Dana Behneman and Devin Phelps

Recorded May 13, 2021 Archived May 12, 2021 45:17 minutes
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Dana Behneman (39) shares a conversation with her mentee Devin Phelps (24). They remember their experiences together as part of the educational non-profit Thread, and talk about where they are now.

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DP talks about where he is in his football career and training. DB talks about her current experiences teaching school virtually.
DP describes his first memories of meeting DB. DB mentions how DP would give her the run-around.
DP and DB talk about it being difficult for kids to adhere to early morning school times. DP describes the early morning football practices he had in college. He describes how COVID has affected his football journey.
DP describes why he appreciates DB. They reflect on a summer during which they both got a lot of work done together.
DP thinks about the last time he saw DB. They reflect on this being his last year in Thread.
DP and DB discuss the COVID-19 vaccine.
DP and DB remember DP missing a lot of class his freshman year in high school. DB discusses the importance of showing kids why what they're learning matters.
DP describes his experiences substitute teaching.
DP talks about his journey in realizing he wants to play football professionally.


  • Dana Behneman
  • Devin Phelps

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00:02 This is Dana Benjamin. I am 39 years old. Today is Thursday, May 13th, 2021. I am in Baltimore, Maryland and I am talking to Devin. He is my minty and Friends.

00:21 My name is Devin Phelps. I'm 24 years old a day. Is May 13th 2021.

00:29 I'm calling in from Baltimore, Maryland and

00:34 My partner's name is Dana behneman, and she is my mentor / the goat.

00:45 So, how are you today, Devin?

00:48 Tired, tired.

00:57 So what's going on with that? Now, your sports and everything. Find me a gig pretty much been getting some.

01:14 Been talkin to some teams and stuff like that, but just waiting to see who bring me in for like a workout. Means a lot of talk going on. I mean, I'm not sure I could go to

01:26 I'm thinking about going to Canada, maybe, but I'm trying to wait and see.

01:32 See if he's able to get anything in the in the states.

01:38 Before I make that move. So

01:41 There is no just going to ground, you know, it's training training every day. Trying to

01:51 Make sure that I'm still keeping up on everything as far as

01:57 I know Health was like what? I'm eating my workouts and things like that. What you been up to?

02:07 School, you know, it's virtual been for well. We're hybrid. Now. We started back hybrid, the beginning of August, just after spring break. And so, we were completely virtual the whole year until then. And so, it's just been an adjustment, most of the kids decided to stay home, but teachers didn't have a choice. So I go into school, lol on talk to letters initials in the Google meets. Sometimes they type in the chat, which is great. Rarely. They unmute. Nobody ever turns their camera on at 1, kids whole year, keep it on for like 2 seconds. And otherwise, I have no clue what they look like. It's very, really different is very different. I still don't regret being a teacher, but it is definitely been the most challenging year.

03:05 Just you don't realize how hard it is to talk to yourself all day, even like I said, they're typing in the chat, but it's not the same back and forth. So it just you, get, you get home and get this day, and you like, why am I so exhausted? When all I did was sit there like I didn't even get up and walk around the room, but just carry on that conversation and keep it it just you get home. You're like

03:30 So exhausted.

03:33 I'll be excited for next year to go back to normal, hopefully.

03:37 Yeah, I got.

03:40 I'm sorry. I'm going to cut you off.

03:44 I got a.

03:47 A little bit of that problem, and I really apologize. Cuz, I mean, it's, it's, it's cool with me, but

03:54 I'm like, I like sub at Saint Francis like on and off. Yeah. Yeah, so like other than training like that's what I've been doing and it is literally like the same thing like the kids. They just felt like all those years ago. I'm sure I wasn't as bad. I mean, speak with me. It was just actually going like in the mornings but these kids is like I do not feel like

04:34 They just like, don't even like me log on and then just leave. Probably pretty much like, your parents of Nyquil. It comes back every day. I said, yes. A login, you know, it's totally different to try to be in one spot to. I feel like in person, you can link Jump Around, move around supposed to say something like biology, or if you were doing football, you know, they would be doing stuff, so you can make sure they're doing it. Like, you can be engaging, but it's so much harder when you're just like, I'm a sitting there and then at school course, we're wearing a mask to. So you can't even see my lips which really hurt some of our like, english-as-a-second-language students. Yeah, but the captions on but like, you know, they can trick your facial expressions that makes it even harder.

05:32 You don't think you were like that with me in the beginning.

05:36 No, I mean Chris Matt.

05:42 What are you tell me? What you remember about when we first met. I want to hear your what you remember.

05:50 I remember.

05:52 And I think I was in class and

05:56 Someone came and got me. I'm not sure who it was. I think it was either Sarah or Aaron. It was one of them and they came and pulled me out of class and brought me up to.

06:09 The room things are like the 3rd or 4th floor at the first time. We met, I met you mean, you're pretty much took one look and took off running and your way like everywhere in Dunbar that there was five and you were like, I'm not doing this. I was just confused. Like, I'm like, I'm like, what's going on? Where are y'all taking me? Like, who are these people? So yeah, I mean

06:59 It was it was weird at first, but I mean overtime.

07:04 You know, things got better hook took some years, but it me.

07:17 Yeah.

07:19 Nami. You, you put in a lot of hours chasing it. Definitely, cuz you got me some exercise shape. I used to get you to run around like crazy and I cannot believe this kid is like, he won't even say hi. He would have been down, like, and you weren't, you just knew all the places to hide. So, I would think I would like to hide you somewhere. And then you were like a different hallway. And I was just thinking to myself, like this is hilarious, but I'm trying not. So she cracked up because

08:03 I want to keep doing it. I don't know, I think, at that point, like after about an hour of the tutoring time. I was like, okay. Well, I'm at home.

08:20 I remember trying to get you to go to school. I think that's really once I finally could get you in the car. I feel like we had a lot of good conversations in the car.

08:32 Yeah, that was that was probably.

08:35 That was probably my apart.

08:39 That I hate it. The most alike.

08:43 Waking up in the morning like back then it was bad right now.

08:50 Some days someday someday that do some days. I sleep in depends but back then it was with crazy. Yeah. Well, I mean it is hard. If you're not like into the things that you want, you know, like school. First of all, schools, start way too early for kids. I mean, it's just studies even show that your brain is not awake yet. Usually wash with the students. Anyway, you know, there's a few that like our morning. People would most of them are teachers are neither. It's only coffee that keeps me going, but I don't know. I can manage to get up early. I was just curious if that would have changed over time.

09:35 Yeah.

09:38 Yes, just

09:42 The morning. No. Good for me.

09:45 Tell College.

09:49 When I really didn't have a choice.

09:52 I had to wake up at

09:54 4.

09:57 Football stuff like yeah, we have practice at 4:45.

10:07 Oh my gosh. Yes, I used to wake up.

10:11 4:15 4:20.

10:17 At the latest brush, my teeth and eat a granola bar, and I got three to five minutes to Sprint over to the weight room. And if, and if you were late, they kicked you out. I probably was late like once maybe.

10:38 Wow, that's, that's crazy. Have a big change. Cuz what a Dunbar start at like, 7:30 or 8. That Dunbar start at 7:30, I think.

10:54 Just goes to show, you know, if you're motivated, like if, if if and reward is something that you want to do, then you can make it happen. I mean, think most people are that way, but, you know, you know, it's crazy though. Like

11:10 I believe you, you were telling me that you weren't like went to school with Drew Brees.

11:19 You know, my college roommate. He just sign with the Ravens today on the Ravens, just sign them today.

11:34 Real happy.

11:39 Total, it was weird though. Like last year cuz

11:43 It was like the Amanda still weird like the NFL just in like this whole covid protocol stuff and they not even really bringing people in for workouts. It only been

11:59 Baby. Only bringing like 5 people in protein. I'm so excited. I was like, okay. Now I got to go get the jerseys from everybody and I'm just like, I'm like yellow light.

12:27 I literally signed a contract last year like I'm like, how

12:33 Like how or why is it taking so long for me to get a workout or sign somewhere? And it's just like, it's just been crazy. But like as far as you know, who's this?

12:48 As far as me and everything else just got to wait, stay in shape. I don't know. I feel like I always been like, really like optimistic at 2. I feel even the times we're like

13:03 Things in your life weren't like that. Great or you. You always had a positive attitude. And you were always like, I don't quite is the right word, but, like, you know, being a teacher. I get a lot of things from kids. A lot of language, a lot of, you know, you never had that like, anger, about anything. Like even when you could have been angry, like crap, was it was black with hard, you were always like, oh, I know it's going to be, you know, it's going to work out. And once you like sort of said those goals and put your mind to it, like I never had any doubts. Just because I feel like that positive attitude. I mean, that's what life is about, right? You're not down to get back up your back up and try twice as hard. And it seems like you really have that. So I think that's one of the things that I admire the most about you, is that, if something isn't going, right? It seems like you, you figure out the other way to do it.

13:58 Or something else that you can do to. You know, I don't feel like you ever just stay in that place of like this sucks.

14:07 You know.

14:09 Amazing.

14:11 Yeah, I mean, I don't know if I want to say it's hard, but it definitely took time, you know, trying to

14:21 Trying to perfect. It can't say master cuz some stuff still get to me sometimes. But I don't know. I just

14:32 I don't know. I just I I pray about a lot of stuff. I think, maybe that's what it is. And I don't, I don't know. I can't really. I don't really get mad. I can't really get mad like

14:44 Cuz like if I'm mad then like it's like I'm mad. I'm going to take it there like if I'm mad so it's like it's not even no point of me getting angry.

14:54 I feel like a lot of stuff. I really don't even be.

14:59 Like on that level for me to take it there. If that makes sense in a like, there's so many young people that want to just like they got to show how tough they are. They got to, you know, and I mean, I remember talking to the people in your neighborhood and, I mean, every single one of them, knew what you wanted to do. They were or not like nobody had any complaints about you. Like, it seems like they would like that. Devon, Devon wants to be a football player. We leave driving alone cuz that's what he wants to do and it just looks like there's a lot of kids that won't do that. Don't get mixed up in the everything, you know, get sucked into some drama.

15:43 I don't feel like I really had to worry about that with you.

15:47 Yeah, I would I feel like

15:50 I don't know. I just had, I had, I had that tunnel vision, ever since I got the

15:59 The football but not a part of the reason why I really appreciate you is because

16:08 I wouldn't even be. I probably won't even with the college. I honestly feel like I remember we we like set like in summer school at Hopkins, like

16:19 Literally like,

16:21 Half a year. It felt like

16:24 Yeah, it was an entire summer. I made up so much work. It was, it was crazy. I mean, yeah, I really appreciate, you know, you chasing me around and, you know, just being patient with me. Cuz everybody know, everybody ain't like that. Everybody ain't going way, you know, make sure you locked in and do what you supposed to do. So.

16:55 Thank you. Summer for me. Like, you know, I was that they're working on my stuff and I was having a hard time getting that dissertation. And they were getting sick of waiting on me. So I think it was perfect timing cuz the both of us was like, okay, we're just going to get this done. When I sit down, you're going to do this. I'm going to do this and by the end of the summer and I mean to have that like someone to lean on and

17:23 Do that with. I mean, that was important. I think for both of us.

17:30 The solid going to probably get that, but I had to, I had to take one of my boys, home luck that I was at the field, but I had to drop him. And then that's why I was trying to push, push this little thing back, like another, 30 minutes, or even like when you need to go sometime.

18:09 Yeah, we definitely got to go.

18:13 Not that then.

18:15 I get that extra meat.

18:21 What was I think the last time I saw you was at that event, they had year.

18:35 Which is kind of crazy, but that's the last time I actually saw each other in person holiday parties. And a crazy thing to I have like, you know, from when I started, when I was in New Orleans and then I will come back. I have flaky do a picture every year and I was looking back in those pictures and I was like, it's just crazy. I can see how much you like grown up. I feel like such a parent at this point, but it is, it's crazy. Like looking at you from like, you know, your kids will like now you're like an adult and you got to be done with like this is the last official year for you and thread, right?

19:09 I think this is it.

19:14 Sheesh.

19:16 We started in 2011.

19:21 Geez, yeah, so I think you're officially done.

19:26 Sometime this week.

19:32 Is 10 years if you feel like we've known each other 10 here.

19:39 I feel like a hundred years.

19:42 Me too in a good way.

19:49 I don't know. That's

19:52 That's crazy. It really is Tom. Just been moving.

20:00 And I think about just like all the all the life changes that both of us have been through. You know, like I remember when I told you I had to move, I was like so scared because I really was not going to go. If you were like no, I need you to stay in Baltimore. I was really going to tell them, we had to figure some other way out because at that point, I mean, I'm pretty sure we were like, you did have like the whole family structure anymore.

20:31 I can't remember what year was. But when I transferred the same frases.

20:36 I think that was one like that.

20:40 I think that's what they change. The name to thread instead of i m p.

20:46 And I ain't, I don't know. I ain't hear from nobody in like

20:51 But nobody from there.

20:54 Probably like a few weeks to a month, not a months actually.

20:59 And remember.

21:06 Yeah, I think like.

21:09 Cuz you're cuz I mean, obviously there was always me, but then, even my things like we went through something like changes, they kept restructure and stuff. So I was like, oh we're going to do it like this now and we're going to do it like this. And then there were a couple people that can

21:24 But you are always, you are, you are kind of tough on some of the other mentors getting.

21:31 Trusting, I think as some of them just so you know, they were more there like time Hopkins and stuff was more smaller.

21:43 Yeah. Me know me no trust. None of the other ones. Disdain it just Dana you remember time?

21:52 Yeah. Yeah. Can I was actually supposed to go see cam?

21:57 Like, a few weeks ago. And, you know, he ain't here in Chicago now.

22:06 He a doctor. Now, actually, he finished with a mess. That I used to know.

22:21 Hang out with Cam. Not so much. I used to be with you more but

22:26 Me and cam used to kick it all work out. I'll just, I'll pick you up after work. I need to see what's good with that with the other place over there Hopkins. I think so, I guess so. But you know, that's another thing, like all the, I guess. They're, they're lifting restrictions on stuff now, like restaurants of things, so maybe things are going to go back to normal yet.

23:08 I'm not getting.

23:13 Pearl dress.

23:15 Devin, that's a whole longer conversation.

23:28 Okay, I'm fine. I saw a video video where they gave a guy, dug the needle.

23:39 And when they took it out, it was like I didn't see the needle. Like the needles like stuck in his arm is hurting like I don't know, it was.

23:48 Who is the biggest toughest ones? They're scared of a little needle, call Devin?

23:53 It is so packed. Like I was at 1 to get it at the stadium and it just well-oiled machine. So easy in the first one. I had like no reaction except for my arm hurt a little bit. And then the second one I did have two. I got it on a Tuesday afternoon on purpose cuz we're asynchronous on Wednesdays. And I got through my leg morning meetings on Wednesday. And then I just took the rest of the day off, because I was just tired. It was just kind of like gravy and I was like, I have the time I will just take the time off. And by 7 at night. I was fine.

24:29 But the more people get it, the more we can go back to normal more likely especially if you're going to play with like people and stuff. You you playing football? You come in close contact with people Devin. I don't know. I think I think I got the antibodies.

24:45 You think you were exposed?

24:47 I think I had it in college. Like I really I told people that all the time cuz it was this one time and I was in college and I like got really sick and I something like, I don't I don't get sick. So it's like

24:59 Like the one time that I was sick, like I was really sick. So like

25:07 Yeah, like in when I was in Arizona, they was testing. Testing for it and stuff.

25:15 I didn't I didn't ask for anybody but I was around people that had it and like I still like I just didn't get it. I don't know what it was but

25:26 I got tested negative everyday.

25:31 All right. Well, I'm just saying you too important. I want you to get sick.

25:41 Plan on keeping you around for another ten years. At least I have a quick question. It's a bit of a topic change though. So, but would you both be able to describe what you believe your favorite memories are with the other person and I still even say what I met you and you give me chase you around just because it's just night and day from where we are like to start off that way. I mean, literally going through my head. I'm like, okay, I just started. This is programmed the same time. So I didn't know what to expect. You to know what to expect and here, I am chasing you around and I'm thinking this is not going to work like this. Even sign up for this like this kid is going to give me the time of day. And then to now, where it's like,

26:34 I don't think I do at least through my perspective, like, there are major life things that are going to happen that you're not going to know about. So, just broke those two points. That's why that one's like four. Take a marble. I also was very fond of the body are nickname, you gave me? I don't think anybody would ever call me.

26:58 Yeah, that's eyelid. I mean, I don't know. It's really.

27:03 Is really two minute, like it's too many member. I can't really pinpoint, but I know I will say definitely that summer, like it was a lot of hours spent, a lot of bonding time and, you know, we really, really like then and you know, we picked each other's brain and, you know, we eat, we spent a lot of time, you know, working next to each other. So,

27:28 I would say definitely that summer. I just can't, I don't remember, can't remember that far back. But, you know, with us I feel like some other mentors amenities. I know they went, they would focus on like the things they're going to do. Like we're going to go do this together and I think with you and I was more like, okay. I just give you a ride somewhere you and your friends and even sometimes they were doing more of the talk. And but like I feel like you got to know me by what I said back to them and then you would trust me a little bit more or less. You would have funny stories to talk about. You like it. Sometimes those little things with people that other people take for granted. Did you think it has to be that this, we're going to go and do this, and it's going to be we're going to remember this particular activity doing this together, doing that together, but it's it's not it's like all those little trips to delay, the little things that we talked.

28:28 During an just celebrating the small little successes. I don't know. I know it meant a lot to me when you came to my defense. Like I didn't expect that shirt was a little boring, but I was like, oh my God, like that because it really is like I would not have gotten that done.

28:48 You know, I think we were both inside the place where it was like we had to like put our heads to the grindstone and we did we got through it and we made it fun cuz we sat there talking about stuff while we were defending. So

29:04 Yeah, it was definitely it was Do or Die?

29:09 Right here.

29:12 Snow glow.

29:14 Is right there.

29:19 It was definitely do it. Die in those moments.

29:23 Cuz I remember I can't remember. What? What happened. I don't know.

29:29 I think I miss.

29:33 I think I missed for like 80 days of school. First year, freshman year of high school. You just really didn't go.

29:42 So we just got to the point where you were like, had to make up those classes and when they thread-like partnered with the Apex people to do that. I mean it was it was definitely good for you, but it was good for a whole lot of other students to that was away. A whole lot of students are able to make stuff up cuz you could do you were doing four classes? All I want.

30:08 I remember sitting there thinking this is crazy.

30:16 Something I never thought it was your your mind. Like I was never doubted your ability. It was more just like the desire for you to see that. This was the path. You had to get to, to get to what you want. You know, I mean this I feel like that's really what it was because like I already understood you know how the cards work. That's why I wasn't

30:48 I was never trying to really put too much time. And so, I don't know. I felt like I was like I was naturally smart. If that makes like I always felt like it was only so much that literally, that school could teach me. Like, I learned so much like, on my own. Like it's crazy. So like I like I know, early life growing up. I'm like, okay football is what I love, just what I want to do. So I'm like, cool. I'm a dork. But the school part was just, it was just, like I said, especially waking up and

31:32 And 1/2 in a report to homeroom.

31:37 I wasn't, I wasn't trying to do that. I was just trying to play football. Honestly, that is like

31:51 That's that you represent the way. It's so many kids feel like, so you have to show you why. This is important to figure out what it is. That's how is this going to help you get to what you need to do? Now is try to make sure the kids know. Like I know you may not be a biologist and you may not care about biology. But like this is the stuff you have to go through. So it's like try to make sure that you know, we on each other's team and I think that's just its that's the part that like we took a little while to get you on my team like for us to be on the same page, but I think once we did like

32:29 I don't know. It's so easy from there.

32:32 Yes.

32:34 Is the small things I look at it like, you know doing all that stuff with you.

32:40 It told me, you know, like you told me time and

32:45 How to manage it and I feel like I'm see that's that's why I was good. Like that was like literally that was the first summer where I had did like ever did anything like just sat down and I mean other than football like I wasn't doing work during the summer but

33:04 That, you know, that sit down and doing all of that. That told me, you know, time management in.

33:11 And I actually saw I'm like, okay, this is my process. This is what I have to do in order to do this.

33:20 And I'm like, okay, I got x amount of time to get this done and once I get it done, I'll be in a winning. So, you know, you were still like in high school. I didn't really have any doubts because I smoke, I thought that you got that. I saw like, okay, now he's seen that. Like just putting in some work. You can check some things off the list now and you start doing that with all the other things that you wanted to do. I feel like big Devin and I would talk about that all the time. What is little job in mean? He's going to do and if he does, he's going to let us know because he's already going to figure out what the steps to get to what he wants is so they always be like, what do you need to check on him a few minutes after 9:55, you know, you'll let us know.

34:13 Cuz I sure that you really didn't need a whole lot.

34:17 Biology.

34:19 Once I figured out that

34:22 Cuz I figured out that process.

34:25 It was solid.

34:29 Play, Big Big Daddy. Hit me up the other day.

34:33 We thought about some love.

34:36 Some oval, or plays and stuff, some, some crypto stuff.

34:47 I like the, I like triple this account in like, 2 weeks.

34:52 You might have to teach me some stuff with that, for sure.

34:57 Straight, that's great.

35:00 I know, that's why I be like,

35:04 I know, like, I know too much not to be, you know, a billionaire. So is like

35:10 Football football jester.

35:14 You know, it's just a startup always been your passion, you know, and it's important that like, you stay. I also love hearing that you are doing some of the, like substitute eggs and stuff like that because I feel like, you know, what, if you can pass that on one, when you get to share your passion with people like, you know, it's keeps you connected to it. So I think that's a great idea too. I really do.

35:45 I don't know. I mean.

35:49 When I started like the sub in, like everybody was like, you like you're a teacher. Like I got, that was lost. But I was just like, I was back with full of it.

36:07 I'm just lying.

36:10 I'm teach I'm like, I feel like I feel like that's why I'm so like I'm I'm real laid back with him just because like literally I was just in a classroom. So it's like I know how I know how it is.

36:31 I feel like you not going to know until you know, like and by that I mean like you really not going to know until you get to like the highest level of like to learn in the education, which is college. So like you not really going no, like you're not going to know until you know, so once they get there and they see, you know, how stuff is, I feel like I feel like that's when you don't even ask you what's going on where you like? Okay. I'm here. This is what I want to do. You know, this is how long is going to take me to do it, you know, in this amount of time I get this degree and then I can go look like, you know, so that's how some people operate in it.

37:15 And some people, you know, to switch, just don't come on, you know, they get the college. I got it. I just seen it like a lot of my you know, old teammates. They just

37:25 Discount Beltway and it's hard. Like is really hard cuz you know, it's so much around you going on and so many distractions that mean I get it like that's why

37:38 Kids from like Baltimore, like definitely like

37:44 A lot of a lot of those kids and even myself, like, you know, you see a lot early on and it's like, you know, you might be balancing literally the whole world.

37:59 And it's just, like,

38:02 Like, literally, you just thinking to yourself, like,

38:06 What do I want to do you, or?

38:08 What am I going to do? Like it's, it's crazy. So, I mean, you never know when you're going to connect with somebody and I know this from being a teacher now, for 8 years. Like there are ones that I know right off the bat, this she's going to get me, I'm going to get them. Like we're going to be cool. And then there's other ones that like, you have the hardest time and later they come back to you. Like, I remember this that and the other thing and you're just like what I didn't, even think like, you know, so you just never know. So I think it's just important to, like, be there in case somebody needs that kind of thing. Cuz like you said, they do, they have the world on their shoulders. It's not fair.

38:54 Now, you this.

38:57 I don't know. I just try to.

39:00 You know, just try to be there but, you know.

39:05 Try to understand, you know them as much as possible and

39:11 Whatever space they need. You not just

39:15 Try to give them that station, you know.

39:22 Like, that's really.

39:24 It's really all you can do.

39:34 I have one last question list. If you want to go with the question, I was just going to ask if you wanted to sort of describe. When you first realize, you wanted to play football.

39:48 Oh, oh, oh.

39:53 On my pops. He got me a ball.

39:57 I think it was it was even for Christmas or my birthday. It was one.

40:01 But when he got it, I ain't put it down and I used to play out.

40:07 I used to play like in a city in Baltimore.

40:11 And that's what I that's what I knew. Like I was I was decent like, you know, I was, I had a little speed. I could, you know, play around with techniques a little bit.

40:23 Around this time. I think I was like, 9 or 10.

40:29 When I started like peewee.

40:33 And from now, you know, I was just is, it's crazy. You just talk about this. Like I'm like the only I'm like the only one out of all my friends that I played football with like pee wee ball. That's like still playing like I'm like the only one that

40:55 But actually, like stay with it. And also, I think, I think around that time that was like, you know, that was, you know, make a break like once I made it through Pee-Wee into like high school. Definitely High School, I would say, once I got the same Francis and I started picking up offers like that, was when I knew like, this is my life. Like I knew, I'm like, right, this is what I'm going to do. This is my plan and it was it was it a lot of a lot of stuff happened, you know, my mom passed and

41:37 I was, you know, I was going through it at you know, the universities and took me awhile to really find a find a home, you know to where I could you know, be you me and this ball but I mean, you know, God did it. He set it up. It happened and end up in the sticks in West Virginia. And, you know, I just, I don't know. I made it was one summer two summers ago. 2019. I just

42:10 I just kicked into another gear, you know.

42:13 I got was really locked in. You know, like I train my tail off.

42:21 You know, I knew Like That season coming up or not. I crushed it in.

42:26 They're from now, you know, no agents and stuff calling. And I knew I was closer last year after the draft when I got the phone call. It was

42:39 I don't even know. I mean, I wasn't.

42:42 I'm not going to say, I was surprised have your side and I was honestly, I was ready to play.

42:48 I mean like always I told myself like men, you know, I got no just told you all my roommate.

42:57 He signed with the Ravens the day, one of my other one of my other close friends, man. Play the same position. He sign with the Texans have to draft feel like a week ago. So I mean honestly, it's not even if it's not even you know, that, you know, being surprised or excited because it's like the story is literally like literally is already written. So like

43:27 It's just a matter of time. That's how I look at it. Like the work is already been put in from day one, you know, we

43:36 We didn't we have been at it for.

43:41 30, 30, 40, 50 thousand plus hours. So it's like Blake. You got it. You got to get it. You know, that's the only that's the only way you know, you can't guarantee. You know, you wake up. You wake up everyday and the rent is due.

44:07 That's what you do. You know, that's how you. That's how you got to carry.

44:12 That's how I look at it and I'm just still chopping everyday.

44:19 Trying to get 1%, 1% better everyday. And I mean, that's an everything now, and you

44:27 Now you stop and realize, you know, stuff you start to see stuff from, you know, a different perspective.

44:35 I don't know. I just feel like this life, you know.

44:40 Like one thing I know is what God got for you. It's for you. So.

44:48 I'll look at it.

44:53 I'm excited to see what the next 10 years. Bring it to you. I know it's going to be good now. Imma imma be here cheering you on, no matter what it is.

45:06 Glad we sat down and had this conversation with nice.

45:11 Catching up.