Dan Palmer and his grandmother Nazar Awwad talk about her life.

Recorded November 27, 2017 Archived November 27, 2017 25:46 minutes
Id: APP414373


In this interview, conducted November 24, 2017 in Albany, NY, Dan Palmer (16) interviews his bilingual (in Arabic and English) Grandmother, Nazar Awwad (73), about her life in America as well as in the Middle East. Nazar shares some of her life experiences in Amman, Jordan, such as growing up in a family of nine, and working in a boarding school, where she met her husband. She talks about the role Orthodox Christianity has played in her life, as well as some of her favorite religious holidays (Easter and Christmas). She also says how grateful she is for the opportunities she's been given and explains how the success her children is one of her biggest achievements. At the end of the discussion, Nazar Awwad shares some of her lessons and gives advice to others who may listen to this recording.


  • Dan Palmer
  • Nazar Awwad

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