Matthew Collins and Matthew Martin

Recorded July 13, 2019 Archived July 13, 2019 37:52 minutes
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Matthew Collins (37) speaks with his conversation partner Matthew Martin (44) about how he (Collins) grew up in a conservative Baptist home in North Carolina, how he was home-schooled, and the conflict his homosexuality caused him in his youth. Matthew Martin talks about growing up in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, his father passing away when he was ten and the effect that had on him, and how the one good think about the Trump presidency is how much more politically involved/aware people have become. They both discuss the need for a third option in politics today, the national deficit, power in politics, and the missionary work they’ve done.

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Matthew Martin talks about growing up the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. He talks about his dad passing away when he was ten and how that influenced him.
Matthew Collins talks about growing up in a Baptist home in North Carolina and being home-schooled for religious reasons. He talks about the falling out with the church when his mom who worked at the church was fired.
Mathew Collins talks about the conservative values he had early in his life and how they conflicted with his emerging homosexuality.
Both Matthews discuss binary politics and the desire for a third option in politics today.
Matthew Martin talks about his father and the political views he held which were different from his own. He talks about what he sees as the role of government. He describes what his perfect third American political party would be.
Matthew Collins talks about his experience during the 2008 recession and how that affected his father’s business which he was also employed in. He talks about what it was like for his father and him to be on unemployment at the same time.
Both Matthews discuss deficits and power in politics.
Matthew Collins shares the sadness he feels that the younger generations are moving away from faith due to the extreme views evangelical christian hold and promote which discourages them from seeking religion/faith.
Matthew Martin talks about the one good thing about President Trump’s presidency is that people are becoming more politically aware/active.
Matthew Martin talks about his missionary work in Southeast Asia and what he learned/experienced during his time there. Matthew Collins shares stories from his own missionary work.


  • Matthew Collins (b. 1981)
  • Matthew Martin (b. 1975)

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Dallas Baptist University

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