Dale Pfeiffer and Kelly Finley

Recorded November 19, 2023 Archived November 19, 2023 37:26 minutes
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Kelly Finley [no age given] speaks with her friend Dale Pfeiffer (69) about the obstacles he's overcome in his own life that inspired him to start his organization, Driftwood, whose aim is to provide stability and compassion to those battling chronic houselessness. CW: mention of suicidal thoughts.

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Kelly Finley (K) asks Dale Pfeiffer (D) where he grew up and how he landed in Mobile.
K asks D about first meeting his partner Reba.
K asks D what Driftwood Housing is.
K and D discuss D and Reba's opposing political views.
D tells K how he chose the name "Driftwood."
D shares a low point in his life with K.
K asks D what Driftwood's mission is.
D tells K about the village of micro-homes he is building.
K asks what legacy D hopes to leave behind.


  • Dale Pfeiffer
  • Kelly Finley

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Mardi Gras Park

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