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Jackie Neale talks with her friend and clothing designer, Betsy Cook, about how it feels to follow her inner call to action to use her clothing storefront boutique, National Picnic, to make hundreds of face masks for medical professionals in need. Betsy tells Jackie that she feels two ways all at once, "There is only so much I can do. And I cannot do enough. ...I feel the weight of the limitations."


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00:02 All right. Now we are B. Did you hear that?

00:07 Okay. Alright. Hi. This is Jackie Neal speaking. I'm continuing continuing my documentary project for the corona Kohl active. In this project is being made with the students and my shooting lab class for New York Film Academy in New York City. I'm here with my participant. Thank you for being here. Could you please tell me your name? My name is Betsy cook. What is, what, what is today's date? Today's date is April 18th 2020.

00:47 Where are you located?

00:50 I'm located in Collingswood, New Jersey.

00:54 And may I have your permission to record this interview? You have my permission to record this interview? I wouldn't remember. Oh my God, that's right yours though. It was yours. Yes. Yeah. That was cool. Yeah, you didn't ask me any hard ball questions though.

01:21 Oh, I forgot to tell you that one of these other questions questions, but it's not not scandalous on any level. But anyways, so here we are at the April 18th 2020. Currently the world is experiencing a global pandemic virus. By the name of covid-19, has spread across the globe, and there's a country after country mandating, a stay-at-home order and for our country. It's highly concentrated in the Northeast about the United States and on the west coast, but obviously there's there's no occasion to every single state but some are beginning to become relaxed as of today. So anyway, this documentary is intended to inform the future about the experiences that we're all going through, but she was kind enough to be a participant. I wanted to

02:21 Does on working with people who own businesses and see how that has an impact. But I'll start by asking questions that are common throughout the corona Collective. So, let's see, how has been affecting you emotionally. It's been rough emotionally.

02:45 If you give me a moment, I can think of some specifics. I actually feel like I'm straddling at position of

02:57 Opportunity because of my unique career and guilt that that people have it a whole lot worse than I do. And I feel like I don't give myself enough time to take care of myself.

03:24 And you said that you don't give yourself enough time to take care of yourself. You feel like if you did, you'd have some emotion that we're more like kind of on a personal level rather than a revolving around your business or something.

03:46 I don't know how to describe it. Just going to be a lot of a lot of pauses cuz that's how I talk anyway, but please don't feel pressure. We have all I have a lot of time. Okay, I feel like

04:09 There's only so much that I can do and I can't do enough.

04:19 I feel like my contribution towards helping helping out is limited and I feel the weight of the limitations and personal. I feel personally guilty or not.

04:42 Crying more too.

04:47 Doomer.

04:51 It's interesting. I mean, as a friend, we should talk about that a lot more off record. If you want to get it off your chest, you know, you know, if you want to get it off here, that's totally up to you, but I don't, whatever. I'm, so, how is this affecting your familial relationships like with your children and your spouse? Your parents die. I'm well.

05:20 I don't know if I've said enough about what I'm doing. That makes me so busy for the interview. You know, that I make masks, you know, that I make clothing for my business on a regular basis in a boutique to sell clothing that I make in my shop to customers that walk in and also two people that that order my things to the Internet. So since late March, I've been figuring out how to help out the hospital.

06:02 Shortage of professional medical masks. Buy

06:07 Sewing.

06:09 Last Resort style cloth masks and part of my idea to help out has been to

06:19 Figure out how to donate masks to the healthcare professionals that needed them most by.

06:32 Utilizing resources around me like the

06:38 The appropriate fabrics for making cotton masks. I'm supposed to rounded a month ago. I was surrounded by cotton fabric that I could use to make masks. I have the resources to contact vendors and get

06:54 Oodles of elastic wholesale.

06:59 At a time when it's becoming extremely difficult for people to find any kind of elastic.

07:08 So, I have all these resources and I have the ability to organize.

07:14 A team of volunteers sellers that I can provide Mass materials to and between me and the team were able to make as many masks as quickly as possible to fit the most people that need them and deliver them in as soon as we can. So that was that's that's that's basically been what I've been doing for the past three weeks or so.

07:45 So, back to your question, how does it affect my family? I have never felt more out of the house than I have been in my career. As my, as more of my family, including my husband are staying home because of the

08:08 Not shelter in place, but that just the

08:12 The stay-at-home recommendations of of, you know, our state and the advisory to go out as little as possible, unless you absolutely need you. So, I'm never at home.

08:32 Is the general feeling that I have? I feel like I'm never home.

08:38 And I'm hungry.

08:44 And I might,

08:49 My Indulgence is letting myself wake up. Naturally. When I know when my body wakes up, not I don't set an alarm to get up in the morning. So I get to sleep in a little bit longer than if I actually forced myself to get up to go to work. So I get into working around 10.

09:07 In New Orleans.

09:09 So that must be like I'm going off script to your obviously, so that has to be such an inner Conflict for you because while you go to work to work on something other than what, your clothing business would normally have you working on, you feel a lot of purpose and what you're doing rightfully. So and yet, you know, you're you know, because your your daughter's home from college and daughter. Other daughter is from home from school and high school and your husband's home from work because of the stay-at-home order. So you probably a lot of inner, but you're missing that time, right? And then you come home at normal hours when they all would be end up coming home from where they were at.

09:55 Too. So it seems like you're you're missing out on something probably, right? I feel like I don't have any time to spend enjoying any enjoying.

10:11 Things other than eating, with my family. I get to watch a little TV before I go to bed, but I've been coming home eating dinner and then going back to work to keep filling orders. I I haven't stopped getting clothing orders, but it's greatly reduced and yet there still seems to not be enough hours in the day to fill all those orders and do things. I should be doing for the mascot. The only time I've really gotten ahead of it is when my family has come in to help me in the shop.

10:55 And I would say that's like, every

10:59 I don't want, you know, expose them for not helping enough, but like once a week, I'll get. Once I had the entire family in my shop. We all sat and cut them. So much stuff, done to build a lot of kids to be delivered to mom hears. That was probably my favorite day so I can have a favorite day and but it's usually it's like usually like Josie will come in and help or maybe you know, Josh came in once and he'll help. It's it's not it's not a well-oiled machine and there's a lot of days where there's not enough people.

11:42 Helping that, that, you know, you know, you know, another situation, I could get volunteers to show up at the shop, but they can't come in, and they have to kind of wait in their houses for me to deliver supplies and there's about 25 volunteers.

12:02 Cool, really can't do anything until I deliver a kit, which is basically a kid that makes 10 masks and it comes with instructions and pre-cut pieces and I've done everything. I can to make it as easy as possible to assemble kits at home at any skill level. And I'm still going off the question about how this affects my home life.

12:38 The last person to actually that you, the last question was more like you probably feel a lot of inner conflict. You know, I guess I'm explaining all the things that make me feel overwhelmed that when I come home and all I do is get to eat dinner and then go back or, you know,

13:01 Have an episode of community to laugh at. Before I go to bed. I get to do two things for release. I get to eat, or I get to watch a little TV. Other than that, it's, it is working on math project stuff, whatever, you know, there's a gazillion things that that needs or figuring out how to keep my business.

13:34 From sinking.

13:38 How's everything from spending hours on the lease applications only to find out that they were oversubscribed before they even made the application Live for the second time. That's that's close. My New Jersey release experience on Monday and then

14:00 Trying to work on other things and having the SBA loan officer at the bank, call me up to tell me that my application submitted isn't the right format and spending hours trying to get the application submitted before the application process. Closes on Wednesday night. This, this week's been particularly bad, but

14:33 By Wednesday night, all of the loan applications for the s p. A, a s e a

14:43 Paycheck protection plan loan that I think that's what it is. That's what it is.

14:54 PPL or p. P p.

14:58 All the banks had to get there. They had to get all of the applications in by Wednesday night. I think I read it on the eyes either. Write it on the New York Times or the Washington Post or something like that. If it wasn't done by Wednesday night, that's in. I was pretty much all the funding would be

15:18 Wow, that is a lot of pressure, though. Questions already. But how do you keep yourself? Entertained? You get bored? I think you answered that. But if you wanted to, you could actually know. This is an interesting question, to keep myself from entertained or keep myself from being bored. This is like the fun. This is like the fun question. I get to answer. I have not bored bored at all. It's a little strange listening to people, complain about how much time they have.

16:05 And talk about how much weight they put on and you know, all of this Renaissance projects that they've gotten to do, you know experiment with because of all the time on their hands. It's so when do I get, when do I get to do that? Let me know when I get to be bored. And then the other thing is so entertaining, I have been loving.

16:42 Exploring music on my, on my

16:47 Sound system at my at my workshop. If if one thing has really been

16:56 Entertaining at work. It's really having hours and hours to to, to let

17:07 Pandora.

17:10 Show me some kind of music that I haven't heard before a song. I haven't heard before. Or, you know, I've never been so excited to have somebody and now, sit in a new album is out because I actually have time to listen to it because I got lots of time to listen to music while I do things in my workshop. So,

17:31 That's interesting. You didn't have that same amount of time when you were making clothing. Lot of people just walk in off the street, a lot like open for business. I do have to be more considerate of what music is playing, when they walk in and the volume that I get to play the music and I've been playing the music very loudly lately. It's it sounds weird but loud. Music is way more enjoyable. Then background Shot Music, even the same song is different. If you're playing it in the background for a customer versus trying to get stuff done and meeting music to keep you motivated.

18:25 Same song.

18:28 Different results.

18:29 I totally mean that I understand that I understand and although I like it and I played the whole album. Nothing jumped out at me, right away as the song where I went. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my god. This is my next new favorite song that didn't happen. I'm sorry. I didn't happen. I like it and I will listen to it again.

19:07 I have to I have to say that I think I owe it to the audience to announce that many of the people that I will be interviewing will be people who have a large appreciation for music and have a large understanding of good music. So, in any way, I would, what I intend to do, is to validate your opinion, because you definitely have good taste in music. So, therefore The Strokes should step it up to some degree. I don't get, I don't get a chance to stop and really listen to things but but having it playing the background like a really

19:52 A really good like shit song will still jump out of you. I did not have something jump out. Yeah, but I didn't think like I was able to listen to the whole thing and you just inspired me to add that question to my, my roster of questions. What any new music or is there a song like I want to introduce that like what people are listening to to the the roster of questions that I asked people now.

20:24 Because I think that would be great for like since it's going with into the Library of Congress and like say that people from a hundred years from now, listen to his interviews. It would be cool to hear what people are listening to. Well. The interesting thing about The Strokes album is it is called the new abnormal.

20:43 Really? Yeah, did they put that name? Did they name it before this? I don't know, but it came out last week. So I don't know if they quick change the name because it was appropriate or whether or not, it was like, you know, like Haiti's Town song about the wall being written before the wall that the Haiti's Town reference. So it's the Tony award-winning Musical that should be playing right now. But Broadway's Broadway's been cancelled. So it's it's a music. You don't even ever heard of it. Oh, man, you should listen to it because you don't even really need to

21:38 And I really need the visuals to listen to the songs in order and and experience the story. It's it's pretty wonderful. So moving on to the next question, we might as well move into how has this affected your business. I'm still trying to figure out how it has affected my business. It's it's right in the middle of it. I can say, I've done some things that

22:11 From a marketing perspective.

22:14 I'm happy that I've done some things that I think will fortify my business and kind of keep it from.

22:25 Keep it from imploding, or Sinking or, you know, being in desperate, need of relief Aid.

22:36 So, I've got that going for me.

22:40 I've been busy with the masks, but there is also something to be said for getting people's attention by doing something good. And

22:55 As they as you get their attention, they notice that you are also a clothing company. And no, you haven't, shut down your website and you can still make things because they are being made a New Jersey and not being imported and maybe somebody takes the opportunity to order a piece of clothing while they are reading about what I'm doing with the mask project. So that I mean that's that as a as a marketing.

23:30 As a marketing tool doing good. Has also encouraged some people to the order clothing. It's not completely crickets chirping, but it's pretty, it's a pretty, it's a pretty long way.

23:53 Back up to the levels that I was selling clothing. Say this time last year.

23:58 But,

24:01 It's not, I'm not going to have a problem paying my rent at the end of this month in part because

24:13 People like me as a business and what I'm doing and they have they have let me know that because they have ordered clothing or giving me donations or contributed in a way to the survival of my business.

24:35 Okay, so, do you know someone who is diagnosed with covid?

24:44 Only by name through the word of mouse, it's someone. I know. I know somebody that has tested positive, but it's not like I

24:57 I know them closely. It's not that I have, you know, there an acquaintance. I would think we know each other if we saw each other on the street, but not

25:07 Yeah, I saw somebody I would have their phone number and call them up and go. My God.

25:13 A+. I just have heard of one person that I know of and you don't think that you were in their company within two weeks, before, all right to get just a little bit deeper. What is your greatest fear about the Coronavirus?

25:38 Losing my parents. I wouldn't want my parents to get the virus and Parrish.

25:48 I don't fear getting it myself and it might be naive, but I don't fear it.

25:56 Yeah, I feel the same way.

25:58 Why do I keep? Whenever I do all of these, like, measures are staying safe, like, not go. I don't go. I don't go out of this house or pass my property.

26:10 For weeks. It seems like week and a half usually at a time and it's because I want to protect my parents or people that I feel like would have

26:21 Mostly my parents. Yeah, you know, but the weird thing is is that I wonder and I'm hoping to get tested soon. But I'm I'm wondering if that cold I had over my birthday. Whether that was this. I remember that cold.

26:40 I don't know. I don't know. I didn't see you. The night of my birthday was. I mean, it's something I remember. I remember you being sick to the point that telling people.

26:51 Yeah, it is. But at the same time, we were with you right now. I don't know, see the way it was. Like I saw you.

27:01 Night after Valentine's because remember, when we shared all that food, that was like, left over from everybody's dates and then

27:11 There was like a day between that and then that the day, the next day was when I started to feel sick and I was like, oh shit. I know this is bad, but I didn't know it was this at all. I thought they probably want to test you for antibodies or something like that just to because it would give insight to what types of symptoms. Someone let's say you were positive, it would it would get another symptom profile. You know, I've already signed up to get the test. I signed up for like five days ago. They're going to let me know when they get get the test in but but yeah, I know it, my best one of my best friend Alexis had had it in New York City, but she and I haven't seen each other since November, but she's an, ER, doctor up at Weill Cornell, and she was just talking to her today and she said, she's not sure.

28:11 Whether she got it from being at the hospital or from her neighbor, believe it or not, but she went, she had it right when everybody got the order to stay home. And she was just describing her experience with it. And I was like, wow, that sounds like it was like 3 times worse than when I had it and when I have is really bad, but anyway, so but then again, people are still getting the flu. People are still getting the common cold, but people are still getting sick. Yeah, it's hard to. Yeah, I mean, what was it was like right before we stop seeing everybody. I was like, I'm afraid to even cough that has like a little Dusty. Like I feel like oh my god. Do I have it? But yeah, it's it's like it's weird because everybody's questioning everything in it and Josh was just saying the other day.

29:11 And I have allergies, you know, and it's like this is normal. It's not covid. So, all right. So on last question and which is do you envision a silver lining and what would it be?

29:31 Well, it's a pretty big cloud to have a silver lining.

29:44 I mean, there's little, there's little things that I can appreciate. I wouldn't call him Silver Linings yet. Cuz I think we kind of need to get through it. And see, you know, what's what's better? And what's worse?

29:59 I think it will make some more. I think it'll make people appreciate being around other people more.

30:08 You know, I Silver Lining, it's hard because you're usually the most optimistic person in the room.

30:18 Optimistic because I appreciate things. I mean I am it sounds weird, but I am totally going to love. Just brushing elbows with people and a bar, but I wouldn't call that a silver lining. You know, that's not a silver lining. Like, I think Silver Lining is different from things you miss or know you're going to appreciate.

30:44 You know.

30:48 I am an optimist and I'm having a hard time figuring out what the Silver Linings going to be and that says that speaks volumes to me, you know.

31:00 I'm not even sure if I'm not even sure if

31:10 Germ awareness.

31:12 Heightened awareness is a silver lining like I don't I'm not so sure.

31:18 It's going to be better that we are constantly.

31:23 Disinfecting and not going out and not going to restaurants and not going to concerts. I think we are kind of blissfully ignorant.

31:37 Just how many ways there are to get sick and spread contagion like as late as early as you know, January reading has breathing down his neck at the struts concert because that's how you keep other people from wedging your way between you and the person in front of you to get closer to the stage, you know, like there's just like everybody. Everybody was just breathing down, everyone's neck at that concert, and that could have easily been a super spreader event, you know, has one person

32:20 Had a

32:22 Been positive for Coronavirus. So,

32:26 I love that. I love going out. Then. I said wonderful memory. You know, I don't I don't know if I don't know what. I don't know what's going to feel in as wonderful memories if we can, do some of the things that that we just love doing.

32:47 You know, I don't want to go to a bar and sit 6 feet away from somebody else just cuz I didn't come in with them, and I don't know them. I like touching strangers when I'm walking past them in crowded place. I mean, it just sounds weird, but

33:03 Like electrons that aren't allowed to come near each other. They just bounce. Bounce away from each other again, just not.

33:14 Not fun.

33:25 Answers or give me the answers, right? So the best dancers ever, it's just like, that's not related to my business. I mean, I'm going to miss, I'm going to miss you. I miss the customer interaction with my business. I guess. It's like, if we're going to talk to how it's affecting, you know, personalization in my business. Nobody's coming into my shop and it makes you realize how much you miss it. So, I mean, I guess if there's a silver lining more people, might come into my shop afterwards, because they realize that that customer service really special. And they, if they're lucky enough to have

34:19 If they're lucky enough to have businesses in their neighborhood that they can come and be present. Add. Maybe there's a reason to maybe that's a reason to not log on to Amazon and buy something and have it stuck in a box and ship to you.

34:37 Yeah, I don't feel like every question is about your business or it if you know, your personal experience definitely will relate and inform your business. So answer personally as much as possible. Okay, so that's concludes all my questions but considering that this is going to be housed in the Library of Congress and the folk history world history. Archive Etc. Is there anything you want to express while you have the chance?

35:10 Go down in history.

35:13 Go down in history, in the Library of Congress.

35:19 I totally just I totally just immortalized.

35:28 Some musicians, but yeah, it will. Again tell me, you know, let's go back to the ethos of your business. Tell me about National Picnic. Yeah, we never covered that. I just talked I talked about never asks, but but I make my brand of clothing in my shop on sewing machine. Basically right on the boutique floor and customers can come in and literally

36:12 Watching making clothes while they can also look at the racks and, and shop for clothing that that I've already made and have hung up as a, you know, off the rack ready to wear Boutique experience. That's what that's what National Picnic is right now. It's, it's one store. I don't know if it is ever going to be more than one store, but it would kinda be fun to say this and have it be in the library Congress because maybe 10 years from now, it will be, you know, something that

36:50 Is a household name and hasn't disappeared, and everybody knows about. So right now, I'm a tiny little unknown clothing company. In Haddonfield, New Jersey.

37:06 Yay.

37:12 Oh, that's awesome. Alright, Jesse. I shall we sign off. Stop recording. That is.

37:20 Only, I mean, you know, I have the potential of saying that the best quote as soon as you turn off that microphone. So if you're going to sit and talk to me, you should keep recording. All right, when we can, we can totally relaxed. How are you and your house by yourself? I mean, like you today and it was really sweet. That Josh helped me turn over the table, because that's what I'm working on right now. Thank God, but when I picked up the mask from you, it's like

37:57 I mechanic.

38:00 Shake the feeling of a that it's been two months since I since I gave someone a hug, it feels like that. Anyway, 35 days. Okay. Wait, what day is the last time? I really left? My house was March 11th, and now we're on April 18th. So that's at least a month and a week and then before that, I was, I was pretty sick, so I didn't hug anybody really?

38:35 And maybe I did hug some people. Whatever. Okay, so month-and-a-half since I've had somebody

38:40 And it's like it's already on my mind how I let you know, like, you know, I want to I want to fall in love again. And when I have a partner, I want to get married in like I'm kind of thinking like, how old is like the house? I'm going to work, you know, you were even just talking about going so far. Are we allowed to sit next to people? We didn't come to the establishment together? Like how am I ever going to meet looks like and then like I'm tired all the time, like there's a big fish in the sea or something like these online asked. It's like, oh, that's always my reaction that I told her to like. Oh my god. Do I don't, I just don't feel comfortable with that. But if I were to do that now, it's like you were to meet someone that was a stranger. Like, how excited would you want? Would you be about? Like, yeah, let's meet at a bar total stranger person. Know I like, I just totally

39:38 It's like an ad this whole time. Like, expand that I did not expect to like finding somebody going to be a like.

39:54 You think there's going to be a rash of, like?

39:58 Community gone, wild type of events where everybody just gets out and starts like, mixing around again and just starts doing Carpe Diem crap because you know the most life-affirming actions right now or one stat.

40:17 Just simply our stuff, you weren't able to do in the, in the months of the quarantine, you know, like, you know, like hugging someone right now is an act of rebellion is totally, is I have a student that it is doing an entire photo essay about how he just wants to just throw caution to the wind? And, I mean, like, I think about that bike out of 30 students that like whippet half of those 32 D and students going through some serious, mental health issues. There's just one person. That's like, what are you all worried about the news. Just like, you know, like forget it and

41:01 Like I don't. Yeah, I think that that's possibility. And the weird part is that I can't relate to that. Like and maybe I might, who knows. I'm I'm older. I'm more responsible. I feel limitations of the dentist for horrified by it. Like it's like hugging hugging. Somebody just without permission right now is. It's like it's like a crime. Yeah. It was really funny because

41:33 Yeah, I mean if it doesn't say things like everybody's kind of just like you can't do that and it's and it's used to be able to do it. You know, what you need, and just a little bit less than all of us, but we were always like punks in a row. He's like, what's everybody? So excited about United and I often think about how like we are just following the rules like more than we ever would tired of this, you know, like I'm always a, I personally love to push everything to the edge of the rule. I like to take a lot of risk will not jump from an airplane. But like I just like I do like the idea of being more risky, but I am totally falling in line with this and I'm not and I keep a

42:33 My other friends that are on home. And if I'm Ross and Darren, they were all punks and they were always like skating all over the place like you and what whatever the Seinfeld enough to do. They did. And it's funny cuz you have this group conversation and like a group texting thing and they're like these kids on the beach. I can't believe them. You don't like over spinach and like they're like, there's such a, you know, assholes. They don't listen us and I immediately right back and I'm like, what we have done when we were 16, like what? Like, and they're like, well, I would have respected that this is crazy. And like, I don't even think I know, it's totally not what we would have done. We totally wouldn't.

43:19 Like pushing the very limit always. Yeah, that's totally what we would have done and I started feeling like I don't and the weird part is I don't feel like a coward for not pushing the limits here at all. Like I just really, I really I trust medical professionals in science and I feel like that is the smartest thing to listen to unfollow. And I don't think that there's no sort of like street street cred and being the one. That's like, you know, I don't believe it. Let me see if it's true, you know, but I feel like that's because I'm older.

44:01 Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what. I don't know if there's a breaking point. I mean, yeah, I don't know if there's a breaking point but like, yeah, like hugging is anarchy and I'm going to ask where I'm going to hug the shit out of you. The minute I can.

44:22 I am not going to let you go.

44:26 Just like you down the street and then we'll just like we can just you don't Mouse kiss everybody at the bar.

44:36 God, this is so funny. John Sacco said this thing on Facebook today. He said, you know, the one thing I realized after wearing this mask is how bad my breath smell.

44:51 We don't like this.

44:57 And he's like, I'm really sorry that my brother smell this bad. Absolutely. It's funny. I've never know. I don't think I've ever been close enough to realize but whatever.

45:11 It's classic. Maybe that could be a silver lining. Is everybody would start to notice their?

45:19 Masks that have like a minty fresh like

45:24 Sensitive to your mask line, the filter that they replace, you know, a Listerine filter inside the little mask Filter part. I don't know if I are like, I don't know. I don't know where the mask things going. As far as before, before the pandemic, it did catch on in places like Japan where you could just wear a mask in public to be courteous to other people. And, you know, is that going to be a thing? Now it cuz it already it already was without a pandemic, scare In some cultures. So, you know, is that is that suddenly going to be

46:09 The thing where everybody's going to need to keep a mask in their pocket, I am the worst at keeping track of them asked if I'm jumping from my car like from somebody that has made hundreds of them.

46:26 If I'm jumping from my shop to my car, to home to like running out the door.

46:34 I can't remember, sometimes, I can't remember to bring my purse in my wallet. When I run out the door and jump in my car, like having a mask, always having a mask ready, you know, it's going to be hard to be hard for me to make sure that I already have. Like, right now I'm on the Shoemaker without any shoes, like, like I make hundreds, but at the end of the day, I give them all out. And I don't keep any for myself, but if I have to start keeping one around,

47:11 You know, I don't, it's going to be to be tough for me to remember.

47:17 Well, you know where I put mine, I put it in my wallet, you know that wallet that looks like it's made of fabric.

47:27 I actually if it becomes, if it becomes a long, it becomes a long-term thing where everyone has to keep masks. I think what's going to start happening is people are going to start in dating.

47:41 And they're going to be making they're going to be making features to make masks life easier for themselves. I think they'll be more. I think there's more scarves that convert to masks.

47:56 That was stylish. The one that you gave me.

48:09 What is that? It fits? Okay. Yeah, I never looked in the mirror with it though. Does it not look? Okay from the aesthetic point of view, if we have to start wearing masks and we start wearing this all the time. There's going to be actually like it does give me a lot of rethinking of how they look on the face. And if people are going to get pickier about how they look on their face, they're going to want to go to start. You're either going to be of the mindset that it has to be convenient at all costs and convenience for Josh, is the Thai version because he gets to untie the top Thai and let it hang around his neck.

49:02 So he doesn't forget it like that's or we can take a breather when he's not around anybody and loosen it up and let it fall to his neck. Like, that's what he considers convenient, but somebody with long hair.

49:15 The ear loops.

49:17 You really can't tie stuff around the back of your head. My mom put hers on the other day and she got it caught on her earrings that I thought that was interesting. I didn't even know you was wearing who we went for a walk and she was just like

49:36 See how she still haven't gotten used to it. Like I've gotten very used to this already. So we went for a walk 62 part and I got used to breathing and get it breathing heavier as I walked where she was like

49:51 You know, and then put it back up. But initially she had trouble because of her earrings. Yeah, that's kind of like, I don't know if I mentioned this to you, but at the end of January, I caught 25 students from Shanghai for a whole week and that was the week that they announced that covid-19 was starting in China. It was the very week and they all were in my classroom wearing masks.

50:23 They just ignore them all the time and spoke through them and everything. Like I would say that half of the class when it's a similar because they were in the United States and took it off while they were in the classroom and then half of the class kept them on The Interpreter lives in New York lives, in New York City, but is originally from China. She had like the most fashionable and that I saw that, she was interesting because I took them from the classroom onto the subway up to Mona and we were all on the subway and they in the class with their masks on for the whole ride, for the walk in the ride. While The Interpreter was speaking with me and we were walking together and she didn't put on a mask and I was like, I was like, do you want to put your mask on the cats, but I don't want to be rude and I was like, please don't feel like you're rude if this makes it. If it makes you feel more comfortable where it I'd like, you were listening to the new stay where he when she's like, yeah. She said yes.

51:23 Please wear your mask, you know, and then in the meantime, I did leave remember this because I was getting, like, defensive over all the students. There was this guy at the end of this on the subway, in the sky, at the end of the road. She was being clear. He was clearly drunk, clearly drunk and he was smoking pot and coughing like packing, but he wasn't like there's nothing to like, allude to him being a bum or anything or whatever. He was just acting like a total jerk. And I was like, I want I wanted, I told The Interpreter I said, please tell all the students. If they feel like moving away from him, they should and not to feel like they're being rude or anything because this person shouldn't be doing this is not normal behavior. And if they're nervous, they should do. And furthermore. I was like and now I think you should definitely put on your mask. That's what I said.

52:23 Put on your mouths. Not that I felt like I was immune to the guy or anyting but if it's a matter of feeling safe, you know, and that it is common for them. Even though she wasn't living in New York City. She still wore a mask like in general. Usually likes lick. It was like it look like green or something. Yeah, I I do think like people think is a lot of mask out there that people don't like wearing and that would take it off in a heartbeat as soon as that as soon as I get a chance. And I think if it becomes prolonged, people are going to start to become very like, they're going to start to start to shop around for the type of mass. They want all the time. Right? Right. I think I told you, I bought a mask to to use while I'm riding my bike.

53:20 I still haven't gotten it though. I fixed him. Ask for a guy. I don't know. He must have been told.

53:30 The pizza lady next door must have told him that I have sewing machines cuz he came in saying I was wondering if you could

53:40 Really quick, just Stitch the elastic that got broken on the mask. I bought on eBay.

53:49 And I said, I said, sure, you know, so he handed it to me in the package that he got it in and everything is, like he said, if he says from China, he said, Donnie day. He said it's already broken. He's like mist and now,

54:10 And I looked at it and it comes in a little like glassine pack it and then it has a goofy little diagram of somebody putting it on instructions, how to put it on and then and then so I took it out of the package and he was right the elastic just where it should have been stitched down the corner. It was just completely like, like, like it might have been hanging on by like one thread and then it just broke off. So I just took it and put it under my machine. And I reinforced all the anchor points. Not just the one that was broken. I was like, here you go as like, none of that. None of these are going to break. Now, if you want to start buying masks and now I'm thinking from it design perspective.

55:07 There's going to be good masks like everything else. Do you need good ones and is to be crappy ones. And if I have to keep making them in a small-capacity just because people want to buy them. I would like to be known as the good mask is so funny. I saw on Instagram. This guy said they have little picture of their third son with a mask on in this. And he said, he said, mask me by my father who is an upholster literally looks to me. It looks like it was like the same kind of stitch, you would use to cover the edge of a of a couch.

55:56 Itsfunneh, everybody's putting their their skills. Do you know? So,

56:07 I think we should stop recording. You can keep talking to me, but I do have to get my Sushi made.