Terry Brennan and Rachel Gagen

Recorded November 19, 2015 Archived November 19, 2015 37:35 minutes
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Terry Brennan speaks to her friend and colleague, Rachel Gagen (39) about their work as pediatricians in Lynchburg, Va, their involvement with Amazement Square and the many passions they follow.

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RG talks about her love for amazement square and what it has been to have that resource in her family and work
RG talks about her passion for healthy eating and living
TB talks about her passion for working with children with all kinds of disabilities, he work to give access to all
RG remembers falling in love with hospitals and medicine at a very young age
RG explains the baby friendly certification her hospital received and what that has meant for lynchburg
RG and TB discuss amazement square and the type of play that happens there
TB and RG remember the patients and families that have stayed with them throughout the years- meaningful interations


  • Terry Brennan
  • Rachel Gagen

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