Lucia Hernandez and Rosalie Toledo

Recorded March 21, 2015 Archived March 23, 2015 36:32 minutes
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Rosalie (61) interviews Lucia (59) about her experiences community gardening in the Bronx and seeks advice and tips for her future garden.

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Lucia talks about ow much support the garden has received from GreenThumb. They've supplied tools and resources.
Lucia advice to young gardeners is to learn where their food comes and how that affects taste.
Lucia explains that she doesn't have to take as much pain medication for her injury and discovered the scientific evidence that explain this, arising from health effects of soil.
Lucia talks about what GreenThumb means to her and how she collects seeds fom every garden she visits.
Rosalie shares her experiences with pests and seeks Lucia's advice.
Lucia describes bee keeping, including the effects of seasonal growths on the flavors of honey.
Lucia explains learning about pollinating plants and the difference it makes.


  • Lucia Hernandez
  • Rosalie Toledo

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Hostos Community College

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00:04 Okay, I'm Rosalie Toledo. I am a Sprint check today's date is March 21st, 2015. We are in the Bronx and housing presently at hostos Community College. I am a gardener in the Bronx and I'm here with my companion. Would you please introduce yourself? Yes. My name is Ali Lucia Hernandez. I am 59 years old. Today is March 21st, 2015. We are in hostos Community College in the Bronx and I am a community garden there and I'm pardoning a with Rosalie Toledo that she's also Gardner at another Garden, but we are helping each other out in each Garden.

00:57 Okay, my name is Lucia Lucia Hernandez or Hernandez in English?

01:07 It's a different pronunciation. But if L Hernandez.

01:15 Okay, Lucia. How did you start?

01:18 How did you get interested in urban gardening? Well, I actually got this place from my first apartment that I look 23 years and for about a year. I wish I could see and then find me. I found a garden apartment like a basement apartment in the only entrance was to the Garden that fixed it up and I started farming there and then when I had to move out because I was selling the house. I moved into the Hunts Point area. I look for garden space there cuz I can enjoy gardening and I found Brian Hill Community Garden and I became a member there. I've been there 10 years.

02:01 And 5 years ago. I became a beekeeper. So I have two beautiful hives in the garden and I get beautiful honey, and a lot of vegetables and nice things to eat. You could give me the exact address to your garden. Well, there's not exact address, but it's located on Bryan Avenue and between Seneca and and Garrison Avenue in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx which has limited screen space design the actually to Community Gardens in the whole area of the Hunts Point.

02:40 Okay.

02:42 Have you found a green thumb has been helping you in any way with the garden fantastic. They've given me a lot of supplies whenever I go to the to the classes and the lectures that they have. So I guess a lot of training that I received from Windham and at the same time when you go to the lectures you get some tools so that has helped me and the like for instance. I apply for a shed a year later. I got a shed and they Supply would the wood so we could do the raised beds. They Supply the compost so we could have fresh also soil and compost but you can have the mix or separate and they have introduced me to other resources like a New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx which I've trained and received a master composter their certificate program crooner. And also I took classes.