Daniel Polster and Priscilla Polster

Recorded February 28, 2020 Archived February 28, 2020 39:50 minutes
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Spouses Daniel Polster (44) and Priscilla Rodriguez Polster (42) ask each other about their memories of school and childhood. Daniel talks about his experience at NYU learning from a professor he really appreciated, and Priscilla recalls her memories growing up in different parts of California.

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DP talks about his enjoyment of art starting in childhood and continuing into his college years.
DP recalls a difficult class he took in college taught by a professor, Mark Crawford who had a strong impact on him.
DP reflects on hearing Mark Crawford had passed away and shares what Mark meant to him.
PP talks about her upbringing in different parts of California.
PP describes the relationship she had with her parents before and after she had two younger siblings.
PP reflects on whether or not she got into trouble as a teenager.
PP talks about the goals she had for herself while she was growing up.
PP shares why she chose to work in the medical field.


  • Daniel Polster (b. 1975)
  • Priscilla Polster (b. 1978)

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