Anthony Reyes and Jude Buckley

Recorded May 30, 2015 Archived May 30, 2015 38:59 minutes
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Anthony (38) talks to his friend Jude (58) about his experience as an NYPD officer during the 9/11 attacks. He remembers the atmosphere of the day and his actions as a first responder. He also talks about the ongoing health issues he's faced along with other first responders.

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Anthony describes the beginning of his day on 9/11 as he began work as an NYPD officer. He describes witnessing the attacks on the World Trade Center.
Anthony remembers seeing people jump from the towers. Some of the victims were holding hands. He talks about his team responding to the attacks.
Anthony remembers being crushed by a car and thinking he would not make it out. He talks about calling his family to tell them he loved them.
Anthony remembers going to account for those who were missing. Jude asks about Anthony's ongoing involvement post-9/11. Anthony talks about investigating the attacks and working in the morgue.
Anthony talks about the ongoing health issues he's faced post 9/11.
Anthony remembers visiting the 9/11 Memorial and meeting a woman who said police officers helped her the day of the attacks. He was doing the same job they were doing. It brings him comfort.
Anthony remembers how he was feeling when he saw his family after the attacks. He also talks about coping.


  • Anthony Reyes
  • Jude Buckley

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National September 11th Memorial and Museum

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