Daniel Villar and Debra Stuart

Recorded July 27, 2022 Archived July 27, 2022 50:57 minutes
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One Small Step partners Daniel Villar (41) and Debra Stuart (70) talk about their faith, culture, and Daniel's experiences as a gay, practicing Catholic.

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DV shares how his grandmother influenced his life, and how she taught him the importance of love, strength, and faith.
DS shares that the most influential people in her life has been her mother and daughter.
DS shares that she is a Constitutionalist and believes in the rule of law. DV shares how he has transitioned away from being a Democrat to a Libertarian.
DV shares his experience coming out to his parents in the 1990s.
DV asks DS about her Baha'i religion and how it reframed her thinking as a teenager.
DS talks about her grandchildren and the fusion of cultures in her family.
DV talks about living in Richmond, VA, the racist history of the city, and the removal of Confederate monuments.
DV talks about reimagining the use of Confederate statues as a moment for teaching.
DV shares his spiritual journey growing up as a Catholic and Jewish. He shares when he renounced his faith between 18-33 and recommitted to Catholicism.
DS asks DV about hopes for the future and ending the culture of hate.


  • Daniel Villar
  • Debra Stuart

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