Lisa Horowitz and David Horowitz

Recorded December 10, 2014 Archived December 10, 2014 02:40:44
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Lisa Horowitz (50) talks with her brother, David Horowitz (46), about what it was like getting diagnosed with lymphoma and how she felt like a "double agent" getting treated at NIH while also working there as a psychologist.

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Lisa remembers when she was first diagnosed with lymphoma and how she went into an immediate "death fog" and sadness over not being able to be a mother to her 6-month-old daughter.
Lisa on how 9/11 occurred shortly after her diagnosis and how she felt that she felt hijacked from the inside and outside.
Lisa on the first treatments she received in Boston, MA. David remembers the day he heard that she had gone into remission.
Lisa on moving to Bethesda, MD because she and her husband got a job at the NIH and how shortly before the move they found out her cancer was back.
Lisa talks about how she felt like a double agent because she was getting treatment at NIH as well as being a psychologist. She recalls having to devise a system to alert caregivers when she was in her role as a caregiver and when she was a patient.
Lisa talks about being on a clinical trail and having to make the choice of where to get her operation and transplant done.
David talks about feeling disappointed that he was not a donor match for Lisa.
Lisa on the "The Gift of Life Registry" and her experience with her donor.
Lisa on healing and getting better right around the time Barak Obama won the election. She recalls how the spirit of hope and joy resonated with her own healing process post-transplant.
Lisa on being so grateful to raise her daughter and how her experience surviving lymphoma has made her a better healthcare provider.


  • Lisa Horowitz (b. 1964)
  • David Horowitz (b. 1968)

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