Danielle Parnagian and Armen Bacon

Recorded March 2, 2020 Archived March 2, 2020 33:01 minutes
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Danielle Parnagian (40) talks with her mother, Armen Bacon (68), about her memories of childhood and spending time with her grandmother, and reflects on the importance of community, family and friendship in her own life.

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DP recalls her childhood memories of growing up in Fresno and playing with the neighbor kids.
DP recalls the kind of time she spent with her grandmother and the blessing of having a close-knit Armenian community.
DP reflects on the lessons she learned from her grandmother and through life's trials.
DP reflects on why she wanted to live amongst an Armenian community in her adult life, and what it was like to fall in love with her husband.
DP reflects on the challenges and blessings of parenthood and the delight of the in-between-moments.
DP shares who's in her "front row," people near and dear to her life now.
AB shares her pride and love for DP.


  • Danielle Parnagian (b. 1979)
  • Armen Bacon (b. 1951)

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