Crystal Wildstar and Nickolas Wildstar

Recorded February 23, 2020 Archived February 23, 2020 24:37 minutes
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Spouses and new parents Crystal Wildstar (36) and Nickolas Wildstar (38) talk about their relationship together, becoming parents, and the values they hope to instill in their newborn baby.

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CW talks about being a mom and celebrating 8 years of marriage with NW.
CW shares her thoughts on being African American and raising an African American child.
CW and NW discuss their relationship and share what they appreciate about each other and learn from each other.
NW talks about how he challenges current systems in his politics and his hopes for instilling bravery in his son.
CW talks about how she and NW can set good examples for their son through how they relate to each other.
NW talks about running for mayor of Fresno and how CW's support helps him.
NW and CW pass wisdom onto their son.


  • Crystal Wildstar (b. 1983)
  • Nickolas Wildstar (b. 1981)

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