Curtis Morris, Ashley Morris, and Margaret Morris

Recorded June 26, 2021 Archived June 22, 2021 39:29 minutes
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Curtis Morris (84) and his wife, Margaret Morris (83), tell their granddaughter Ashley Morris (35) about growing up together in South Georgia.

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CM talks about how he met MM, and they talk about their family.
CM shares some good advice he was given and his main regret- that he could have gone to art school.
They talk about growing up in South Georgia, and CM remembers his father’s peanut farm.
They talk about their experiences with COVID-19, and CM and MM talk about the polio epidemic they lived through in the 1940s.
CM talks about the first family vacation he took with his children.
CM talks about the family home that he and MM built, and how he started learning carpentry.
CM talks about the first car he ever owned.
CM and MM tell AM about going on dates to the drive-in theatre.
MM shares some fond memories of her sons, and how she became the talk of the neighborhood when she painted the house.
They talk about their social life in Marietta, GA.
CM and MM reflect on raising their family and share some advice with AM.


  • Curtis Morris
  • Ashley Morris
  • Margaret Morris

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00:01 How's my day?

00:03 Great.

00:05 Away we go.

00:09 Okay.

00:12 Each singular.

00:21 My name is Ashley Morris. I'm 36, almost, but I'm 35, I guess. And the date today is June 26th, 2021. We are in Marietta Georgia, and I'm interviewing today. My grandfather, Curtis Morris and my grandmother's here as well, Margaret Morris.

00:42 The name is Curtis Morris.

00:45 My age is 84.

00:49 States.

00:51 Is the 26th of June 2021?

00:57 Location, Marietta, Georgia.

01:05 Meal with my granddaughter.

01:09 Ashley Morris and my wife of 64 years, Margaret Morris.

01:21 My name is Margaret Morris. And I'm 63 years. Old today, is June 26th, 2021. Where in Marietta, Georgia?

01:38 And I'm here with my granddaughter, Ashley Morris and

01:47 Curtis Morris, my husband and your 83, okay. So my first question is how and when did you meet Margaret?

02:08 How, how I met her in the 8th grade?

02:13 And how did you get? How did you meet just like any?

02:28 And did you know when you met her that you guys won't be wanted to date her or marry her to have kids and grandkids.

02:51 Grew up.

02:55 Trouble free practically.

02:58 So hard to believe, but okay. Okay. So what was it was? It was a good experience to have.

03:11 Yes, I would probably would just

03:15 The grandkids are the best kids, two granddaughters.

03:28 What was the favorite, your favorite place that you've ever traveled to probably?

03:35 Amsterdam Holland.

03:39 Okay, why is that the company I work for?

03:44 Laid everything and we stayed six months.

03:48 Okay.

03:50 And it was a really good. Good trip different from anything.

03:56 I had ever experienced.

04:00 Ashley with me with us.

04:07 And she was three years old and she had a birthday while we was there. And she turned four years old. She, she barely can remember it.

04:18 And you also love, Tennessee.

04:23 Yes, Tennessee is a great state and I love to go and visit.

04:30 Okay, if there was, is there any place that you would have liked to have travel? To see? You didn't get to? I don't think so. No, you didn't.

04:49 Amsterdam's your favorite. Okay, great. All right. So what is a good piece of advice that you got?

04:59 Probably live Hard, Die Young, and leave a beautiful memory and I didn't I didn't follow through on the second one. I made it for so I hadn't died young. So.

05:15 Pretty.

05:21 Okay, that's good. What's your favorite musician? Or who? I'm sorry?

05:29 I like a lot of country.

05:38 I like Willie Nelson.

05:47 Dolly Parton.

05:55 If you could go back and change something in your life, would you?

06:02 And if so, what would it be?

06:08 I can't think of anything that I would change.

06:18 Possibly.

06:23 Would have got more education.

06:30 Bella Bella salaries over the years but it made no money. Okay.

06:47 He said the other day, you guys.

06:49 Anyways, okay. So so this kind of goes with that maybe I was going to ask, if you could have pursued your art more. What would you have done?

07:04 Best best part of the education. I would like to have one.

07:11 Some some art school, but I didn't get it. And what I did do was just

07:21 Just left out. I didn't do too bad.

07:31 So, if you went to Art School, what classes would you take?

07:43 If you're gone, if you're going to do any painting at all, you need to, you need to know how kind of doing well to do. And when to do your colors.

07:53 So that would have been a big help, any other classes.

08:06 What I needed to.

08:08 I got that from you.

08:12 Okay. Well, I'll see the next one is.

08:16 What is it like seeing all the changes in the world as you?

08:23 Grown up and gone through your life.

08:27 Life has been a lot of them in my ears.

08:33 Telephone has changed greatly.

08:37 One of the biggest biggest and largest changes. I believe I can say was from a wash pot to a washing machine.

08:49 Okay, so that was a good one. Was that was a large one.

08:56 But that does business just been so many changes in our life, over over the 84 years.

09:09 Yeah.

09:11 Bathroom.

09:22 Are you happy that you were? I'm sorry?

09:34 And that was my next question. You mentioned toilets that you grew up when there weren't any toilet? Go inside toilet. When I grew up.

09:44 We had we have an open well, and

09:49 Water Dog. Water up with a rope.

09:54 And,

09:56 To drink inside inside. Toilets were very scarce.

10:09 So, you know, Proverbs 12 verse 12 years of Our Lives. Level 13, years of our life. We had to go outside.

10:20 Was it scary at night? Not to me, but

10:26 I never was afraid of too many things in my life.

10:34 Well, we're from was scared because you heard the animals.

10:41 What? What do you mean? What? What is saying that? I've been down there and they scare me. I can hardly go to the bathroom inside that house.

11:00 Brushless car, wash.

11:22 It was an experience, but if you haven't found anything, but that it's not.

11:35 Large oak trees and Spanish moss hanging everywhere.

11:41 It was a beautiful place. But like you say it 9, it will be scary with all the animals.

12:04 Borg didn't meet, you know, you could sleep out on a farm.

12:20 How, how old were you when they have toilets installed?

12:27 How about I was I was about 12 years old problem.

12:37 Okay, so my next question is

12:41 What was your covid experience like?

12:47 It worked out real good. We will be able to get her shots pretty soon.

13:00 I mean, you know, do you remember where you were when you found out that it was a global pandemic and no problem?

13:14 I don't know why similar to the scares proper way of life.

13:36 Hit the country.

13:41 What was that like scary?

13:47 What was, what was a good friend of mine again?

13:53 No, promise.

14:19 But that was so is it with the covid?

14:23 It was very much like those, those diseases.

14:30 We just didn't know anybody.

14:51 I don't, I don't know.

14:55 I have a friend that had it available in the neighborhood.

15:01 Am in love at it and they got over one taking no chances.

15:15 Well, I know, but I had my mask and everything on.

15:21 Protected. Pretty good.

15:26 Well, I was real young.

15:33 What year is it was but I was probably Channel 12 years old 13.

15:47 Polio has real bad. It was never as bad as covid-19.

16:05 Okay, the next question is, how would you like to be remembered?

16:11 What's your legacy?

16:15 Well.

16:18 We started out with almost nothing.

16:25 And,

16:27 What created quite a bit?

16:31 You still look at it, like

16:35 If we can just get a little bit more, we'll have a little more to leave the boys and my girls. So this way we we have lived.

16:56 Material things is the best thing that that we have been able to, to cope with and, and, and create and do.

17:08 A lot better than

17:12 Memories, we will probably never have a vacation to Lowe's.

17:18 50 years old.

17:21 You and the boys never went.

17:29 Does the day at the park or something?

17:39 Where to take a day trip, I guess.

17:43 First vacation we ever had?

17:49 Rusty my second child was probably 12 years old,. 12 years old, maybe anywhere from 8 to 12.

18:03 Where'd you go, Tennessee?

18:09 East Tennessee.

18:16 Gatlinburg was in the original state and two lanes.

18:28 You parked, you park, you parked on the street and there's only two lanes left.

18:36 Is it real busy like it? Then? It's busy. Now. They have about 9 million guests a year.

18:47 One of the busiest.

18:50 Parks in the world.

18:55 Bird bird biscuit.

19:04 So, your legacy?

19:06 Is this house in your

19:10 The song that's always been in for 40, 45 years.

19:17 Pretty good size, bedroom.

19:26 No time to bedroom house to a four-bedroom house.

19:49 SMS full of stuff that most people probably now.

19:59 But most of the time made. So,

20:05 How did you do? How did you get started with your carpentry? You know, how did you know you could make things so well thought out.

20:30 It's impressive.

20:45 And you can go as far as.

20:52 In the life of a thought in your own mind. I don't know how other people would take it, but

21:04 Which club is closed trip?

21:09 What was the favorite car that you ever had?

21:16 I guess the first got a 1936 Ford Coupe, and when is your first one?

21:40 What color was it?

21:43 What color blue?

21:44 Baby blue movie. How much was it? How much was it?

21:51 It will probably add to $300.

21:57 But I'll probably 1954 for what? That's a lot when I was 17.

22:29 Or did you go for your date flies teenagers could go in those days.

22:48 What what movie did you see?

22:56 Anything that was playing.

23:09 That was 30 miles away and if you want another place to go.

23:16 You had not, you had much much to nothing.

23:31 Yeah, I probably didn't have the money for it, but we didn't get it. They had it.

23:51 My day hasn't learned to do without.

24:09 Okay, so we'll see.

24:13 The next question I have is, are you proud of me? We're proud of both of our grand, grand grand kids and come over. Yeah.

24:41 We pretty much proud people. We know what we come from and we know.

24:48 What we have. So,

24:51 That makes a difference.

24:54 We in Georgia album. We played the kids with you, you know.

25:01 Tried to keep you in the well.

25:04 Played with the boys to the backyard and have a good time.

25:25 You had a water bottle miles from here.

25:44 They wouldn't have lasted in this neighborhood. Ladies team do that.

26:05 Ladder.

26:12 We didn't have a post driver and clothes on the clothesline.

26:30 Oh, you were too country.

26:37 If you want to, but you didn't have a choice. If you didn't have anywhere else to do.

26:47 Didn't have any money after they reported you.

26:58 Have no idea.

27:01 The cheapest one, they had probably like 25 bucks.

27:08 It's probably less than 50.

27:15 That would have been 1976.

27:22 Here in this neighborhood.

27:29 You think you did good. He like Marietta and growing up here. Love it every Friday night with what's it Friday. Anyway, once week with all who all sitting together, you are.

28:01 That sounds awesome.

28:09 Have a good time.

28:22 So, you have block parties every weekend.

28:28 They sent me the street with a house in Southwest Naples.

28:55 Anything just to get together. You didn't have to have a lot cuz we enjoyed each other was like a

29:03 So no family because you enjoyed the people, they were friends that you were with on the weekends.

29:14 You have a chance to go to Florida and enjoy yourself, but you have a picnic in the car.

29:29 Your mom is I thought there's some book around here. You have. You had y'all had like tea parties and you were part of the Garden Club in the homes. We met in people's homes, you know, and it was that I enjoy your day at work close to

29:56 Call moved to another city and gone up enough.

30:11 But Garden Club was just women.

30:16 We met at someone's house.

30:20 Just have tea and yeah, whatever they serve.

30:42 No, we all liked each other. It's been something, you know, as much as this night because I don't know of anyone that disliked.

31:01 Another person.

31:04 Of course, they were, they had money and stuff. I don't know how we got here that will like doctors and lawyers. So we didn't even have anything.

31:22 We just put on a good front. They didn't know. We didn't have nothing in the bank.

31:32 There was Diane and she let him clean her sterling silver. And just it was just

31:41 Unusual, you know people in.

31:55 Walk with lots of fun. We had lots of fun.

32:05 With our family to

32:09 Yeah, we're closer than most families.

32:24 I don't know what the other people do in having. Thank.

32:45 Never had that much money. We just need. We had a good time just being together. You know, I remember we were in this house is still open and the boys got a hose and shot through the front door.

33:18 And he was always working.

33:28 Key word. There was a chance that was on what we could do.

33:35 But it's been fun and lucky with your longest.

33:40 2027 years old.

33:51 That's why you can't hear.

34:01 Do you have any advice for?

34:04 Your family or

34:07 Anyone in general tighten up, enjoy yourself.

34:14 Have fun. You can have fun. Even if you don't have money picture, couple of sandwiches and have a picnic.

34:27 In the yard and the one getting the cornering.

34:38 Okay, and you say tighten up?

34:41 You just mean with your pocketbook.

34:52 Then we're going out to eat or any of that. I didn't say you couldn't do it. But I mean, you know.

35:07 The boys.

35:15 Say that was wrong.

35:22 Very few and far between.

35:32 Did you know? It was it was a think about it?

35:41 We live, where?

35:46 But you lived with and grew up with, then they exist.

35:55 The chief.

36:08 Don't spend the whole day has been the hold on.

36:11 My daddy used to give me a quarter on Saturday.

36:22 Spend your whole quarter.

36:35 Would you say that invest in this? What you can always make that I all right?

36:49 Does the company you're working with and we'll put some with it?

36:57 It's not real good though.

37:04 You need to, you need to invest.

37:09 Okay, anything else that y'all know?

37:12 That's all I have to ask him to our life. I think I would cover think it was simple. It was fun.

37:33 Bratty kid.

37:40 Did a lot of traveling.

37:45 It's been really.

37:49 Experience, but I enjoyed every day office.

37:55 I'm doing too well with old age, but have a good day. Enjoy. Why you got it.

38:15 You have such a beautiful yard.

38:19 We're working on it.

38:33 Tell her I said goodbye.

38:38 She should appreciate you.

38:51 We love you very much and you come up with this idea. I hope it didn't cost you too much.

39:00 But what was I supposed to pay for?

39:09 For you, I was only for me, but

39:13 It's part of your Father's Day.

39:22 I love you. Both very much. Thanks for doing that. You did great.