Mie Mie Sann and Cheri Goldner

Recorded July 23, 2009 Archived July 23, 2009 39:33 minutes
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Mie Mie Sann (48) talks to her coworker, Cheri Goldner (38), about growing up in a big family in Mandalay, Burma, and deciding to move to the United States.

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MMS is an immigrant from Burma. She was born in 1960 and grew up in a large family. 8 sisters, 1 brother. She grew up in Mandalay and her family didn’t have much money, but education was very important. All her siblings went to college.
MMS’s father worked in riral areas of the country doing drug enforcement for the government. MMS’s mother and siblings lived in Mandalay, because the schools were better, so MMS didn’t spend a lot of time with her father when she was young.
When MMS was 100, she started doing chores around the house. Cooking, sweeping, washing clothes, etc. MMS’s sisters were doctors and they had their clinics at the house.
Christmas was a very big deal in the neighborhood. They cooked food for everybody, even beggars in the street. They always fed people who didn’t have enough to eat. It reflected the generosity of the Burmese people.
MMS never had birthday parties growing up. Her first party was when she was 27 and working for the American Embassy. Christmas was not about giving presents -- it was a celebration of Jesus.
MMS graduated from HS and there were lots of student demonstrations and protests. So the government split up the students and MMS was sent to a regional college for 2 years. Her father wanted MMS to go to laws school, but MMS didn’t want to be a lawyer.
MMS got a student visa to come to the US. She decided to come because her boyfriend was living here. She became a citizen in 2001, sponsored by Akron Library.


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00:03 My name is Cheri goldner and 38. It's July 23rd 2009 and I'm in Akron. I'm going to be talking with my coworker memes fan. My name is Mimi Phan and I am 48 today is July 23rd 2009 and I'm in Akron Ohio talking to my coworker from specialization Cherry corner.

00:26 Well, I wanted it again. Do you know us up here and special collections? We do a lot of researching of immigrants and helping people find their immigrants and I was interested in your story as a more recent immigrants. I want to start if you could just tell me a little bit about your life and Burma or Myanmar know what you prefer.

00:50 Bummer is in Southeast Asia. We are.

00:55 Are located between India and China are so our culture is all mixture between Indian and Chinese culture. Very small country is about the size of Texas. We have about 50 something million people as of now, basically the Buddhist.