David Heffelfinger and Steven Baum

Recorded January 25, 2022 Archived January 25, 2022 47:25 minutes
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David Heffelfinger (67) and One Small Step conversation partner Steven Baum (74) discuss impactful moments in their lives and historical moments in US politics.

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DH and SB reflects on the hardships that they felt defined their life. SB accredits his martial arts lessons and being a cop as defining parts of his life while DH recalls the loss of his best friend's father.
DH recalls meeting Richard Nixon and his parent's influence on his early knowledge of politics in the 1960s.
SB gives his experience growing up with self-described communist parents and where his political beliefs began to differ from theres.
SB and DH discuss 9/11 and US policies following it.
DH notes the importance of Quakerism historically in Philadelphia.
DH and SB share their thoughts of the US police force in general and in their community.


  • David Heffelfinger
  • Steven Baum

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