Zandra Campbell and Darnyle Wharton

Recorded June 27, 2019 Archived June 28, 2019 40:42 minutes
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Zandra Campbell (38) interviews Darnyle K. Wharton (50) about his work with Baltimore Ceasefire, and the creative and loving work happening in Baltimore as a reflection of residents' desire and dedication to heal the city and community from violence and institutional corruption, and to plant seeds of connection and growth. Darnyle talks about Baltimore's future as a model city and blueprint for healing.

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Darnyle Wharton talks with Zandra Campbell about his family and growing up in Baltimore, and changes he's seen in the city.
DW talks about his investment in uplifting Black men and community, getting involved with the 300 Man March, and what it made him reflect on.
DW talks about early discussions in 2015 that led to the creation of Baltimore Ceasefire, and how he got involved. He talks about the need for a violence prevention and community wellness movement that grew out of self-determined vision for what the city needs, rather than telling people what to do.
DW talks about Ceasefire belonging to the city of Baltimore, and how it has been contacted for guidance globally--from Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Portugal, and China.
DW talks about building as much love, health and activities as possible for people to look forward to during Ceasefire weekends. DW talks about how Baltimore Community Mediation Center works, and the shifts that happen there, and how the changes during ceasefires are a reflection of what the people want in their city.
DW talks about the Consent Decree from the U.S. Department of Justice suing the city due to Baltimore Police Department corruption, following the uprising after the death of Freddie Gray.
DW talks about his commitment to help Baltimore heal.
DW talks about how Baltimore is going to be a model city and blueprint for the future.
DW talks about dealing with exhaustion and frustration: "If we stopped in 2017, out of feeling tired, where would we be?"
DW talks about creating places of health and healing, and pouring love, light and blessings at sites where people have transitioned. Zandra Campbell talks about Safe Streets' work.


  • Zandra Campbell
  • Darnyle Wharton

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