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Recorded April 8, 2020 Archived April 8, 2020 17:56 minutes
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Eric Robinson talks about how difficult it has been to watch his son, a senior in high school in March 2020, grappled with the disappointments of the Covid-19 shutdowns. Because of the nationwide stay-at-home orders all three of his sons have had to manage through the changes, but his middle son, Porter, is unable to celebrate his high school graduation, his Senior Prom, athletics, and many other celebratory activities of senior year. For many parents this time is heartbreaking in more than obvious ways.


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00:00 Okay, first, please tell me your name and we have to wait for this to go by.

00:14 I can still hear that Baseline now.

00:18 Okay, could you please repeat?

00:23 Where are we?

00:27 What day is it?

00:30 April 6th, what year? If you could repeat the question, I asked you in your answer.

00:52 So,

00:54 Could you tell me a little bit about what is happening and just a brief description? And what's happening amongst us before getting sick at a very, very, what's happening.

01:16 People getting sick. It was a pandemic and it is very very very hot. Should I say and people need to take it seriously? And the way you combat it is not to give to anybody else or have anybody else give it to you? Which means social distancing, this song and it seems to be working in places where it's been implemented and want to see me for a minute. I mean, I truthfully not just half-assed about it. Can you give me an example of what half asses?

02:06 It only works if you only coming together, it was just say, you think you're not coming together, but you come to get it for certain things, like weddings, things like that. Why didn't is going to be too late? If it's fortunate to hit the wrong person, the wrong way.

02:25 Yes, you have to go out to go get groceries and things like that. But most of those places are. Now they're trying to keep you apart from each other and she has heard a lot about people doing. Well. I've heard a lot about people doing stupid things, just to

02:52 Well, they put it this way.

02:54 Resume, I told you to back off, you need to back off with them. And I think a lot of people in this world don't like to be, they don't like, they don't like to be told what to do. They don't like to be told about themselves. So they may act a fool and then they're just Causes Chaos and destruction of most almost as you post my hometown up in Freehold or gentleman.

03:26 Some reason he's in a Costco, you know, he's up near somebody and some one of the grocery workers there and back up off me and these people have a lot of stress, right? Now. Somebody was in the

04:01 I want to see, Pennsylvania.

04:27 Haven't heard.

04:32 All right. Can I ask you some specific questions for for this? Okay.

04:41 I have to ask three questions so that we all have the same questions in our I think so.

04:49 Do you get bored? And how do you keep yourself entertained?

04:57 I've got more before and I'm getting bored now, and the things that you do about that.

05:06 I need to take better better than John tell you truth. I need this. I need to read more go back to get a book out of her start reading those like that. Sometimes this music.

05:19 Fortunately, what I have been doing to get rid of the boredom.

05:25 Stifle it is beyond my phone. That's probably bad to me about it. And you get mad. You get mad you mad at people especially if they have a different political views even though you may be friends.

05:52 That is one way. I've been dealing with it and take Facebook. Social media. Are you planning on planning, on letting it go?

06:28 Barely know the time. And if I do that,

06:32 Then I will be less of a wholesome you do for me. I like find it difficult to be away from the news and like I teach for like eight hours a day and I are frequently get off of teaching my feeling happy. I've accomplished. But at the same time, I feel like I've missed whatever the the latest report is what we're supposed to do. Like cuz you know, at one point, it was changing like daily or hourly and sorry, I go to Facebook and then I get very frustrated because there wasn't straight news there and then I'd search online. Google, or whatever. And I couldn't get answers there. I go to our state's website. I couldn't find straight answers there.

07:17 And like, so I don't blame you for being on Facebook because at some point, I gave up looking up a news and then suddenly I'm just like to roll it was this person to run with this person bad about him. And then and now I just like I'm not really sure how to end that cycle but I'm actually, you know what? I'm really enjoying and that you've since you like social media on Instagram, a lot of people are like reading books, live or playing music live or like a lot of the places that like the galleries. I followed, they're doing interviews with their artists and stuff. Yeah. It's pretty cool. It's kind of like a podcast so I highly recommend it. How is this affecting your family relations? So with your children and your grandchildren, your brother, your sister?

08:13 The sea was mostly with my immediate family, my son's. We don't do things like we used to. I belong times with that Sports and participate and pussy with the middle. My middle child is

08:51 But it's not just watching them sports or maybe sitting around watching the game or high school or something like that.

09:11 Watch so many past performances.

09:16 We also weary.

09:19 Eating out.

09:23 You know, we when we get together and you know, converter some junk food or something like that.

09:33 Cableone mail.

09:35 John, that's a nice way of coming together over food.

09:43 It turns out neon when you you have food in like you should, we don't sit around the table.

09:56 Probably my fault, but I just do just don't do that and go our own way or somebody's eating this amazing. No, other than that outside our relationship. Do you live far away? So we use social media or texting to, to talkin and to Verso. That's good. And my siblings, same thing. They look for a way to a soul, hasn't really changed. The thing that I'm here in, in New Jersey, that the parents didn't they were about me because they bleed

10:56 I do I did I had to send them a little little, a little on state map to show you. I'm done everything. It's not that bad. Consider.

11:17 Okay, third question. How is this affecting you emotionally emotionally?

11:26 I'm trying to get out of an emotional.

11:33 Emotional downward spiral that this might take you down being that. I just a bunch of things that I wanted to do. And I have plans, I was going to try to do and things. I thought I worked for us and then this happens. If you start thinking, I can't get that done at the house. The world going to be after that, but then,

12:11 They might postpone.

12:15 Pairing MyQ.

12:19 Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

12:23 Is there someone close to you? Who has been tested positive for covid-19?

12:29 There is nobody. I know that has tested positive. Actually. I don't know of anybody who has actually been tested.

12:45 So,

12:47 A monkey.

12:51 All the things that you don't know about that you used to worry about, like,

12:57 Near me.

13:01 Have I had it?

13:09 So that brings you to the next question. What is your greatest fear related to covid-19?

13:15 My Chris, for a belated, covid-19 King is that I lose.

13:21 Somebody I love to it or if someone I know is affected by it and and

13:35 Catch you soon. Hopefully they can protect them.

13:42 The magic book.

13:47 What is a silver lining or outcome?

13:56 Bruce Hornsby.

14:02 But I don't think it's going to happen now. I wish it did, but I wish people would one be kinder to each other to be stewards of the Earth.

14:19 But I don't see it happening. I don't think that we learn from our mistakes, find out what is what would it be like in a visualization of learning from our mistakes?

14:36 And this is on the by enlarged level.

14:43 I'm throwing down. The one done use gloves out to you after you wear them.

14:52 His first summer, two people throwing up at the end of smokes.

14:56 Are you see it all easy? You see that old time.

15:03 Now You See Me, parking lots, loaded wood.

15:11 Glove's nitrile gloves.

15:18 Steaks. And

15:24 Care for more than just themselves.

15:27 Is there anything else you'd like to have on record? This is going to be on storycorps. So it's going to be on the archive, where all the rest of the interviews are. So it'll be filed with the Library of Congress for oral or history. Is there anything else you want to say to go down in history for Eric Robinson of Collingswood, New Jersey?

16:11 Because of cooking is always going to cook, you just smoke.

16:18 That doesn't make.

16:24 Can I can I call you Google for not for not renting to minorities? He's been a smoke since he's got in trouble for.

16:48 You letting the two unions hang down in AC?

17:00 Even when he does something for somebody else is all about getting him, his recognition and you don't help somebody to get.

17:13 Cheers.

17:17 We can continue another interview someday where you can speak at length.

17:36 Good night, if you'd like and I mean, you're welcome to do that now, but I just know that you want to keep this separate perhaps. Alright, well, thank you, but your interview now.

17:50 Excuse me while I figure out how to do that.