Alex Carothers and Tara Zollinger Henderson

Recorded May 19, 2011 Archived May 19, 2011 31:00 minutes
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Alex Carothers (44) by Tara Zollinger Henderson (29) on their relationship via Explora museum--T. was the educator for A.’s children. They both discuss their jobs; A. on his job as a pilot.

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T. on growing up in Gallup, NM.
T. on working at Explora
T. & A. on their first meeting--A. was impressed that T. could hold his son, Jaden’s attention. Both on Jaden’s interest.
A. on his love of science as a kid.
A. on being a Lieutenant Colonel in the airforce; he’s designing a plane.
T. on Alex as a typical and a-typical parent.
T. & A. on A. & his wife’s involvement with various communities.
T. on growing up in Gallup as one of the only Blue-eyed, blond-haired kids.


  • Alex Carothers
  • Tara Zollinger Henderson

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00:02 Alex Carothers, I'm 44 years old today. Stay Disney 19th of May 2011. My 20th anniversary location is the offices at 64 and Albuquerque, New Mexico and my relationship to my partner is she's the teacher of my wonderful boys.

00:22 My name is Tara Zollinger Henderson I-29 today is May 19th, 2011 in the conference room at explora in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And I was the educator to Alex has two sons. I've never asked you where you're actually from Gallup Gallup 2 hours West of here Gathering of Nations.

01:02 It's great for hiking I don't recommend living there.

01:18 Early 90s we started coming over here part-time to do gymnastics because the gym and Gallop closed and so my mother was bringing us to Albuquerque part-time to do that.

01:30 And then my parents split when I finished high school, and I ended up moving to Albuquerque full-time at that. So 1999-2002 from Eminem.

01:52 And he ended up with Explorer with those two candidates that there's a story there.

02:00 I've actually been at Explorer longer than anyone currently. I am the oldest person and that way I started as a volunteer at the Albuquerque Children's Museum homeschool in part of that was we had to have a volunteer job and I was too young to go to the zoo and too young for natural history, but I was met the age requirements for the Albuquerque Children's Museum until I started volunteering there and it merged with the Explorer and that's what you have today instead of two separate entity this building been here then 2003. We open this building. It was a place in the mall place in downtown under Civic Plaza place of Ruth. Yes, it's Hotel Albuquerque, but the Sheraton so it was a volunteer position and then

02:53 I got offered a part-time job working the floor which is sort of sweet. You don't have to apply here's a job for you from there. I went on to be the weekend coordinator and then moved over into the education that isn't that is a bit of a journey cuz you're very good at teaching science, but I assumed you had a signed degree of some kind back there.

03:16 A lot of it is just learning at the level of the kids. I don't have to at least put the preschoolers and early Elementary. I don't have to know a whole lot more than they need help. I don't have to be a physicist or a chemist or anything. I can figure out the basics on my own and as long as I know how they learn best. That's what's helped me. The most was learned a lot.

03:42 They make a mess it home. It's your fault, but it's okay. We like it.

03:54 Your celebra Miss herpes go flying over the kitchen table.

04:06 How do you feel that changes in few of my telling Alex when you when you say it? So how does that change your approach to learning in general?

04:16 The learning at the level of preschoolers and how to set up Roach.

04:21 I changed my approach to learning in general.

04:24 One thing I like about preschoolers is they're not afraid to learn they're not afraid to try things out and make all sorts of discoveries.

04:33 As the kids get older they tend to be hold back a lot more. They want to know the right answer. It's a lot of it is just messing around and exploring with materials in finding out what I think is needed and knowing what they're going to notice.

04:51 Some of our topics have been a lot easier to do that with like with flying or with bubbles. Those are naturally enticing topics. The other classes would like acids and bases. It takes a lot of spots. How can you do this? So it's actually relevant to a four-year-old early re-roll to they don't care what PH is there the hydrogen concentration but cool color changes for mixing different things that makes a lot more sense. And I know what lemon juice to taste like you put it in here it changes this color. I know it's soap taste like I put it in here to this color. So looking at things that are relevant in their world.

05:31 And I'm I guess a natural nerd at heart. I know watching it with food with the four-year-old when he was three you connected with some very very quickly using all their senses. And that that was the part where you loved about your class was all the senses got assaulted literally and in class, so it's fun if he was mentally worn out by the time we got home, so it's good stuff expanding.

06:07 Do you think it's reached its potential as got a lot more to go through there one day on my way to an emergency bathroom, but yes.

06:26 Are parentheses we measured some painting cubic feet, which is how many feet we can stack to the ceiling. How many square feet we actually have the space is it?

06:37 Space is a premium. Yeah, if we get more space, I'd like to see the Early Childhood programs expand a lot more think there's a lot more we can do with that and making parents comfortable just exploring science with their kittens.

06:52 And we've tried we've done some of that and then funding gets held up sometimes.

06:58 But we are looking at a couple things trying to move throughout the state and doing more of those sort of programs fireman.

07:12 Expand in the Explorer. I know there's there's some of those we actually have eight programs we offer.