Daniel Weiss and Robert Ciresi

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One Small Step conversation partners Daniel Weiss (52) and Robert Ciresi (43) talk about politics, abortion, and the division in our country.

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DW says he likes to talk to people with opposing views. RS also likes to see how someone else's views are shaped. RS and DW talk about how they both lost their fathers at young ages.
DW says he feels disgruntled at politics right now, but he believes people can be beyond party. RC doesn't like that we separate ourselves into parties, and that we are all American.
RC talks about the second amendment and wishes it were more regulated.
RC and DW discuss the topic of abortion. RC is pro-life because of his religious belief.
DW thinks the country is going in the wrong direction. He says if Trump wins, he will not want to continue living in the US.
RC says people should stop listening to divisive media to come together after the election.


  • Daniel Weiss
  • Robert Ciresi

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00:00 This is Daniel on Easter.

00:05 My name is Dan Weiss. I'm 52. Today is August 18th, 2020. I am in Mentor Ohio. The name of my partner is Robert ceresi and we've been connected through the storycorps project.

00:23 My name is Robert ceresi. I'm 43 years old. Today is August. I'm sorry the 18th 2020. I'm in Brecksville, Ohio met my partner is Dan Weiss and we want to get a text to Rachel Hood to have a conversation.

00:41 Robert you ask Tina. I'm sorry. Why do you want this interview today Dan? So I wanted to do the interview because I like talking to people about apni who have opposing views, but I find it very hard to do now the groups that I'm in. I'm already affiliated with the people whether it's their work or some other thing and I don't want to let you know if I have a challenging conversation. I don't want to Define Myself by that difference and so so because things can be really polarized that can happen. So I find that I avoid that until I really kind of want to have those conversations, but it's gotten harder and harder to do.

01:33 So when I saw this opportunity I kind of jumped at it.

01:38 What about you Robert? Why did you want to do this interview today? Well, I was I was introduced to Rachel from a family friend for many many years and candidly. I enjoy having these, I like having these kind of conversations not arguments, but those conversations. I think it's always good to see how somebody or someone how somebody else's use and how they are created and understanding their lands. So I enjoy having them. I I have a I have a lot of friends with different opinions and this is kind of fun. Hey, what do you think about this? So you never never arguing never?

02:18 Robert who has been the most influential person in your life. And what did they teach you?

02:35 You know, I think who has been the most influential person in my life.

02:42 I guess can I can I I guess God that Jesus. I guess I lost my father at a young age. So he was it but that was half of you. I'm 43 on welcome when I was 23, by the way, I haven't had a dad to lean up on or we lean towards so I have to say probably know by faith and know God that would probably got to be that would be at so how was your day who would be the most important person in your life where they teach you after a long illness he died when I was fifteen. So I also can't really lean on him as a someone who's really influential and and I think Rachel you asked a similar question during the interview and I struggled with this one because I don't know who's been truly. I can say a lot of

03:42 Both had small influence on me along the way but I don't think I can honestly say any one person has been the most influential person in my life. So yeah, I don't think I don't think I can say that at this point.

04:06 Briefly describe in your own words your personal medical values. I would say the best way to put them is in flux. And when I knew what I mean by that is this is a little bit of a and a side but I feel really

04:38 Kind of disgruntled upset with where things are right now just in general, you know, I I I definitely grew up and and had voted as a Democrat but I don't I look back at you know policies that previous like Democratic administrations have done and now that I've learned more about history overtime and I think they're just as responsible for getting us to where we are as Republicans are and so right now I would have to say I'm I'm in flux. I you know, I would say it if there was a republican who I felt was compassionate and you know, and and I believed in our I would be just as likely to vote for him as I know Joe Biden award or any and any candidate Governor Senate whatever I'm not necessarily.

05:38 Send guy, you know, I'm Republican first or democrat first sight I believe in, you know a person I believe that a person can be a doesn't have to be about party buses early. So that that's the best way to describe it now.

05:57 What about you Robert? Can you briefly describe in your own words or personal core values on Fox News MSNBC all of them just got to get a perspective on how to raise these things and I actually Googled I can't really answer like why there's actually Democrats Republicans. Like I don't if you say you're American and why do you sweat on my body break them off again, so I can recall the answer was but it just blows my mind how you and the country has the label anybody. You have to label someone. So tell me what's anyway stands for but I already agree. I think it's on.

06:40 If there was a good candidate that I believed in I thought that you was a good person made the good decisions. I wouldn't care what part of they were so over that answers your question. So I think we're on the same page and that one dance.

07:01 And it's fun. You guys can each pick one if you want to ask the other from this list.

07:09 I want to go versus titan go for it if you don't mind.

07:20 Service your voice to make it into others. So, okay. Well, let me ask this. Once he Robert and then if you want to ask this to me, is there anything that troubles you about the way people who share your your beliefs communicate them to others that might be hard for both of us considering but go ahead I think okay. So why are we saying believe? So we sang are we in Rayville helping out here. Are you trying to suggest people like we're Republicans Or democrats part of a certain candidate other people who have

08:05 I feel that when people try to tell people what they should be if bothers me. So if your other Republican or Democrat if if it's either my way or the highway, I think that's incorrect to the we all come from like I said Dan a good friend of mine. So I republic and a good friend of mine is done. You're more of a liberal Democrat. So she was raised because you lost he was mother was on welfare food stamps. And so so what have you and that helped crapped his him right where I was raised. My father was Republican. He was a doctor. So that's kind of what created me so I get frustrated when people say this the way should be because it's based on my experience. So that would be I think when people just kind of say this is the way it's got to be cuz I say, so this is the this is just glad this happened to how I feel so I don't.

09:04 What should I put on my job to change someone's belief? It's not as they're really let him have that's kind of what this country is founded on is people's different opinion. So Danny record that is there any of that with you about how people who share don't share your beliefs communicate others if I take this from, you know, my typical, you know any more of a liberal stance. It's that the other party is dumb or the other person is dumb or

09:43 Inhuman or Tempe listen to or can't you know doesn't have a ride doesn't have a right to have their there's an indignation that seems to be on the on the on the liberal side that you know.

10:04 I I think gas and get us in trouble or get us but gets that. Perspective in trouble because you're never going to have a conversation with someone when you come at it with you know, you're stupid. You're ignorant your you know, you don't have a right to your view. So that's what I find people. So if I could just had one of those things kind of related to this which is certainly in the other thing that I've noticed lately it seems like is the sense of a pitching one thing and that is the thing we're going to harp on more than anything like sorting machines at the US Postal Service right in an obviously that's got to be you know something and we can't even hear someone justifying lycee why that happened right or an end believe it and agree with it, right and say oh, yeah, you're right. That's totally

11:04 No, no, no, it's that and that's the way it is and let's panicked or whatever. So anyways, that's just an example and it happens on both sides. I'm just you know that to me is catching on something just bugs me so much so you and house though.

11:31 Yeah, I think people assume that I'm going to

11:37 I think people assume that my view is on edge, you know is is the Democrat liberal view without saying without thinking we'll why why is it that way right now? Why are you Pro one thing and anti another or you know, and and I guess I just you know, I'm I'm open to why some you know to having my my my my idea changed certainly and I'm having conversations about you know, when again having like will send that I don't I'm not going to change my mind and I don't like that, you know people assumed that I I believe in one thing and

12:25 Sorry, Rachel.

12:33 What do you like one that okay, so I'll give a general one right one. That's right. So the Second Amendment right the right to bear arms, you know, that is a okay my perspective on this is that over the last X number of years? Let's say 40 years right our lifetimes. Well, I'm a little older than me Robert, you know.

13:08 We've had these changing perspectives and the concept has been the it's based on history was written that way. I view the second amendment was written that way and and that's how it's got to be but I don't look at it that way. I kind of look at it more like well, was it really that way? I mean did our forefathers believe that and maybe that wasn't the right, you know, maybe they parked right? You know, I mean, that's why we have the ability to change the Constitution and have done that until recently, right? So things like that that I don't know why you people seem to be kind of very set and it's got to be that way and I don't necessarily look at it that way like here I'll give you another one from a live liberal perspective that's changed three strikes and you're out right?

14:03 In terms of Criminal Justice, right? So that was one Bill Clinton push that red Hillary Clinton push that in the 90s right turns out to be entirely wrong right has has caused more people to get incarcerated that did not deserve to be than anything else. And now we're looking back on that. It's taking us 20 years together, right? Is that wrong?

14:30 I don't know. How do you think Robert?

14:33 On guns or the three strikes which one?

14:38 So I agree with you. I think amendments can be changed over time. I am a I am a gun owner. I have a few gun. That wasn't a gun owner for many many years. I bought a gun recent I thought someone was in my house. So I fight I got home. I do feel that there should be

14:57 I think it's it's kind of a you hear that term slippery slope all the time. I wish there was more walls to allow people to have guns. I guess. I think there's a way to do what I think there's a way to if you have if you need a license to drive a car places that you know got a boat shoe a weird, but I think there should be a way to regulate and sounds to also give you the personal freedoms as well. I guess that's kind of military me as well. But I think it's your right to own a gun. I think it's a right that can be taken away and I wish it was more regulated because I don't know what's it's bizarre because you look at cities like Chicago who they do, you know, no guns, but they're the worst crime city in the country, right? So

15:52 I'd like I said, I think people have the right to own a gun. I'm not suggesting the right to bear arms against his government and come after them. And if we're way past that if the governor wants to come after you're going to lose that okay, definition you have I think there should be some some protection or something, you know, I don't know what this is slippery slope.

16:17 Yeah, I don't you know, that's that date Mia Lopez. I was in high school, but I get the concept I guess I can get three warnings right now. It's kind of like the what was the one that don't was the one in the Army. Don't don't tell where don't don't don't ask don't tell great when it comes out really also not mean women. Don't ask don't let it just you could be organizing someone's right if I don't know so

16:49 I guess I didn't give you gray answers if I also don't have a I'm I'm kind of you know, I don't have a this is the way it's got to be opinion. Once again, I think people Different Strokes different folks kind of think so.

17:05 What's next after that? Is there something about my belief so you don't agree with is there something weird and is there something about my beliefs that you don't agree with but still respect.

17:18 So I don't know why I have your beef Stan, but I'll help Rachel out. What are you there? Any I believe that you are this is the way it's got to be or else.

17:30 Oh, this is the way it's got to believe me or else. So I think you know, I have some libertarian views. I guess. I think I consider them libertarian. Like, you know, I don't want someone I don't want to policeman to enter my home without a warrant. Right? I want I want a I want to be able to do things in my home and and you know it in my part with my personal property and not be questioned by the government for that, right? And as long as I'm not harming someone else or harming someone else I should be able to do that. I think that's a relatively libertarian view and a n d r i get to two that I guess again the be regulated from that now all I had

18:23 Sota back that is a little bit of slippery slope to your point Robert in that so smoking cigarettes, for example, right you could argue. I'm I'm a damaging the I'm damaging the world be damaging others because it cost more on insurance cost and medical Box by doing that right? So that's a slippery slope there right and I don't have an answer.

18:54 I don't know right I will say here. Here's one thing that bothers me. I'll give you one that bothers me and this will be Interstate motorcycles great motorcycles without helmets. I pay for that person with my automobile insurance and that bugs the bejesus out of me. So so yes, that's one that if I could change that law, I find it. That's a very Ohio lot. By the way, I'm there are other states that have that but like that's an example where that call that liberal. I don't know is that liberal to say that people should have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle.

19:41 I think it's just common sense. I don't know why I guess.

19:47 Maybe I think it's just I think it's that was kind of like, you know, that's why you drunk drivers in the same thing. You're in the car with your kids or something like that. Why should you be and when you hear these tragic accidents about families being killed because some idiot was drunk driving on the other side of the road, you know, that's what I think. I grew a group with put some respect.

20:25 I don't know all your I don't know what your

20:34 What are the big give me one of your beliefs that you would think I might not I might not believe.

20:44 You know. I don't want to I'll give you my believe so I don't know what I have no idea to say this time. I'm pro-life, okay?

21:01 Okay, so so pro-life is an interesting one, right? That's there's a big one.

21:08 But you know, I got your bio and I and I went and saw that your were raised Catholic and you mentioned that you're no one of one of the propellers is Jesus. And so so I can't not respect that right and I can't you know, I took a religion class years ago and my assumption is that that comes from your strong religious belief. Is that accurate? Yeah. Okay, and so I understand that so I guess I would so so what's your opinion of the fat? I'm trying to think of a good way to ask this question. Does that go no matter what I guess is my question, right? So are you trying to ask about incest and rape and all those things?

22:08 If my daughter happened it happened. My daughter will be raised that child those things.

22:20 If if if a woman

22:24 Chooses I'm not judging a woman if she chooses to do that are a couple chooses to do it. I'm not sitting here saying you know it you're going to rot in hell because of that for me. I firmly believe it's like the way I was raised in the blood that I practice is that this were only here for a short time. So, you know, if you're good if you faith and good works to go to heaven, right? So it's not my job to judge you Danna Rachel anybody else's decisions. They make it, you know, I think that if that were to happen to someone I know if a number what have you I would I would want to

23:03 Get involved be involved to raise that child. I just I just for me, I just feel like the miracle that happened. Nothing having a baby is a miracle and I struggle to have kids. We took was 7 years. So I just feel like I don't want to I just I think it's murder or the strong word, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that that child has an opportunity that I have or is it someone else has so been answering the question little more sensitive. I mean, do you think that so like the Plan B pill Rite which essentially causes an abortion in the first two weeks are weak. I think right you think that should be should that be a legal right or should that not be legal?

23:59 So if it's if it's whatever time.

24:04 State-by-state or is that Federal? So I believe the Plan B pill because it's just a pharmaceutical is National Nationwide right? So that I think they're very little things that they do does limits at right but so yeah so that you know is available. So I I think every day but I think if

24:32 The community agrees to it, you know your politicians of his daughter down. I think it should be legal, you know if I choose so I would vote against it but if the community decides that's what they want in their environment in their environment in our city, then it's legal. So I wouldn't you know, if I was going with the other day like you know, who the last Catholic President was Kennedy exactly and then Biden Catholic right crap about being Catholic and so forth. Like where do you draw the line?

25:06 The Catholic or Christian for me at least you're not supposed to be out there judging people, right? I think you know Catholics fry commit more sand than anybody but or compression but I think if the if it happens if that's what the law states that that's illegal illegal. If you want to change the law then do your job to change the wall, but I'm going to follow whatever I said whatever is the group decides I may not practice that but it's it's it's like it was sent to the office opens has been dictated legal and it's legal right? And if you just figure out a way to change it it was in the best interest so

25:50 Okay, okay.

25:58 Robert can you ask Jam when you think about the all right, then you have kids I do. I have three children and three stepchildren. That's right. You have the whole combination when you think about the future. What are you most scared of?

26:20 So I'm I am not happy with the past the country is going in and I will say by the way that I I view the election of Donald Trump is just a a result of that to a large degree to her if I just a tiny bit. I think that there was just as much of a likelihood that Bernie would have been elected as blind as soon as Trump. But anyway, so I could so so I I think that that the country is going in the wrong direction of it and the number of ways and unfortunately went When Donald Trump came in I think he had an opportunity to build an end and stoves of One Direction and unfortunately, he's gone the direction that Pete that said he's gone and and so the truth is that I am

27:20 Getting my children out of the country are looking at ways to get my children out of the country. My daughter who's a senior this year is looking at school in Ireland. My son actually is not even find any supposed to be like, but you know if Donald Trump wins, I will not be in the country in two years right or three years. I will not be in the country. I just you know, and I don't mean I don't I'm not saying we need to go way back in the other direction. I just feel like I can't live in this country where you know where it's going now. So, I'm really that strongly I'm really that strongly afraid of where we are right now.

28:06 Gotcha. What about you Robert?

28:10 What I'm most scared of.

28:21 Just thinking.

28:23 I guess I'm really not that scared. I wish that you would have more conversation. I think I I'm I'm disappointed in your the Looting and stealing and so forth. What am I most scared of?

28:45 I'm not I guess I'm not answer the question. I don't even know any other voice scared only thing that keeps me up at night the most with my kids educational bills. So, you know, that's at what point does at what point do what's the what points did not cost a half million dollars to educate a child. So I think I might is one of the kids have a night is and I couldn't imagine having six kids, but I figure out a way to educate my kids if everything's getting so damn expensive, so nothing else nothing.

29:28 Robert what do you think of dance, But not one whatever you want Trump is re-elected.

29:37 Well, it's it's Dan's life. And I actually did you probably play on this one, but I actually got off Facebook and type on Facebook commenting about everything. So it just drives me crazy. So I removed myself but him and his wife. He stayed up the stuff. I use a Panama. I think it's outstanding. So if Dan wants to live somewhere else and doesn't want to be in the US. So be it. I think it's more power to you. You know, I do like it here. So I'm going to stay but I don't you know, you don't want to be the one if you know, that's kind of like you do it make sure you do what makes you happy is as long as we can kind of still have conversation, so

30:27 Donald and I got that okay with you if I feel that way I think that's fine. I mean, I guess so would you say I think you know, I'm not a patriot because I'm considering leaving the country, you know because of that or you know, does that make me unpatriotic there 6 there seems to be so the Robert you mentioned something about looting earlier in the summer. So my daughter went so my son and daughter to my kids go to West Geauga which is in Chesterland and my daughter got inspired to to have some demonstrations in Chesterland or not. Only BLM just started it, but but it's been a very interesting experience and the part that's bothered me the most about it. Is there been

31:27 Demonstrations and they want on the American flag, right and they believe that they're more patriotic then the people the other side who you know are fighting for what they believe in As Americans and that that really bothered me like we're all Americans. What do you mean counter who like waiting someone else showed up after like 3 or 4 weeks of doing this counter-protesters started showing on and they they have Trump trump signs and Trump flag and an American flags and my whole perspective on that is I don't understand. What are you saying when you hear

32:15 When your that's your side is you're saying, you know what Trump doesn't believe in no black lives matter or you know, that in certain cases, we do need to not be fun but reform police or you know, and by the way, I say my daughter and I went and talked to the chief of police in Chesterland. We had a great conversation with him and you know, and he's an awesome and the boy, you know, Chesterland really struggles with racism, but I can I can say this right now without a doubt if that is a real struggle. We get the amount of vitriol that these kids got and they're almost all teenage kids is very

32:59 Disappointing

33:01 Yeah, that's what I mean by 90% of the County's or cities in northeastern, Ohio, but I guess you know, so you have two parties who are protesting. So who's right and what they both have the right to protest so I'm not a protester and you know, there's iconic good or bad. I can't I just sit back and watch a lot of things. Maybe I have the opportunity to I don't know but you I would frustrate you buy the same the fastest like, you know, something else you know it.

33:43 You look at if you come on let's go back like Charlottesville, right and all that crap that happened there. Even I don't believe in you. What was things that happened in Charlottesville, but fundamentally, it's still you give me and if you want to go out there and then then say cuss words and say racial slurs and all these things if you want to do all those things.

34:09 It's fundamental. You're right like Fort we are always argues guys in my office about the NFL Colin Kaepernick and have to get to spot of subject. But it was also the only is right if you want to kneel kneel right, you know, I'm in the market to dictator that you wouldn't have a job that he pissed off some people but I just I don't want to take away anyone's right to say whatever is on their mind, even if it hurts me I still feel if someone's right to I think it's your right to have that opportunity to speak your mind on the Colin Kaepernick thing. I actually kind of have mixed feelings on that because I mean absolutely a person should have a right to protest or or state their views, right but you know, he's being he's being paid as a professional right and center point. I mean the constant whatever consequences occur in a whether it's from

35:09 They're pure Pierce, but you could have happened right or from your boss right is I agree with you. I mean is 100% in a warrant it I mean it's a very different situation. If you don't get out in public right or gotten a hundred other NFL players to go do it on public, you know in a press conference or whatever or started the foundation or whatever it is. That's one thing right, but when you do it under the guise of when you're being paid as a professional, right? Hey, I'm your boss and don't do that at work. Right that doesn't do good things for you know our team it doesn't you know, I mean, it's like in our team our company right when people start to talk politics, we call that a pineapple moment because we stop talking right? That is not good for our culture. Right? It's the same. I mean in terms of Cottonelle of professional, you know protesting. I mean you you are

36:09 Taking cash out your job in your own hands in those cases. So I actually had pineapple moment. I totally disagree with you on that you want us to argue about something I am if you look I mean, this is just one piece of my office to see right there a mall in my office and I can show you a picture. I've got food and I got Pelosi I got Clint and I got Gary Lieberman. I don't you know, Gary is I've got cardboard of them all because I want you want to have a conversation. I don't want an argument like one of the guys on my office. We call him the social justice Warrior thing. He's going to boom boom boom. He's got and I've got one guy monopolist is very much of a neoconservative so we don't work together. So it never should be heated never be heated. You know it.

37:09 We work together we're friends and I kind of sit there and I see listen to hear each other out. I don't just because just because you disagree with someone does not mean you just let people talk Lawson State have said that that that's okay. As long as you you set the rules, right? I think my partner I tend to get very I tell you get emotional defensive, right? So I had to boss I don't do well. I think that's why we decided on that date and gets upset. I kind of want someone to have in their mind but I mean how we're all sharing the same space. So let's not ignore that this person is

38:06 Who was it when when it was like Bernie and whenever I do how long do you know Joe Biden if he even got the office manager? Who is a she's a Catholic woman, but she's also a Democrat. She loved hillery Gray Street boys went to Ignatius and she sounds like she's awesome. I trust everything but when she couldn't decide who she wanted for a little more like Democrats are in trouble right? Here is an individual who is Democrat Democrat Democrat, and she's stuck between Like Bernie and Joe and I'm thinking you know that she's looking she looking for other options and you know, I think she like the woman was a Cobra Jet for my name's so but that's where I knew was messy. So, how can we come together after a device?

39:06 Election this year

39:12 Wow, probably won't.

39:17 I know it's it's it's with maybe turn off Fox News CNN Facebook and every other social media that just ask people to Ping stop the maybe I'm more conversations, but I think the media really likes to play me to go to the Fox News and they just ping ping ping ping. So I needed the rights of a Chris cash. So everybody's that's a really deep question that everyone to make as much money as possible. But how can we come together to buy selection this year? I'll be this way Rachel. I think every Orban I'm sorry. I think every election is divisive. If you get everyone that I've been partaking and it's funny and they're always be most important election of our lifetime Clinton, or was it while Obama versus

40:17 What do training courses around me and McCain but every election most important action ever and I don't know. I don't know if we can come, I don't hate that question. Sorry Rachel and Dan. How can we come together after its I'm still going to be me. I'm still going to be talking to my friends who are not like me. I'm still going to be so it's not I don't know. I guess it doesn't answer the question Dan, but I don't know most people are but I'll be I'm still going to have no damn if you're living in Acapulco also reach out to you. That would be different for Robert. Do you think that

40:59 Like

41:02 Do you think that things will you think that things have gotten worse in the last 4 years I guess is one, you know and then and then if if not if things haven't gotten worse then in the next 4 years of biting winds, will they get worse or on the other hand? If Trump wins, will they continue to get better?

41:24 So you have to find worse is dragon by the economy on employment what so that's where you kind of like at.

41:33 Worse, it's a hard one it because

41:40 I I've been in the search business now for 20 years. I wasn't that happy during Obama's time, but I think every president create the president. So I I think Bush created Obama I think about McCrea Trump at the roller coaster. I think we're all the idiots who just gets sucked into all this stuff because everyone creates everyone in a bush or is created Clinton So when you say worse I look at and say I think the market was doing well, I think unemployment is low. I think there's a lot of opportunities for people out there. I wish there was a better way to educate kids. I wish there was no more vocational schools. So it's when you say worse and I don't for going overtime rate. What do you say something that is in your brain? That's like the worst or what's what would you say is worse?

42:37 How about health? Well, this is this will take us long layover time. But like healthcare for example, right unless you do, you know, you're on your way with the government making a socialist but there's two schools. I can't even said you haven't been Italian rice La fille does things very good. I see how Canada's and they do a very good job of there still a waitlist and so forth. So I don't know how to solve that riddle, but I think it's disgusting that I just also deep down. I think Americans are idiot to I didn't you know, if your sick go to the doctor, you know, if you if you want more money work harder. Yeah, I think some people, you know, you might not be on Sunday, but my friend's child.

43:37 What is living in California and he chooses not to work so we can get six hundred bucks a week? He's choosing not to work and it drives me crazy. I might go work hard I go if you see if you're not working someone else is that person is going to pass you up. So that's kind of my operatives spirit, but

43:56 I don't know but Healthcare makes me sick. I mean this guy my office he just had a child and she had some problems. You'll $300,000 in bills so far. I think it was ever going to pay that and I have someone of my sub one of my businesses is in Canada. And so I've learned a lot about you know about Canadian Healthcare in Canadian employment into all that and you're right. I mean, they don't even think about that stuff. I don't think about that right not even they just go to the doctor when they need to go to the doctor, right? And yeah, it's a very different you know, it changes a lot. That's the reason I ask is because

44:41 I mean having health care that you don't have to worry about changes so much about your life think about perspective were looking at like you eat. That sounds like you offer Healthcare. We don't currently offer health care. We're looking at doing it next year and that's going to adley know. I don't know twenty-thousand $30,000 store cost. Right, but you know if my employer demand if they need it we we need to do it, right so but I would love to not have to worry about that. And I also think I'm crazy. It's one of my employees leave the loser insurance. So

45:24 I have 11 employees and I paid $14,000 a month. That's crazy it definitely

45:38 You're welcome.

45:50 Easiest place to move so that would apply it takes time 6 years, right? So but owning a business there helps for sure. So