Damon Young and Martin Garcia

Recorded October 29, 2021 Archived October 29, 2021 44:36 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Damon Young (45) and Martin Garcia (40) talk about their beliefs about the economy, religion, and local politics.

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DY and MG talk about their interests in One Small Step and read each others’ bios.
DY on living in Wichita. MG talks about his family, his time in the military and how he finds connection with other veterans within his community.
DY shares his beliefs about the economy and his faith. MG talks about running for city council and the importance he places on solving political issues locally.
DY talks about the term “subvocalizing counterarguments,” which he feels people often do in talking about politics. He talks about labels and how he sometimes feels he’s “defending his label.”
MG talks about how he centers humanity in his political discourse with others. He talks about his faith as a Muslim and being raised in a Catholic family/community.
DY tells a story about a time he was judged for being in a conservative business group when speaking at a conference about poverty.
DY talks about the nuances of his beliefs and the importance of not identifying with politicians who name-call. “I would rather lose by treating people kindly than win by any means necessary.”
MG talks about his passion towards getting people to vote and be involved with politics, regardless of how they choose to vote.


  • Damon Young
  • Martin Garcia

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