Immigration Stories Reel–a brief recap of the overall, unedited audio interviews. The full impact is embodied within the full interviews.

Recorded April 6, 2019 Archived April 6, 2019 31:37 minutes
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I had the privilege to interview immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and asylum seekers across the world. Their stories were accompanied by anonymous portraits made from cyanotype imprints of their bodies and forms to which provided privacy and freedom to speak more openly in their interviews. These artworks and audio interviews will be on view at the 2019 Venice Biennale Exhibitions May 11–November 24, 2019. This "highlight reel" is intended to give a brief recap of the participants experiences. More can be, should be, learned through the larger more in depth audio interviews provided here. I ask that you listen to them at length. We could all use a little more understanding of other people's stories.


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