Erin Abalos and Ellizar Abalos

Recorded August 27, 2018 Archived August 27, 2018 38:12 minutes
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Erin Abalos (28) talks with her husband (34) about his childhood in the Philippines, his passion and fulfillment for music and teaching, and his Navy service. Ellizar talks about his dedication to the growth of this students through music.

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Ellizar Abalos talks to Erin Abalos about his childhood in Manila--his friends, the games they played, the climate.
Ellizar talks about his parents' divorce and custody battles after which he moved in with his mom to Detroit. He talks about his faith.
Ellizar talks about becoming a teacher and then a sailor in the US Navy, as well as his love for music.
Ellizar talks about the influence of his mom in his life, and various father figures in his life (teachers, relatives...)
Ellizar talks about enlisting in the Navy when he found out he and Erin would be having their daughter, and being surprised that the Navy was not as strict as he expected, probably due to being older when he joined. He talks about responsibility, duty and teamwork.
Ellizar talks about choosing which parent he would stay with in court in the Philippines.
Ellizar talks about teaching music and the deep fulfillment that he feels seeing people grow and develop. "I think music allows you to teach morals and values as well."


  • Erin Abalos (b. 1990)
  • Ellizar Abalos (b. 1984)

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USO San Diego

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