Kate Mahoney and Anne Acevedo

Recorded July 17, 2017 Archived July 17, 2017 36:15 minutes
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Kate Mahoney (39) talks to her friend, Anne Acevedo (64) about her health, how her case became a vatican approved miracle, and how their friendship came about.

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Kate Mahoney (39) talks to her friend, Anne Acevedo (64) about going through chemotherapy and the procedure she had to go through after he organs started to fail.
KM remembers her her first memory after waking up from her medically induced coma and her first memory of her doctor.
KM on being told she was part of a miracle case and what it was like for her to go into high school.
AA remembers KM being profoundly ill and how much of a surprise it was that she had survived the night.
KM talks about being grateful for AA's family and her perception of faith.
KM talks about being empathetic and remembers the trip she took to meet the pope.
AA tells about the connection she had with KM's family and the bond they all shared.
KM on her traumatic experiences and how people communicate in grief to her.


  • Kate Mahoney
  • Anne Acevedo

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