Dana Mann-Chipkin and Jamie Michelle Loynes

Recorded December 1, 2019 Archived December 1, 2019 36:49 minutes
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Dana Mann-Chipkin (57) and Michelle Loynes [no age given] discuss their spiritual beliefs, practices and why Yuma Arizona is such a special place for both.

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ML describes how she and DC live intentionally spiritual.
DC discusses how she believes a large spiritual awakening happening in the world.
DC recalls a loving moment with a stranger.
ML recalls meeting and living with a nun.
ML and DC describe a mutual friend and his classes & teachings.
ML and DC discuss the day to day living beliefs they hold.
DC and ML discuss abundance, God and divinity.
ML discusses how Yuma is changing and developing in spirituality.


  • Dana Mann-Chipkin
  • Jamie Michelle Loynes

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Yuma Art Center


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00:03 Hi, my name is Dana mann-chipkin. I am 57 years old and physical age but millions of years old and spiritual age. Today's date is Sunday, December 1st. 2019. We are in Yuma Arizona. I am here with Michelle loynes and we Are Spiritual and creative friends and I'm going to turn it over to Michelle to introduce herself now. Hello, I'm Michelle loynes. I was born in 1977. Am I stopped counting today is Sunday December 1st? 2018. We are in Yuma Arizona. My partner today with me is Dana mann-chipkin and we Are Spiritual sisters.

00:57 In life. Yes, and today we came for us to discuss where spirituality seems to be in our perception in 2019.

01:09 So with that we're going to open the floor to ourselves and to find flu.

01:15 So I know that we study a lot about the power and presence of God being within our hearts and within every aspect of our life how is on the essence and in around and through Isis beings and I think that we and a lot of our friends are trying to walk that truth in an everyday situation in the Drive-Thru and it's Starbucks in at work and in our personal lives and I think we do a good job of being those beacons of Lights in Yuma tell us what you like to do to share your light data.

01:51 Well, basically I come from so many different walks of formalized religion and philosophy that I now am a Divergent at this stage of my life where I was born to the Jewish Heritage and then found my path with Buddhism, but really I follow the religion of kindness and love and I find that in all walks all religions all philosophies and by being loved I seem to bring forth Love and Other like-minded individuals just gravitate toward and keep we keep teaching one another and raising one another and I really feel that and you may like there's a complete arts and spiritual Renaissance going on and how we go out and we do attract these other lights looking for the commune.

02:51 Sea of Love and life and not wanting to just our heads to it appears to be going on if you watch TV and just a hatefulness the diverse the diversion that dualistic mess that is represented out there and how

03:08 If you bow your head to that and so it is but there's other ways to look at this life and the reason purpose that were here and I think you miss just blooming in that there's so much going on spiritually.

03:21 I'm Different Drum circles and spiritual studies and different groups meditating together and supporting each other. So many women's groups. I've never met so many women who just support and uplift and enrich one another. It's it's beautiful. I'm really proud that were part of that Dana. Absolutely. And in addition. I also have come to host and participate in Laws of Attraction meetup groups and by applying what I'm learning and listening to and feeding myself as a spiritual diet. I have been able to manifest things Way Beyond my wildest imagination and still blows me away, even though I guess I'm getting used to learning about the universal laws, but it's it's just all around us there seems to be this massive Global transformation, and I'm very excited to be on the lead.

04:21 Edge Sheeran now and I think that one thing that we tend to fall into is this all-or-nothing kind of thinking and as soon as I got rid of that kind of thinking and realize that the Ripple of fact is even more important. So a lot of people will say though there will always be war in the world and there will always be there soon. They're all the negatives and you know, when you start to be that change that you want to see even if it's just one person, you know, even if you have touched the life of Life of one other person it has This Global ripple effect that person then goes and unit until the friend and then tells a friend and it's that kind of a thing and I find that to be a very powerful tool. You don't have to have millions of dollars to make a statement. You don't have to have an army behind you but you do have to have is a truth that people record.

05:23 And one of these truths I feel like we've come together to recognize was our love ragade and it started simply with me. I'm an artist and I have a dollar store sign a foam core and I crudely painted because I'm not an artist with my hands are big red heart and a big black. At the end of it and I said over major freeways like the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica and I sit there with people thousands of people going under me. Just holding space. Love is all there is and I was so honored when you guys wanted to support me in that and the create our own little lever get here and it's so fun for us all to get together in love and fun in truth and shine our lights and stand on busy corners and plant the seeds of love, you know, that that is all there is and and it's okay you're going to be all right. Let's just love each other and it's just it's been so much fun as doing that and and it's even more fun.

06:23 And it's not just our crew when it's randoms coming out in joining us in as touching their hearts and taking that Beyond because every touch we leave on the sand of these time effect on a Quantum level everything else that goes out Beyond us and I'm so proud of us. I'm so grateful that we walk in our truth and we shine our lights bright cuz it's very easy to get sucked in to what appears to be going out on out there. We live on the border. We hear really ugly things. There's political things going on in our backyards that affect our neighbors and I love that we can stand tall Above The Fray and Shine the Light Of Truth and of good and of God,

07:04 Absolutely, and there's no place. I'd rather be on a Sunday afternoon. Or actually we just did and on Black Friday and I said we should rename it white Friday because we went by a mall where a lot of people were obligatory really doing their Christmas shopping and getting those sales and delving into the material and there we were on a corner sharing love and it made everybody just stop and think you know, what is this holiday about what others would it work what is life about and it was just amazing and not only took just getting hunks and raising the vibration of passersby I'm watching a stoic face turn into a smile people put their hands together in heart shapes wave at us throwing kisses at us, but we had a car stopped and a guy got out and he felt so compelled he came over and hugged every single one of us.

08:04 And he handed one of our members of beautiful rose quartz crystal hands love and that's the property of love right there. Why did he happen to have it in his car? Why was he so moved to feel compelled to come out most of us. We all agree that this may not have even been an Earthling. This may have been an angel and it touched us all here. We were out there giving of our time and our Grace to touch others and something touched us and it was a very beautiful moment. Yes, you make my eyes sweat Dana. Yeah, it was beautiful and a few weeks back. We had someone yell out. Hey, you guys guys give out free hugs, and we're like of course and she and it turned out to be a emergency response work like a high-stress job, but you know, and she saw it and was moved. She just needed to have that connection with love just in that moment. So I'm glad that we were there to support that and to be that

09:04 And long before I even knew there was a movement or a movie or a song like The Circle of Love. I think it's called Pay It Forward. I never knew of this concept. I thought it was just something in my head that I was just compelled to do and I never needed to give it a title, but around the time that I start I had my children. I just I've always been a person who tries to still look at everyday is not fortunity to do at least one random act of kindness and it got to be this wonderful game. I've played with myself throughout my life how many random acts of kindness can I fit in today? And it you know, it just made me feel beautiful and it made others feel beautiful even just telling somebody your shoes are beautiful your hair looks nice. You got a nice smile at people. I don't even know and I don't think I've ever gotten a negative response to a compliment. So I started this thing when I lived in New York, I'm now in Yuma about 7 years.

10:04 And I remember a long time ago. I was struggling financially and I'm a court reporter at that time. I was freelancing. So I would do depositions and look different locales. So I had to drive over this bridge to near my house to do the deposition and I I think I grab some lunch and I forgot that it was only a dollar but to return on that bridge to go home. I needed a dollar to cross the bridge. So as I start to get to the toll and I see the signs in a dollar toll I'm scrambling for change cuz I realized I spent my last couple of dollars on lunch. And so I'm starting a little sweat and getting a little nervous and like reaching into do I have pennies there to have nickel-sized. What do I have in the console? And as I got up to the toll booth attendant he turned to me and he said the car in front of you took care of it and said just pay it forward and I got chills. Actually, I don't

11:04 Noah's Pay It Forward was the phrase then but just so you know, pass it on do something kind for someone else today. I believe that's what it was about and the smile on my face the relief that I felt $1 changed my life that day. So I vowed at that very moment that even if you have nothing on you, there's a way to change somebody's life for the positive. So my children and I are affectionately called a charity bridge should have just been kindness bridge now looking back. But every time that I went over the bridge, I would make sure that I would cover it now the person the car behind me and it would I got such a vicarious thrill. I didn't need to see a face a gender a color. It was just I would just take off in the dust and know that there was something positive that shifted the vibration of the Universe from $1.

12:04 Okay, and now I'm at a point in my life where I don't even need money. It's not a currency. It's just an energy and I know you've experienced that Michelle. I do hearing your story and doing just kind of just being kind of reminded me of how I met meta our beloved and then here in town. I see this bald-headed bear footed creature with an armful of Ficus branches and I had to stop my curiosity was just too much. So by the time I got his first which turned out to be a human female a nun she a woman ahead of me was offering her shoes and met it was like I didn't know it was met at the time, but she said no, it's my practice to walk Barefoot and okay the woman took off and so that I was like well, can I take you somewhere because no I walked Barefoot like I don't get in cars and then I said well

13:04 Can I drive you somewhere? Like where you going? You know where you sleeping? She was sleeping at the mission. She just got to town and she I was keeping a room in my friend's house for a prayer room just a quiet master bedroom. That was just a place for me to go pray that was close enough to my house for me to walk. So I had this place I thought how appropriate I can keep this none of my prayer room. So I take it to the house and she was pissed off because it was so sprawling and we watch on the property and there was a little shocked like a shack toilet a little sink and she said this this I could stay in bed. And so I did I was able to keep her for a couple seasons and the gifts that I have received from being generous from my kindness are closed. It has benefited my life in more ways than I can count the interaction that we've had with this blessed none the the practice that she teaches us the faith in God that she teaches us that woman hasn't used a penny a red Cent and 6th.

14:04 So when I don't have a dollar I have conviction in God like the Sun appears to rise and set like I know that I know that I know that I know like my heart beats like my lungs breathe. God is and I rest all my faith in that and just leaving to that and it's a glorious way to live. It's a graceful freeway to live and I'm so blessed to have so many of these examples living around me in Yuma we yeah, but I have to interject because I'm going to have to share my medicine story before we I know where you're going and I love that direction and we're getting there but at the time that Michelle told me about meta I was a single woman who is just getting my freedom back in my life cuz my children have gone off to college and I was been single a long time and I was sort of embarking on a hot and heavy with somebody online and Michelle said ya madda needs a place to stay it was in the middle of winter and my

15:04 Sun had gone off the college so I said I'll have a spare bedroom, you know, she's welcome to stay with me and I'm thinking in my mind like a week or so and so it turned out that week was a 3 months experience. But what happened was I thought that's my first initial thought is this is totally going to kill any sex with a psycho. I'm really hot woman and here is the nun in my backyard. So that kind of has a little incongruous in for me but I have to say it was the best experience of my life the the person I was speaking to, you know fell by the wayside and that was a blessing and when I had met a come to my house, I offered my son's bedroom to her and she said no, I'm a forest dweller. I if you have a shed or I'll just sleep in your yard. So, you know, I just stop asking questions. I just let her tell me what her prep.

16:04 Prince's word that she didn't accept food or drink from the person that was housing her and other people would just give it to her and I said well, how do you know, you know when you're walking your path that you're not in your in a desert now, how do you know you're not going to dehydrate and she says, you know, someone always comes by with a drink someone always comes by with something and I said she walks in pure faith and at the time I was really struggling because there wasn't a lot of work in my career paths for Freelancers. So I was thinking about taking a position and full-time in the court system. And I said, you know, I've always been a freelancer like upwards of 30 years. I don't think I have the personality to be in an office setting and she said it may be nothing like your imagination is telling you it is maybe your perception is off be open to trying it. You can always leave if you know just get maybe that's put in your path because

17:04 You know, it's going to be a blessing in your life. And in addition to that she would wake me up each morning with before I left for work. Would you like to chance and it totally open me up to a whole other spiritual level but anyways, so I went and I took the position and exactly what she said it was nothing of the perceptions that I had held for 30 years about what that particular job would demand of me and so it's been a blessing and it's it's another pure example of change your thinking change your world and Michelle and I have often had many discussions how fortunate we are to have gurus and men and women of God on speed dial on our phone.

17:54 Regularity in our spiritual center in our desire at Seekers to befriend these people not only to adulate these people and to host them and to eat with them has has opened up the door to so many beautiful relationships. And I think maybe we can talk about one of our recent friends to comes to teach and a yearly hashwi joke about comes to Yuma has been doing it for about 30 years and he is would you say I Hindu not a monk but a very clicky go go all the way up and he comes once a year. We're trying to make it more for a solid week of spiritual teachings of the upanishads the ancient Sanskrit teachings, and it's just fascinating there's meditation. There's set sung and

18:54 Group of people that now are joined by their hearts because we all come together seeking and your you know, we're all spiritual and we're all in town but we don't all necessarily hang out together. And so it's a beautiful time of year. I always sing It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year cuz it's Peter and he just stares there could be 25 people in a room and everyone's barely breathing. You could hear a pin drop everyone. Just leaning into this truth that Peter is talking about and is his ancient wisdom thousands of years old and no matter your Walk of Life your age it resonates with your heart and it's a beautiful time to grow to learn to look within ourselves to Shadow old and unfold new and to be it reminds us to be present and that we are that that's a great time of year were blessed to have him here for 30 years. He's been coming.

19:54 No, I I have a home that's large enough for me to host people here and there and it's been beautiful to have rabbis shamans just people from all different walks all different teachings and just there's always nuggets of wisdom. There's always just just so much to Divinity. And even now I have somebody that could have blew into town and is trying to reinvent themselves who I found out was an ascended master. I never even knew the term before and again now, I'm learning something new and it's just been such a wonderful experience because from that person staying with me temporarily has brought in so many other new energy to other Spiritual Beings and speakers and everybody every conversation gives me more nuggets to just chew on

20:54 Speaking of nuggets who was our speakers a reverend.

21:01 Beverly stray cat strut on my gosh. So she said something today that was just powerful and so true cuz I was just like I had to write it down but how God Universe whatever you call it was courting us before we were even born. I love that. Oh my God, like this whole thing is so in love with us like our individuality is is such we can't even imagine like to say well I'm having an okay day. I'm having a good day what an insult to life like we are as necessary as a sunset like we are so thought of we are so blessed. Do you know? Yeah, so it's just a great. It's a great realization to have these people around us and to just see in this truth and to see the effects of living in that truth and the effects on our lives constant reminders of what we as humans and in our society tend to keep forgetting because we have a society that tells us look at the negatives one-up each other.

22:01 How how come we one-up each other on you know, your life is bad but mine's even worse or you know, gossip and all these other sort of lower Consciousness activities and thinking processes and it's just good reminders about raising yourself and and always being the least intelligent person in the group so that your friends and and people around you will always grow you not that you can only have to pick up that type of people but it's good to surround yourself with people that will teach you and so that you don't get complacent in your own Inside the Box thinking very true. Yeah, it's always challenges and grow as in to see things from other perspectives. Like hopefully we're never fully boiled, you know, hopefully we'll always have room to grow and to learn I know that's how I want to live on a daily. I've gotten rid of television and my whole house and so

23:01 I am blessed to be able to pick and choose what I do consume and it's you can feel the calm in my life. You can feel the children, The little ones in the back seat and someone totally Cuts me off and I don't react in my little one. He's like Mom in the video game. I would totally react right right there. Why didn't you and it's just like that guy needs to hug. So, you know, it's all good. It's all good. So it's so great to be walking this example and having the others watching unbeknownst to us listening unbeknownst to us and the impact of our lifestyle having on their lives. You've even taught me so many different things Michelle just in our friendship, you know, your concept of sacred mirrors and how we need to look at people the good in people. That's a reflection of ourselves and vice versa and recognition of the positive and and when you do

24:01 You have an expectation of meeting a higher person and you also start to honor the Divinity in yourself. So many of us in society or trying to say, oh I'm too fat. I'm not smart enough. I'm not enough. You know and one of the really freeing things is when you start to realize that we're all what was the expression and I think Reverend Jill gave us about being unrepeated to DNA and a unique pieces of DNA as not like God made any one of us and said damn I miss the Mark I didn't do well and I started to think if God sees us if we're all God's work, then it's an insult to God to look at yourself and say I am to this I am too that I am not enough this I am not enough that it is an insult to Divinity because we if he made us in His image with all those little particles of perfection.

25:01 Then there is nothing imperfect about any of us. I like to say God has a sense of humor. Check me out always perfect. And I think there's a paper something out there that it's where one in 400 trillion like unrepeatable expressions. Like it could go on for decades before there's you know, even another me even close and then let alone my experience in my perspective and one thing I love about being an Arizona. It tends to I think it really does attract a very spiritual natured person. And so a lot of people it's not uncommon to find out that not only am I walking with a bag of crystals grounding crystals and crystals with different properties to keep me in line with my earthsuit but to find that everybody else has walking around with their own little bag to look like which one which it which crystals you have what what works for you and you know, and we share that and we

26:01 Gotten to a point where we have starting to started to get in sync with the lunar calendar which really goes back how much into history when people just follow the lunar. I mean a lot of religious if it's like now, I'm I'm looking. When is the new moon when am I going to put my what I want to manifest out has it happened by the full moon. So eyes and I'm teaching new generations of to speak to the universe speak your truth out loud put your manifestations out there that there's no manifestation. That's of a size. That's too large or too small for the universe. So you don't need to dream small on just say, okay. I really would like to have enough money to pay the electric bill this month instead say I would like to be so abundant and prosper.

27:01 That I don't have to think about it anymore and it's not in terms of saying I would like to be I know I'm already it because once you already feel the vibration of the Abundant then it's it can only come to you. It has been written that the kingdom of God is embodied in our Flash.

27:21 So yeah, no kidding. We deserve it all. Yeah, and it's her Birthright of the society does not let everybody know that and it's really no great secret. All those actually books have been written called the secret but a lot of it has to do with the fact that it is really our Birthright the joy and happiness and Perfection and dreams being manifested that is our Birthright and the universe and whatever word you use for your higher power are so supportive of that. They're just waiting for you to say I am ready to partner with you and co-creation and and just trust that they're on your side. They're not looking at in a trip you up totally not it's us who are smart small self either giving our power away or not accepting are good and not thinking where were they having fear?

28:17 Yeah, that'll block the flow of good every time definitely I think we should get more will you can't bring a lot of spiritual teaching into the schools, but it would be really good to have empowerment in the high schools. At least it if not earlier meditation starting with the young minds and quieting the mind and listening and we need all these tools many of us. I come to Arizona and my 50s and this is the first time I'm getting the tools that I need to really be successful in life and to do things that I've wanted to do for upwards of twenty years. I just published two books that or projects for how many decades but there was a part of me that I guess and I was afraid of things didn't feel like in a success was going to happen for me. So I'd rather keep writing and doing other things and trying to put it out there and marketed and believe that it was going to be 6

29:17 So we all have these feelings of like who would want to read my stuff who would want to buy my R2 would you know, we all have such feelings of low self-esteem and I think that it's really important to teach our children share with our friends that each one of us is incredibly valuable. This is why we have such a high suicide rate because people just don't feel valuable they feel that they're Expendable and we need to really let even just our friends now that you know, you don't it's not what you do. It's not how much you make that makes you valuable on this Earth. It's just your being here is enough. Yes. It is enough and it's perfect.

30:09 So yeah, so we've come a long way in our paths, you know, and it's I think one of our speakers once gave said something like it it's it's all a work in progress. There's not one of us that can say work. I mean, yes, we're perfect whole and complete but as far as Earth beings were never completed. There's we've got to learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination if not more so because there really is no destination because the minute you hit I perceive destination another one comes in its stead. So there's that. Yeah. Yeah. We are very tricked into thinking that there's a Finish Line or that that one things going to make me happy like the heating cycle where were chasing it outside of myself that new car that good relationship, you know, whatever whatever that's without you and then you get it for a minute and you're happy for a minute, but then those things never scratch that

31:09 What we're really looking for and that's the understanding of his and what we are I think is artists, you know, we have to attach our happiness to the process the learning process the working process the joy of doing what we love to do and hopefully you all can find that in your, you know, take the time to find out what it is that puts the stars in your eyes and not what people think you should be doing. But what you know, you should be doing what your gut tells you you have to do because you can only deny that for so long before it starts to scream at you. Like hey, I want I want to be let out I'm here to be you know, and like one of my favorite things that I heard was when they asked Stevie Wonder with your great Opus of music. What is your favorite song that you've written and his answer was the next one and I just gave me chills as an artist as a writer because you know, you need to love.

32:09 The process you need to love what you do and that's when the magic happens don't attach and suffocate the babies. You've already birth. Let them go free and move on to the next truth. Yeah, that's beautiful. Yeah as an artist. It's so fulfilling to stick to be able to get it out of me and that I'm good. No one is to show up. No need to like it as I get it out of my body. It's such a good feeling as a writer. I just wanted to birth the books and I when people actually making royalties I'll be at small cuz it's only a couple of weeks yet, but I was never made that connection like while someone actually would like to read what I've written before. I made that the whole Beauty was in just having written and that was purely enough for me. And I think that that's why it's the shift has happened with me and I feel you know, even if I touch one person I'm thrilled and and you know, you've done your job, but when you find out even more than that and you open it up two,

33:09 Ripple effect one person's going to say this move me hear, you know, try this read this and what a beautiful way to live unattached having no expectations on the outcome of something just to be and given do just for the sake of and no expectation is pure yes loving feeling and I think a lot more people are getting away from ritualistic religion and really learning that spirituality and is you know, I think I posted something on Facebook that said, well, I shared a post I didn't write the post but it was something to the effect of that religion is a group of rules. No rules agreed upon by a group of people at where is spirituality is a one-on-one relationship with your higher power and it ended that is true. So I think more people are coming to the point of spirituality is not saying that you need to renounce where you came from and we can

34:09 Honor what our path is because nobody has had the same spiritual path. Even if you're born in the same church or group, you know, everybody has had a turning point or different experience that made them feel a certain way. So the spirituality is the one on one individual relationship internal lifestyle. Yes. It's a breath to breath practice inside my head and not just in a church and a synagogue tell me you're the same person you are out in the community as you are in the shower because yes, you have to have a level of authenticity and if you really want to affect anybody not that we're out there to proselytise, but the only way to teach anybody truth is to be the truth.

35:06 Yeah, and we're yeah, hopefully and no fully by our practice nurse study bringing that to the community and it's funny. I was talking to someone last night and he was born and raised Terry's in his mid-twenties and I've known him for about 10 years and he knew Yuma before I moved here and he told me last night that he's so proud and excited to see what's going on here. And he knows that it's because of us and our seeds in our community and its buildings and beauty and other women arm-in-arm. We're all going to get there together, you know, and that's what we're doing cuz we could be doing a million other things with what with our lives and you know, pretty much in closing like at when you and I are very much Visionaries. If we don't like something about our community or in the world, you know, instead of bitching and moaning about it. I ice a paint the pictures you want to hang on your walls. So we start saying okay, you know what? Let's make it happen. When did I say one? Two, three one, two, three.

36:06 Wayne Brady's I do it. Yes.

36:11 Well, this is fine. I'm glad we got to sit here and chat about our passion and r-yuma. Absolutely and you know, hopefully we will. Hopefully I know that we are already seeing the changes that we want to see true. And so it's already happening truth. So get ready folks, you know, put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride. Come to Yuma. Yes.