Andrea Nguyen and Molly Stevens

Recorded February 25, 2018 Archived February 25, 2018 38:27 minutes
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Friends and colleagues, Andrea Nguyen (49) and Molly Stevens (57) talk about how they first met, how they ended up in the food writing business and their love for teaching.

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Andrea Nguyen (49) talks to her friend, Molly Stevens (57) about an in depth conversation they had with each other.
MS talks about her decision to buy a one way ticket to France and attending culinary school.
AN talks about her experience in America after she arrived from Vietnam during the fall of Saigon.
AN talks about cooking and what she thinks about culture appropriation in foods, the importance of being thoughtful.
AN on living in the margin, being from the outside looking and with the opportunities granted to her, never feeling left back.
AN remembers taking on writing and talks about how much she struggled with the English language.
MS talks about getting a job as an assistant director at a culinary school.
MS reflects on meeting AN for the first time and talks about her appreciation of her work.
MS talks about what she enjoys about teaching.


  • Andrea Nguyen
  • Molly Stevens

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New York Hilton Midtown

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