Danae Davis and Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar

Recorded November 15, 2019 Archived November 14, 2019 37:16 minutes
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Danae Davis (64) discusses with her colleague, Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar (30), her career trajectory and her hopes for the city of Milwaukee.

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DD talks about growing up in Milwaukee and wanting to make changes.
DD talks about her role at her organization and what motivates her to do the work she does.
DD tells PS about what's she's looking forward to for the children in Milwaukee.
DD says she's proud of her team and how they've grown into their roles.
DD is thinking about how to effectively bridge the political gap in Milwaukee.
DD thinks kids just want adults to believe in kid's dreams.
DD tells PS her hope for Milwaukee in 10 years.
DD says owning racism is #1 on the agenda to ending racism
DD and PS think about how problematic it is to admire the problem and then not do anything about it.


  • Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar

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Chicago Hilton Hotel

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