Daniel Baughn and Marissa Kanz

Recorded January 24, 2022 Archived January 24, 2022 40:37 minutes
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Marissa Kanz (38) talks with her ex-husband, Daniel Baughn (40), about their friendship, courtship, marriage and divorce. They talk about their shared spiritual faith, their six-year-old daughter and Daniel Baugh's coming out after they were married. They then talk about new partnerships with others and M's breast cancer diagnosis.

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Marissa (M) and Daniel (D) discuss church and their first date.
D talks about proposing and they both talk about their friendship being the foundation of a good relationship.
M and D talk about the readiness of marriage and their wedding day.
M talks with D about him desiring to be straight. They talk about moving to Virginia and San Francisco. D talks about not knowing all of who he was at the time, didn't know how to put words to it and knew there was a lot to lose.
D talks about their daughter and the thought of how would he guide her when he was still figuring himself out. D talks about figuring out how to come out, and how to let go of the relationship he had with M at the time.
M talks about D being the first gay person she ever met. She talks about knowing something but it is different to live it. Then M talks about how different marriage really was and that it wasn't meeting their expectations. D talks about faith and understanding sexuality and how he thought things should be.
M talks about being a new mother and talks about D being ready to see things that she wasn't ready to see yet.
D talks about his decision being the most noble and the most difficult thing he had to do and talks about healing by making a clean break, so to start co-parenting outside of the home.
M talks about a divorce pledge, their daughter, new transition and their new separate lives.
M and D talk about when they knew they wanted to be parents and meeting their daughter for the first time. They then talk about transitions.
M and D talk about bringing new partners into their family dynamic and how their family looks different than they thought.
D mentions D's breast cancer and her chemotherapy and how that has affected her.


  • Daniel Baughn
  • Marissa Kanz