Dawning Pollen Shorty and Manuela Velasquez

Recorded March 16, 2023 Archived March 16, 2023 41:50 minutes
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Dawning Pollen Shorty (51) speaks with her conversation partner Manuela Velasquez (23) about growing up in Taos Pueblo and the relationship between art, science, and nature.

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DPS reflects on her family and those who have shown her kindness over the years.
DPS describes her career as a teacher and artist and reflects on her parents' impact on her.
DPS reflects on the evolution of art through history and the relationship between art, science, and nature. She speaks on her experience making and teaching art.
DPS remembers growing up in Taos Pueblo and how it impacted her. She speaks about the challenges the Native community faces.
DPS describes childhood memories of time spent with her family. She reflects on her relationship with her family today and her connection to her Navajo and Lakota relatives.
DPS shares her perspective on DNA ancestry tests and the importance of knowing where you come from.


  • Dawning Pollen Shorty
  • Manuela Velasquez

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Taos Public Library

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