Dawn Tatum and Elizabeth Soileau Acton

Recorded October 3, 2022 Archived October 3, 2022 54:01 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Dawn Tatum (60) and Elizabeth Soileau Acton (44) discuss God's power in their lives, from Dawn's sudden illness and need for a liver transplant, to Elizabeth's long path to becoming a minister. They also discuss their differing political beliefs, and how talking to each other made them realize how many people are somewhere in between politically.

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Dawn agrees that they are both concerned with state of political affairs.
Elizabeth says that saying she is a minister often shuts the conversation down.
Dawn explains how her former colleague George was the most influential person in her life because of his philanthropic nature.
Elizabeth talks about her parent's influence on her life.
Elizabeth says that sharing your humanity is a gift.
Dawn agrees that politically they're both somewhere in between.


  • Dawn Tatum
  • Elizabeth Soileau Acton

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