Jesse Lomelí and Marta Lomelí

Recorded July 23, 2010 Archived July 23, 2010 02:08:43
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Jesse Lomelí (66) and his sister Marta Lomelí (57) talk about when their family came to the United States from Mexico, the cultural difference at home and at school.

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Jesse and Marta talk how their father, Jesus Lomelí, got the family to the United States legally.
Jesse talks about coming to America, going to school and how he learned English.
Jesse describes how he got interested in athletics and started wrestling.
Jesse describes how education changed his father’s mind and support for them.
Jesse and Marta talks about the Lomelí-Miller Scholarship for Vista High school students.
Jesse talks about coming from Tijuana, Mexico to Vista, CA and the difference in the schools.
Jesse and Marta thank their family and the Miller family.


  • Jesse Lomelí
  • Marta Lomelí

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