Susan Zmrzel and Karen De Shazer

Recorded October 5, 2010 Archived October 5, 2010 41:10 minutes
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Karen K. DeShazer (53) interviews Susam Zmrzel (67) about moving to the Bullhead City area. Susan talks about what the community was like and how it has changed.

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Susan remember family vacation to Bullhead City, AZ and talks about why the family eventually moved there. Susan talks about her husband’s job at the Mohave Generating Plant.
Susan talks about fishing on Lake Mohave with her family.
Susan remembers when the government rounded up the wild horses in the Bullhead area. Susan talks about her daughter’s interest in horses and the rodeo.
Susan talks about the introduction of gambling to the area.
Susan shares her first memory of crossing the Colorado river before there was a bridge.
Karen asks Susan about the future of Bullhead City. Susan talks about increase in the population and how that might affect the city.


  • Susan Zmrzel
  • Karen De Shazer

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