Charlotte Kellar and Ann Reinhard

Recorded December 5, 2010 Archived December 5, 2010 41:11 minutes
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Charlotte Kellar (92) talks to her friend, Ann Reinhard (48) about growing up in the Bronx, and getting interested in acting and writing later in her life. Charlotte and Ann also talk about how they met through DOROT’s Friendly Visiting Program.

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CK and AR have been visiting for 6 years and their friendship has grown in that time. CK has always seen herself as a younger person. When CK was growing up, she was “the kid” because her brothers were much older than her. CK is surprised when she looks at herself in the mirror and she looks old.
CK started pursuing writing and acting later in her life. She was a member of SAG and acted on Law and Order for many years.
CK started writing when she was young. Teachers always thought someone else wrote her assignments because CK was such a good writer. CK went to Alfred University on a scholarship and did very well. CK ended up graduating from NYU years later.
CK’s uncle was a singer in Russia and he was very funny. CK’s mother came from Moscow and his father came from Kiev. When CK was growing up she had Christmas trees in her house, even though she was Jewish. CK’s mother believed in taking the best things from all religions.
CK grew up in the Bronx and she liked to make mischief with her landlord’s sons.
CK is always trying to give AR things in recognition of their friendship, but AK gets a lot of joy from their relationship. It makes AR feel great to see CK.
CK never liked her office jobs but she was able to use bosses as characters in her stories. When AR was doing genealogy, she found out about an aunt that she didn’t. She went to visit her and realized she likes older people.
CK has been lucky to travel in her life. She went to visit her cousins in Denmark. The people she met in Copenhagen were very friendly. Many of CK’s family and friends have died now.
CK doesn’t accept her aging -- she is young at heart, even though she is old in body. The mind is very powerful. Even when she is physically feeling tired, when she sees AR, she gains energy. CK has had dogs and hamsters. She loves the companionship, but it is hard when they die.
CK and AR are very similar -- they have similar outlooks. They are both sensitive to how other people feel and like to make others feel happy.


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