Damaris Allen and Ellen Lyons

Recorded February 4, 2022 Archived February 4, 2022 39:05 minutes
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Friends Damaris Allen (44) and Ellen Lyons (51) share a conversation about their involvement in the PTA, and their work in trying to improve and advocate for their local public schools.

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EL describes how she and DA met. EL and DA talk about how they got involved in the PTA at their children's elementary school.
EL and DA discuss a Fall Festival at the school.
DA and EL talk about improvements they helped make at the school.
EL and DA describe the friendships that came out of their time at the school. They discuss DA's leadership as PTA president.
DA talks about why she ran for Hillsborough County PTA president. EL describes why she joined the county PTA.
EL remembers going on a trip to Tallahassee with the PTA. She describes her frustrations with public education legislation that has been passed.
DA and EL remember DA's wedding. They talk about the challenges of getting legislators to prioritize public education, and discuss how public schools in Hillsborough county are being underfunded.


  • Damaris Allen
  • Ellen Lyons

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation