David Owusu and his Auntie Evelyn Barden talk about her life in Accra, Ghana

Recorded November 28, 2018 Archived November 28, 2018 05:11 minutes
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Id: APP579388


In this interview, conducted on 27 November 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, David Owusu(16) interviews his auntie Evelyn Barden(38) about her childhood and the person who has had a great influence in her life and the lesson that he or she has thought her. Mrs Evelyn Barden also shares stories about her childhood and how every generation in her family owned their own set of shops and that was one of their greatest achievement because they didn’t have to work for anybody. She also discloses her favorite holiday and why she is interested in it. At the end of the interview, I appreciated her for taking her time to do this interview with me


  • Evelyn Barden
  • David owusu