the house was just going to be nice. I didn't know what to expect at The Sims 3 bedrooms kitchen area. So I was trying to imagine the four plant for playing in my head but like walking up the stairs writing. So I think this would be a nice place for me to be in I wasn't really kind of like crossing my fingers that like, yeah that it wasn't like something. You know, I mean thing and sometimes

01:48 Airbnb like they're just weird and then I was wondering if you were inside or if you were on the way. I'm like in my the first person and so I was with a former friend and we were walking up together and I remember passing by to like really cool women. I was just like like whoever chills outside their car and just like I'm like their cars when we can really cool and we started walking up the steps and I heard you call my name and I was like, that's them that's that's that's via like, you know in like that embrace, you know, we had talked on the phone one long time. And so it was definitely a full circle moment.

02:48 And that made me feel really excited to get going. I felt like we were like, you know, the reality shows would like people live in one house together and like they go in there like everyone does that right? So I thought like we were going to do that. We were going to like and scream but your mom was there it was very kind of Internet is very like graduation. Right? Like we were getting like this send-off and I think everyone was just pouring a lot kind of silently into the both of us like they are to get this thing and it's so it's so not normal right? It's like we're there to work, but we're also there to live and

03:37 It's not the kind of any old Lego. I'm moving you in and then I'll see you on the by-and-by. It's like I'm moving you and you're going to like be immersed into this whole situation. So yeah, like I could feel your mom kind of just radiating like a lot of like support and then like my friend was there and it was just like I felt really kind of enveloped in a really awesome way and then things turned out to be really cool on the inside like I like the setup. I was we didn't meet missed call until wedding later. So we have a lot of time. Yeah. It was it was nice. What about you?

04:23 You know, I felt similarly like having spent time in New York. Super Brooklyn to me just the building and I think there might have even been two little kids outside cuz remember she had a little daycare. It was a very Brooklyn seen and later on. She bought us a bunch of food, which was so sweet. But yeah, I do remember seeing you kind of outside of the building and be like, I think that's Courtney, but I don't know like wouldn't it be weird people in New York are not that nice like on the sidewalk, but they're not that nice. So if I like food court and it wasn't Courtney, I was like prepared for somebody to really give you the side-eye but I was really glad to see that it was you and I think you had orange you're doing your hair Orange.

05:23 And yeah, just going inside the apartment and kind of feeling like we were starting freshman College orientation or something. Like what are they and a lot of emotion and like I was really happy and very honor that my mom was there but part of me with moms time for you to go like, you know, when ya then I remember the next day like wanting to go to bed early and then the next day Danielle meeting us outside of the house to walk and take the train and I don't even remember when exactly all of the Harry Potter healing started but everything felt like Harry Potter from the beginning. Yes Dumbledore or hybrid like leading us from the building 280 Hansen and like also kind of like our playgroup mother something like we were her little kids and she had to pick us up.

06:23 Where is it was so busy because she had to leave to go somewhere. And so she came and got us and it was as it's early morning in Brooklyn until everyone has me getting to the train and that's definitely felt like we were like nine and three-quarters things like Harry Potter. Mrs. Weasley except by Danielle's both problems with us like that rush like first day all of it was like a lot of first and then finally remember we got off the train and we got the what's the neighborhood that the office is in LaGrange?

07:19 I am going to two different worlds released. Like I am definitely in the world the Wizarding World right now start flying over in Diagon Alley.

07:38 It really did have that feeling and then I just remember like walking into the building and I feel like they took us really quickly into a meeting with a lot of different people on the 6th floor and there were so many people and just I don't know. It was just very overwhelming but also really exciting and like I was kind of trying to figure out which one was going to be Leah and like which one were other people that we were maybe going to know and then going up and my god, of course meeting Cecile to that was very important and just that whole wasn't 2 weeks full of training.

08:17 Tens and so long and like a lot of moving around a lot of Patrick.

08:28 I appreciate Patrick for that way because it wasn't another normal kind of like job initiation and kind of training and onboarding when we start talking about cameras and microphones.

08:45 I was like, I feel like I'm at home again. I'm happy to be around this equipment. I'm happy that we get this conversation about it and anything it felt like like he's hit like very kind of Collegiate like, you know, it didn't feel too kind of like we had all our HR stuff at the end like that wasn't even like a car it matters, but I know a lot of job you got to come right in with like this is HR protocol and this is like our culture and like, you know, call us if someone says something weird to you and then meet your managers and then sit down where you're going to sit down at, you know, do your best it was to say, okay. Let's talk about f-stops. Let's talk about, you know, microphone patterns and I love that stuff. Everything else was difficult the hours and that's what you were difficult, but there was a lot of learning.

09:45 Pretending to like take on characters when we had to do like those many facilitations. We were what were we were like childhood friends or something and broke out of really ran away like the boardwalk.

10:00 We really tried you know that you haven't yet done but are going to be doing in your living with the same people. And I remember there was like a Friday night and you and I were both just like kayode we had had such a long week and we got taken and I think and then we smoked some weed. We were trying to watch a TV show but then you were like off on one of your amazing tanjun and I every I mean anybody that knows me knows that I don't handle we very well. So like I talk very little and I get very Stone and Barry Kegley like any modicum of intelligence just go through and everything that you were saying mean you're hilarious as it stands for everything that you were saying with cracking me up.

10:52 And I just remember like I'm sure one of the monologues was about our our fourth guests in that in this Palace face who we must mention probably r i p at this point, but also like they live forever by that sucker is still going roach that was living in the

11:15 But like kind of breeches all out, but we were also like just trying to ignore it and I feel like that's New York. You're like all these things are happening. But you're also ignoring a lot of them cuz you don't have the time or space but we were all talking about it and you had gone out and I remember like it was me and Juan Pablo we're in and I had just mentioned that we're missing it and you came and you were like Action Jackson like that like your food you were in the kitchen and I remember like I had just got out the shower and I was like standing behind.

11:56 Like we both have her so well cuz like I knew I did not like the way you move the refrigerator door. Like I was helping but I know she has it like you had like you were ready Lite cot unloaded you walked in like that. She doesn't know any of us. I'm going to help him like I could do it. Like I said, I distinctly remember myself being in a robe.

12:28 Yeah, that was I don't think we got it. But you know, that's okay. Every animal every life is Roshan. I don't know and then very quickly like I thought we both kind of found places to live but we're not miss Paula and I remember you made corny, you're so good at giving little gifts and So Courtney had gone and gotten like these. I've never seen a bag this smaller this cute. It was like this big and it was Halloween theme and a tiny little card and a bunch of little candy cuz I think like maybe like a face mask or something and with a little card like wishing you well on my trip cuz I was going to be heading out on the road and I just remember really appreciating that and you gave you just like a similar one just a little card for Valentine's Day and those are like I'm not I don't know. I guess my love language is not gift but it is really sweet when people take the time to do that is free.

13:28 And I really appreciated that just cuz I was like feeling nervous to go out on the road. Definitely especially with Leah who obviously hadn't known the job for much longer and with much more experience. Then I set sail to Dallas and you stayed back in York that first night when everyone was gone and I was feeling it right before I had to like transition and I was like Wow and plus I was like we didn't kill the road. So I was like wherever it is at night. I think I woke up like super early packed all my stuff now got a car and started working on getting everything into my new place, but

14:23 I felt like Will Smith act like the last episode of Fresh Prince where he like

14:31 I left the key on the battle place. I was just like this this is this was Zeno.

14:39 The Catalyst you know, this is where we started. The last time I was in Brooklyn and August like I went back to the house and we were just outside of it was just like

14:50 Orr birthplace, you know and I know it was going to miss you and I was just like, you know, I'm going to let them get into their Rhythm about things and so I wasn't going to be like, okay, how's it going? What's the weather like know where can you eating? Like I could easily just done is that moms like know if you have to build this organic let you know if he doesn't want to talk about things by the way, you don't have to but what I was thinking of that little guy sounds like this is just something to so let them know that I'm there too because we're both new in this and we're going to keep growing together and I remember we had some good chats when you were in Brooklyn and I was in Dallas and that was really helpful because like even though we were doing different parts of the same job like we were still both the newbies and I think we both had

15:42 Kind of like a difficult transition just getting into the swing of things. Like I know that you're somebody that appreciates community and I also and like we were both I think struggling to find out within our team in like within I don't know about storycorps as a company, but like so I think we were really lucky to have each other and like you said, we do want each other out really well and

16:10 So then yeah, cuz we didn't we didn't get back together until Santa Monica have such a long time, you know real ships passing in the night and we were both in the same time and yours was delayed a little or something. And so we missed each other a process with crazy. We'll talk about that looks like a little kind of universal check in like your connection is still intact that thing is still there. And so I've never done that with anyone.

17:10 Well, I think I had gotten a text from somebody being like Courtney's flight is delayed. So I wanted to check in with you and then I happened to check in with you and you were like, I'm in the Phoenix Airport now so quit I'm in the Phoenix Airport and it was too late by the time that we tried to link up. But yeah life. Waukee. I think you were like all were boarding the energy shirt when you were in Yuma and then

17:40 Holidays and then after the holidays we met in my goddamn you flew out on a really early flight like a middle of the night flight to Santa Monica. Yeah, and I thought it would be chaotic. I got really did I left in the early evening and that was like a very I'm used to that process at that point. So getting into the airport and going and I I knew I could not get like settled or like sleepy just yet. And so I'm just going to be up like nothing was going on.

18:31 And they had stuff like organized really differently look like passenger pickup. And so navigating that was just a little tricky, but once I got in the car and I had this like really awesome Lyft driver just really sweet lady by streets were empty. And so it was like I had like it was like going into a movie theater or let's go to get to empty theater like after the show is over before the show and like the Grandeur of all of it, but it's quiet and like you just have it all to yourself. And that's what I was feeling. I could wake up, you know, at least one the next day really get started like we're going to hit the ground running give a lot to do and so I'm just riding in a lift in the morning like 3 a.m. And La I check into the hotel is like super quiet in my face just like being in a cathedral.

19:29 It's at work out better than I thought it would and then really the next morning like

19:35 Do you want to like I can still remember my first recording day do you want to talk about your first recording day and put that on record? Cuz it wouldn't it would have been in Yuma, right it would have been but I'm telling you right now. I honestly don't remember the last recording day in Yuma because it was with a reverend doctor made sure that I said Reverend doctor.

20:11 And it was a good recording and I remember that was a really festive day two. We were getting ready to go home cuz it was the holidays and so I remember packing up everything putting things together. Like didn't hold Take Down unplugged process and we were playing my Christmas music and stuff like that. I remember that where I honestly can't place it. I don't know I had this idea in my head that I was going to not press the record button. Like that was really my biggest fear would like to file transfer realizing like I haven't actually been recording. It was my worst fear likely that never happened. But I do remember like Ava had to sit in on

21:11 Very first recording in that also made me really nervous and like she tried her best if you like. I'm here like to support you in case like your questions, but I'm like, I've literally never met you before and also like you're you're sitting on my thing like you're very professional like, okay, I will try to do this, but I just I remember two of my recording from that day. I don't remember that many others, but my very last reporting that Jay was wild it was like, he's three friends and they were all like harm responders. Like, I don't know exactly what they're like title was. I don't know whether it was volunteering but one of them was coming in to talk about how her brother had like killed her parents and himself and it was really intense and like it was my very first day and I was like, oh my God are all of my day is going to be like this. Like I really did not know what to expect as like that was some really heavy stuff on the very first day.

22:10 And I remember thinking like a would have made such a good broadcast and now knowing but like that's not at all the kind of thing but story but like their story was was like obviously very sad and traumatic what like what it to a very incredible egg. Without their friendship and like dislike organization that they started in the wake of the the truck, the tragedy and like I don't know. I thought that was all very inspiring but I remember telling Ava about it and I were just being like, yeah, I know that's nobody wants to hear that.

22:46 I remember reading that in the dir. I remember seeing that and being like

22:53 We don't might have mentioned some of this in training but there's only so much that you can kind of say about what you could possibly hear. You could hear possibly anything. And so yeah, I mean Anthony are going our friend from our very first day in Santa Monica.

23:14 Yeah. Yeah, and I think that was the first time we we did it interview like that where I was at locator and you were the the the interview partner and we really didn't get a chance to kind of preparer in the way that things go with solos, but you did a really good job of being as present as you possibly can twerking with what you were given I think.

23:39 We were all we're all just kind of figure it out. And in that respect about how to navigate that situation, but I was happy to be there with you and to be a very way if you don't want to talk anymore to Anthony Mosley Monica was a really intense space. I feel like we you and I both like since the end of the world coming when Kobe died range.

24:26 And I remember watching the news is like a couple days afterwards and like so many strange things were going on just kind of in like the California nuclear is that I think it just spoke to like this outer working of chaotic, you know, I shooting on a bicycle in like they have it on camera and then like millions of people at the Staples Center like morning Toby and then like they're recovering the crash wreckage and then there's a whip of like people are being quarantined on this part of like the island in California because like they came from China and there's like this thing going on now back till like the San Diego Chargers do Aqua Foundation, Dan.

25:19 There's a lot working right now. Are we going to be okay, you know, no that was a very uncertain back to our listening event. Like we probably shouldn't even have been doing that. You know, we probably should have been doing that but we got to see all of our Santa Monica grandma if we had a few there was Norma and there was Laverne and

25:54 We had someone else has powerful older than 70 just like come in and really take to us inside of the booth. And I don't know I like love my grandma and I were really close and she is his past and it was just like really special to have these older women really takes us and we did a field recording day that was like kind of chaotic were like in this back room at a Rec Center that like a sort of a recording studio for like things were just moving very quickly and we had the older participant Laverne who was just like honestly amazing to bring like a cheetah print or like a leopard print outfit and her makeup was just wild

26:52 And she had been a stalwart in the Santa Monica Community forever. And and like I feel like I didn't even do that much. I just like to help get her some food, but that was like enough to her that like Made Me an Angel and so she just was like holding onto my arm and just so sweet on me and like the whole day and then during the listening event during the listening event. You couldn't hear a thing and she was sitting right next to me. What did they say? But what I was really cool if you were done with you, and I haven't done one yet and it was like a beautiful Community College and they had like catered the dinner. There was a bunch of questions. I remember really powerful moment was when it wasn't even my participant but a participant ask a question in Spanish.

27:47 Are you knocked it out the park get my twice to ask the question or like ask her daughter to ask for her. And I love that because it was like I was doing something right in the sense of like this person felt encouraged and enabled and Empower to just speak Spanish and assume that someone was going to just answer, you know, and that was really powerful especially because it wasn't even one of my participants that I had like spoken in Spanish to that wasn't it really was the greatest thing about listening event is at the participants get to interact with each other and so are always people who had like these are powerful moments individually get to come together and meet other people who have it and like they hit it off, you know, and so I think her and asking that question you answering it. He said shows the power of storycorps but also like brings that community of

28:47 Together like we're all very different. You know, we're all here together, but open everyone's eyes. He was having a good time with that said our mothers were having a good time our hosts. I'm having a wonderful time like it was it was such a bubbly free just like slowing, you know of their families were there people's children came people were coming with their parents in their friends. And so

29:20 Like it couldn't have gone any better, you know, and it was as a really big bomb for me, you know at that time. I found out that one of my family members had passed away. And so

29:32 Being around Norma Berea and LaVergne was like being at a table with my family members, you know, and I remember getting it like you said and getting food is just like you just kind of clock into those things, you know, and I felt good to do it was happy to do I want to do it for more people like while I'm here to see more cupcakes event before the pandemic.

30:17 Fresno

30:19 And like opening day in Fresno was not huge by any means so like thinking back on it. That was probably the most people in one place that I've been around since the pandemic started, which is

30:34 Yeah, we all felt super proud of ourselves. I know that we had we had a like I said a lot to get through you were sick. I was terrified. I was just like I can't wait. I'm going to call her mom and Aunt has been L. I mean it was just not weird. That was the biggest head I've ever seen I was really happy to. I think that day was a day where i'm just like I'm not going to be glued into

31:21 Too much of what I can't control I am in Santa Monica. I'd like, you know, this is my job. I'm being out in the world like this is a part of it. And so let me go take myself to a fancy breakfast in this lavish hotel and it was good. It was good enough with some folks but

31:48 It was nice. I think it was full of all of the kind of wonderful unique serendipitous moments that you would open and also full of like

31:58 The other side of those things where it's no stressful difficult, but the marriage of the to anybody listening sidecar doughnuts the best thing I've ever tried. I am like really a dollar dollar store kind of donut person. You know, like I really just a sucker for a Dodge delicious donuts either like fancy bougie Donuts.

32:27 Moment of silence for that donut they were so good. And I remember seeing one in my hotel room like the night before we left. Like I saved it for that. I would do bad things to get one of those I would do bad things for one of those and then the pizza place to see you and eye during training when we were in lower Manhattan, we found this tiny little hole-in-the-wall you call me. You know, and I know about it and I was like I've ever had and that is a big statement because I love Sweets chocolate and pizza like I will I just love pizza. It was so good. I think about it sometimes like I would probably pay an absurd amount of money first batch of somehow arrive in Boston right now like I would

33:23 All weird but we were in a in a different Pizza other places like a hole in the wall. That was like a real Italian slice of pizza. I think of that in terms of like food that I experience connected to this job the last couple days and Yuma like we were just running errands and I went to a laundromat

34:03 And it was all mine in there until I had some time to kill before I can get my stuff actually washed and there was a little soap at the area.

34:15 Yes to see if they had like anything on the menu. But of course they have sulfates and I was like let's do it and they were glorious. I haven't had anything like them in such a long time and it was just like the service was great. I wasn't the only person in there was like sitting down and I'm like that like Winnie the Pooh gift for he's like at the table or the counter like loving that I was loving the happiest laundry day. I like what you said about. I was thinking about the guide for all the different places that I've been but obviously that got cut short after Fresno, but I did start writing in about Dallas and the briefs in in Yuma Santa Monica and

35:15 And look I was reading at the other day and like I found some pretty good food also plug for the Hara Krishna vegetarian lunch bread in Brooklyn that was like mind-blowing and life-changing. I think I had subsisted off of that during my office since I went it was like 12 bucks for the most we've ever seen in your life and you can eat it for lunch and then definitely for a full-on dinner. It was so good. It was really good.

35:45 It was like another kind of like Harry Potter situation where to find it and it was a cousin are like welcome. We're getting started. That way. We all want to go back and like just eat our way through. It's a remember I'm down because next to the office is where I would get my Bagels all the time during my office sentence.

36:21 La Bagel Delight all the cream cheese is there is just like crazy and then like they make really good bagel sandwiches to like out and you have a whole vegetarian and a vegan menu is outstanding. I mean, I didn't know you could get so creative with Bagels.

36:47 Ever the place that we went to go eat with

36:51 Lisa and Darwin game remembering if I didn't have taste buds like good or is like this conversation strange.

37:12 I didn't I didn't want to remember seeing Robin Sparkman one day on my way home and she was sitting in the ice cream parlor in Fort Greene and she was enjoying ice cream to herself and I'll just go in there. I think I definitely think of all the places like when I was I would like scoot off on brakes. I will go to let Bagel Delight a lot and then walk around not too much, but I'm just a little bit of the park called the Bible say about having to wear a mask in the winter is like really all the people are seeing are my eyes. That's all and so

38:12 What you're saying, but the Knicks and crannies to get there. I was like in this wind tunnel like I like walking like with all of my might seem like I know at the end of this tunnel, there's really delicious and I got to keep going. Oh my gosh, we're almost out of time and I guess like now that were on the ouse

38:44 I know you feel like.

38:48 I mean obviously virtual aside independent aside bit like you feel like this is what you were expecting going into this year.

38:56 Not at all, and I don't mean that in a bad way, I think.

39:02 It was going to every stop was going to open itself up and I was I was expecting that I was expecting the unexpected and not like so much about the dramatic than expected. But I knew I couldn't have too many expectations. I knew that I couldn't have

39:19 Too many things kind of set in my mind about how I wanted things to go cuz everything is variable. I think that's why I was just like so excited about you. How is this going to be like that, you know us having the house together in Fresno was excited. Now when you cook your food for me, I don't expect that. We had we had a good time there, but

39:48 There was

39:51 There was a sense that I I just kind of had to relinquish a lot of control and see what was going to happen and that's exciting.

40:00 So I can say that that meant match my expectation was that so many things that I didn't plan on happening happened and I was ready for more. Obviously. I'm so ready for more. I think it's that me up to approach life and that way as well.

40:25 What you got for me?

40:30 I know I would have more time together in the house in Fresno.

40:40 Santa Monica, it was a very much needed place to be

40:49 Eunice as we can go until 3:10 if we want and then also favorite memory together food that reminds you of your recording from Harry Potter.

41:03 Sidecar obviously is what I resonate with you about.

41:21 I think

41:24 Favorite memory. I mean this was a just a brief a very brief one, but I remember coming up to your room for the think you were packing in Santa Monica for wearing your bathrobe.

41:39 Trump Hotel, and then we just went to your bathroom and took a bunch of selfies one of which I think might have to be the picture we use for today. But like a Friday night, we can be silly together in that way and like

41:56 I don't know like we both enjoy Aesthetics in the certain kind of way. And so it was fun to play around with that together and

42:08 And I mean, I don't know obviously. I feel like we didn't get to do the things that we wanted to do throughout the whole year in the Physical Realm. But I like know that those memories exist somewhere. And so partially I feel like a favorite memory of us together hasn't happened yet because I know that there's so much room for them to continue to happen.

42:31 I never forget when we were on the train. I don't know if it was like it was with that first week of training. We saw that guy with a dog in the bag. We were all walking out of this guy's bag just like its head and like the guy was working on an iPad on top of the door and we were just like both calculating we want to touch you. But we're also like in New York and people don't care who's going to ask when we were in the house together in Brooklyn.

43:28 That one time you were preparing for a night out and you were asking me like you do really good outfit changed and we were talking and there was like a chair and a table in the room and I just love how you just sat down and just like started talk with him, but she's so comfortable. Yes, like Sunday. 8 days into us like spending time together, but I was like you better you can ask me for all the outfit advice and remember you being like you're being really helpful.

44:18 I know I was going to try on all of the things and there was a door that separated me in your room. And then there was like a door that like separated from the main area and you can't hear the main area door Juan Pablo's room so we could have glasses fell off and they broke the mold or Harry Potter thing.

44:59 I didn't have my wand so I couldn't fix it. I think we're both like Harry and Hermione and a little bit of Ron. Yeah, I got there. I mean we have to discover that like you're a facilitator, you know a genius. I'm a genius like both very very hard-working like coming down from being sick.

45:35 We had to the last recording that last production recording in Santa Monica and I was like headed and you were just pulling all the things I like the way your moving and I was like stuck riding like database thing. Like I was just like why can I organize my brain cells itself like you just headed out?

46:11 On that with our silly moments, like I feel like she has what we're bringing some Ron Isley into this face.

46:21 Yeah.

46:23 I think of how we have to come to your things and are still recordings. I know that those challenged us but like I said, I got to really see you like you're a genius Thrive and your tuition in your creativity. We have to figure things out right then and there are you finding the what was her point the point persons named Carla without her name is really cool too. Cuz I feel like you could have been like a mentor there, you know, like it was really cool to see I feel like you kind of took the weed on trying to figure out how we were going to get good sound quality out of that space.

47:20 But

47:21 Yeah, that was.

47:23 I forgot about that one. Why did I forget about that one you drove in and I drove out but I was like Wow, California is crazy because where we parked at the end of the street was that ginormous Hill? I don't know if you remember at the bottom of the street, but you know, I was talking with the director of Los Osos and learning more about the neighborhood and everything. It was it was so cool. I have any kind of different worlds and elements and I felt like how to say all this is why I need a really loves, California.

48:06 Like I can see it and I was feeling good as like by the time we're in Oakland like that would have been so good and then Vegas would have been.

48:22 I don't know what Bagels would have been to be honest. I would have been like I guess you would have had to like go and play the slot machines one night, but

48:32 I talked about quitting and I love to recreate looks and I just wanted to do like maybe a small fear and loathing being accepted in the trailer. Like I was planning on after Oakland. I was planning on driving my truck out to Vegas and so we would have had my truck and we would have been able to put on fun outfits and cruise around and that was my plan for us. It was going to be was going to be good. I think that's probably my most favorite, you know, like we have a conversation in like I appreciate like the first time we talked like you were like

49:17 Can I get the sense that like you're like me like, you know, when you're leaving a community behind essentially the kind of do this and like how does that make you feel whatever and then starts on my bed and I have this truck now, but I love trust I have another secret memory during Halloween when you send me a picture of your incredible devil Dolly and then I sent you my Elvira and you sent me some texts. That was like they knew who they hired they knew who they hired.

49:58 Like there's no way we can be who we are in this state.

50:09 Yeah, well, I just so appreciate you and I truly wouldn't have rather done this with anybody else like partner-in-crime for now forever for life or honestly your family and like I said before I know that our roller coaster has not even whenever this is all said and done like we're going to find each other and embark on some very fun and strange recording trip or just road trip thrift store tour of donuts in America.

50:45 You can record about that to you know, I can't say any place that movie. I Love You Phillip Morris. I can't speak any more highly of Philip Morris. Honestly, we're getting started and things but

51:14 If it's been a really fun time, it's been really awesome to do this with you and it's and OU I definitely admire you so much like your punk influence me and my I'm looking at things. I'm just like I like that a lot for yourself if that you're thinking. You're you're Wicked smart smart my God, I can't do this thing. And then you would show me how like that in the Instagram guy in the social media guy that you made makes me so easy and like you're very good at explaining things like step by steps that people can like really really understand it. That's a very rare skill cuz most people are just rushing through it. So that always amazes me even if we're moving

52:14 Take a step back in like really make sure that I'm being thorough.

52:19 Thank you. I think what am I eating pupusas? We always found pupusas. That's one thing that we always do this together and

52:41 You teasing me buen provecho which I like to think of my head. Sometimes not what I might eating my food.

52:50 The moon was out that night. It was crazy. I don't know if it was a new moon a full moon, but it was very large Full Moon Crystal Lake check in there where we just kind of like all stared at and beaten by this such fun music and they were all like drinking and having the best time we got to go back there. And then maybe we'll be able to find the the pizza spot at elephant. I love you so so much.

53:40 I'll be seeing you. I'll be seeing you.