David Waddle and Eunice Cho

Recorded December 3, 2020 Archived December 3, 2020 41:01 minutes
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"Dancin' Cowboy" David Waddle (67) talks to his new friend Eunice Cho (32) about his passion for Texan dancing, his experience doing the Waltz across Texas, and his career as the "Big Texan," a cowboy entertainer on stilts.

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DW talks about being born in Houston but moving to Amarillo as a youngster.
DW talks about being the “Dancing Cowboy”, dancing honky tonk and how a surprise request from his friend led to his teaching dancing at the college for 21 years.
DW talks about some of the different styles of dancing he’s done over the years and about Waltzing across Texas, literally.
DW talks about entertaining as the “Big Texan” on stilts in a cowboy costume he made himself, with full leather chaps, that made him over 8 ft tall, for 30-40 years.
DW says when opportunity knocks, you better answer the door, not in your underwear but in a 3-piece suit, and talks about getting lucky and having fun taking the opportunities one is given.
DW talks about being inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame.
DW talks about his post-Covid plans and talks about the anti-littering campaign “Don't Mess With Texas” and entering their contest for a new jingle, and his new project of learning to be a ventriloquist.
DW talks about his family, his son, his grandkids, and his parents and talks about being raised by his mother and his grandmother.
DW talks about how he would like to be remembered.
DW leaves some advice for the future, and says to “try to help your fellow man out”.


  • David Waddle (b. 1953)
  • Eunice Cho (b. 1988)

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