Danica Sapit and Karen Lee

Recorded January 12, 2020 Archived January 12, 2020 38:29 minutes
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Danica Sapit (24) and friend Karen Lee (42) share a conversation on Asian-American families and queerness, the reaction to their coming out, and what it means to feel fully loved.

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DS shares about Q-Wave; how she met KL, why this recording is important; queerness in the AA community; KL shares a tweet that frames their identity; KL talk about where/how she grew up.
DS talks about the role family plays in accepting sexual identity; talks about love & acceptance.
KL talks about feeling different/knowing at a young age she was attracted to girls; growing up in San Francisco; what it means to be queer & Asian; KL shares about the birth of her niece and how that birth was hidden among family because of shame.
KL shares the idea of love; DS talks about dual identities/what she observes in other communities of color; KL shares what she admires about DS coming out; talks about the importance of community.
KL contrasts the difference between Asian community & others when coming out; touches on what it means for family members when one choose to come out.


  • Danica Sapit
  • Karen Lee

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Lower Manhattan Booth


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