June Reeves and Amy Spiker

Recorded July 31, 2009 Archived July 31, 2009 39:19 minutes
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June Mullan Reeves (83) tells her daughter, Amy Spiker (42), of her childhood during the Great Depression and of her work in Akron, OH, during World War II.

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June remembers her family’s grocery store and describes the goods they sold there.
June describes life in Akron, OH, during World War II and tells Amy of her part in the war effort.
June remembers the local movie theaters during the Great Depression.
June remembers the end of World War II and her marriage to James William Reeves.
June describes her and her husband’s favorite pastimes, including baseball, horse shows, travel, race car events, and gardening.


  • June Reeves
  • Amy Spiker

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