Longtime librarian David Huskinson described changes in technology since he began in 1990

Recorded January 14, 2019 Archived January 14, 2019 18:40 minutes
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Recording August 14, 2018 –After graduating from Southern Utah State College (now S.U.U.), Cedar City resident David Huskinson became the St. George Library audio/visual and periodicals librarian. In 1990 when he was hired, the new library building was nine years old, located at 50 South Main Street.

David was inspired to become a librarian from the helpful, friendly staff at his hometown library.

He has been a staple in the Washington County Library System for 28 years and described the changes in research and technology. He wears many hats and has provided patrons with good customer service.


  • David Huskinson
  • Julie Walton

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